Module 8 On the town Unit 3 Language in use. 1. Complete the sentences. be go have listen see take understand watch watch be 3.having see

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Text of Module 8 On the town Unit 3 Language in use. 1. Complete the sentences. be go have listen see take...

  • Module 8 On the townUnit 3 Language in use

  • 1. Complete the go have listen see take understand watchto watchto behavingto seeto go6. To listen7. going8. to see9. taking10. to understand

  • Activity 21.___________________________________________________________________________2.____________________________________3.___________________________________________________________________________4.____________________________________________________________________________Where can you go to eat?To eat,I can go to the restaurants.What do you like to do in the evening?Where can you go to buy clothes?To buy clothes, I can go to the shops.Where can you go to listen to music?To listen to music,I can go to the music hall.

  • Activity 25.____________________________________________________________________________What are the important sights to show visitors?

  • 3. Put the words into the correct band baseball competition

    concert conversation director

    jazz match movies play

    player stadium

  • conversationdirectormoviesPlay(v)bandconcertjazz(stadium)baseballcompetitionmatch,playerstadiumActor,director,ConversationPlay(n/v)

    CinemaMusicSport Theatre Actor_____________________________

  • Activity 5 The Rolling StonesPlace:__________ Day:______________________Start:__________Finish:____________Price:_____________the stadiumWednesday and Thursday7 oclock11 oclockRMB300

  • Activity 6 1.Liverpool: 2.the River Mersey:3. the Atlantic Ocean: 4.the Maritime Museum: 5.the Beatles: 6.John Lennon International Airport:. 7.Penny Lane: 8.Strawberry Fields:9.The Walker Art Gallery:10.The Tate Gallery:

  • Activity 6 1.________________________2._______ 3.()_____________4._________ 5._____________________________6.P1 7._____________________8.___________________The most enjoyable wayby boattake a ferry acrossfind outthe citys long and interesting historyThe place to learn more aboutbecause of its industry and trade

  • 9._____________________10./______________________11.__________________12.These world-famous musicians:_____________________13.________14._____________________________________become famous for musictake a bus tour to visitbe proud ofthe friendly and welcoming peopleabove all

  • 6. Read the passage and find: (1) the name of the river in Liverpool_______________________________________ (2) the place to find out about Liverpools history as a sea city______________________________________ (3) musicians who came from Liverpool______________________________________The River Mersey is the river in Liverpool.The Maritime Museum is the place to find out about Liverpools history as a sea city.The Beatles are musicians who came from

  • (4) a place that is named after a famous singer from Liverpool_______________________________________ (5) the place to see a lot of modern art_______________________________________John Lennon International Airport is named after a famous singer from Liverpool.The Tate Gallery is the place to see a lot of modern art.

  • A9 1._____________________________________.2._____________________________________


    5._____________________________________1.Taking a ferry across the River Mersey.No,it isnt.No,it the Carvern Club.Because the Beatles mention these places in their songs.Yes,they are friendly and welcoming.

  • Around the world 1._____are very popular.A.Concerts B.Indoor concerts C.Open-air concerts D.Open-air rock concerts2.People travel there where open-air festivals are held on special___and___.A.buses B.planes and trains C.buses,trainsD.subways,ferriesDC

  • 3.The people sleep____and listen to__.A.In tents in the open air,music small houses outdoors,music C.outdoor,the sound of water D.indoor,the sound of the birds4.The Rolling Stones played at one of the biggest rock concerts ever at Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro,in__on _____.A.Brazil,Sunday,19th February,2006B.Brazil,Saturday 18th February,2009C.Brazil,Saturday 18th February,2006AC

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