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Model Photography Post Processing & Workflow Steve Brokaw Photo Venture Camera Club www.stevenbrokawphotography.com [email protected] STEVEN BROKAW photography

Model Photography Post Processing & Workflow Steve Brokaw Photo Venture Camera Club [email protected] STEVEN BROKAW photography

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Model Photography Post Processing & Workflow Steve Brokaw Photo Venture Camera Club www.stevenbrokawphotography.com [email protected] STEVEN BROKAW photography Slide 2 Post Processing & Workflow Tools being used Camera to computer Adobe Lightroom 5 workflow Adobe Photoshop CS6 workflow Finishing up STEVEN BROKAW photography Slide 3 Slide 4 Slide 5 Slide 6 Slide 7 Tools Used Most higher end photo processing software can be used GiMP, Aperture, Camera Raw, ACDsee, Corel Paintshop, Photoshop Elements. Basic concepts are similar Adobe Lightroom & Adobe Photoshop My weapons of choice & focus of this presentation What isnt discussed jpg photos for snapshots You should have a basic understanding of Adobe product and concepts Non-destructive processing Sliders Layers Photoshop is NOT intuitive or easy if youve never used it STEVEN BROKAW photography Slide 8 Camera to Computer All photo files kept on an external HD (Western Digital 2 TB My Passport) Create a folder on external HD Folder in drive > Photos Subfolder in Photos > Year Naming convention shoot date > month-day-year: shoot name Open LR5 > open Library module Insert / load SD card > Import Files Direct files to correct folder Add unique name, add keywords, create generic metadata present in import dialogue box Go into film strip > set display to Loupe View Flag (P) photos quickly dont spend lots of time Go back through & rate / color tag best images (1-9) Start processing select an image in LR STEVEN BROKAW photography Slide 9 Adobe Lightroom 5 Workflow Create Virtual Copy (command) Switch to Develop Mode (D) Basic crop (R) 4x3 general look Im aiming for Color temperature - ~4900 kelvin (Temp slider) I dont use custom WB preset Shoot with a grey card with flash preset synch across common lighting Adjust exposure (Exposure slider) I normally shoot stop underexposed Increase contrast +10-20 (Contrast slider) Brighten shadows to taste (Shadows slider) Increase exposure in shadows Tweak Whites & Blacks (Whites & Blacks slider) Normally adjust levels or curves in PS STEVEN BROKAW photography Slide 10 Adobe Lightroom 5 Workflow Increase Clarity & Vibrance (Clarity & Vibrance slider) Careful adding vibrance to female portraits Hue/Saturation/Luminance (HSL-Color-B&W function box) Click on Saturation Pull Orange/Yellow & Red out of face (drag sliders to left) My camera tends to generate too much red Add Saturation to background (click on Adjust lens correction (Lens Correction function box) Basic panel Enable profile correction Adjustment brush tool (K) Dodge / Lighten (click on Customer and select) Soften skin Darkens slightly Highlight hair Edit in Photoshop CS6 Right click on photo in lightbox, select Edit In > Photoshop CS6 STEVEN BROKAW photography Slide 11 Adobe Photoshop CS6 Workflow Subtle Liquify if needed On duplicate background Layer Command J > Filter > Liquify Adjust color from skin as needed Create Color Balance layer Cyan-red -5 & Yellow-blue +5 Clean up & adjust face remove blemishes & adjust subtle shadows / skin imperfections Add layer mask Paint brush opacity 15%, flow 15%, 0% hardness Sample colors around area being covered Increase saturation on lips and makeup Hue/saturation level, +25 Fill layer mask with black, paint with white over makeup Drop opacity for look STEVEN BROKAW photography Slide 12 Adobe Photoshop CS6 Workflow Add Burn / Dodge layer Create new layer Edit > fill with 50% grey > blend mode to Overlay Dodge tool at 15-20% exposure & brush at 0% hardness Do the same thing on Burn layer Overall color lighting adjustment if needed Select top full background copy Select > Color Range Select color to adjust > OK Select curves adjustment layer Drag up/down on area to adjust Change opacity as needed Brightness / Contrast layer Add small amount of contrast to taste File > Save Round tripping back to Adobe LR5 STEVEN BROKAW photography Slide 13 Final Adobe Lightroom 5 Workflow Lightroom general presets Check if Punch helps Sharpen with masking Drag sharpen slider to right about 25 Hold down Option key drag Mask slider to right until only outline shows Add post crop vignette to taste Slide Amount slider to left Export file into an Edit folder File > Export Save as jpg & dng or tif Create Virtual Copy & apply fashion crop Export file STEVEN BROKAW photography Slide 14 Tips Shoot with a grey card at the beginning of each lighting setup Adjust white balance & synch across similar lighting Remember in LR changes are non destructive Have an idea of the look you are going for before you start If possible dont over-process Get it right in camera Experiment with your processing tools STEVEN BROKAW photography