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2. Mobile Browser Trends 3. One Web 4. Compression/Proxy 5. Web Standards ? [OGG?/ VMS?/Dirac?] Audio & VideoSMILMediaSycronise-SVG PNG/JPG/GIF ationVector Graphics Raster Graphics Drawing API Behaviour DOM JavaScriptDocument API Scripting Presentation CSSStyle sheets Structure XMLXHTML/HTML RDFaARIAMarkup Semantics Accessibility 6. One Web Compression/Proxy Support many handsetsWeb Standards 7. Top 10 sites Indonesian VisitsTop 100 sites generated76% of Indonesia's totalpage views.The number one site alone generated over half of it. State of the Mobile Web, August 08 and January 09 edition 8. Top 10 sites Indonesian Visits peperonity gamejump my.opera getjar gratisindo digg 9. Mobile Web Users by Age GroupAge Group 10. Top Handsets used to surf the WebNokia N70 Nokia 6300 Nokia 6600 Nokia 5310 Nokia N73 Sony Ericsson W200i Nokia 3230Nokia 3500cNokia 3110cNokia 6120c 11. Global Mobile Web Trends > 20 million users per month globally > 4 billion pages compressed monthly >1 petabyte processed in a month facebook)(the size of pictures stored inState of the Mobile Web 12. Growth Factors creative commons licensed photo from Nature Explore in Flick 13. $ 1.Malaysia 30 RP/Kb 2. 14. 3. 4.image taken from blueberries-toddlers.htm 15. 5. & 6. image taken from indonesia-map1.gif 16. Thanks! twitter: zibin