Mobile UST Inspection System Demonstration. Devices Active Touchscreen and/or Pen Entry Light, Thin, Rugged Devices Windows 7 or 8 Internal Camera and.

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  • Mobile UST Inspection System Demonstration
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  • Devices Active Touchscreen and/or Pen Entry Light, Thin, Rugged Devices Windows 7 or 8 Internal Camera and GPS Printing via Bluetooth WIFI and Cellular Hand strap
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  • External device Options HP 470C Bluetooth Printer GlobalSAT USB GPS Receiver USB Mobile Internet Air Card Olympus Stylus TOUGH digital camera
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  • Demonstration
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  • Download All Facility Data Can download all the data(facility, tank, owners, compliance history and diagram) to work off-line. Benefits Saves Time - No file room visit Paperless No copies of reference documents needed Improves Data Quality - Verify/Correct Registration Information Reliable Work off-line. No connection needed.
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  • Mobile Inspection Entry Electronic inspection scheduling and data entry Benefits Saves Time Quickly identify sites requiring inspection Field scheduling corrections / Rerouting / Directions (ID DEQ) Business rules (only appropriate questions)(ID DEQ) Fast data entry and photo capture(SC DENR) Improves Data Quality Data updated while at facility / Data validation checks GPS data capture / (ID DEQ or CT DEEP)
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  • Management Plan/Operator Quiz Tools for educating and testing Class A/B operators Benefits Improves compliance Provide facility owner/operator a guide leading to compliance specific to the site Quiz specific to each operators responsibilities Saves Time Print/email certificate in the field
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  • Site Diagram Build and maintain a graphical representation of the site Benefits Saves Time (Create diagram RI DEM) Streamlines inspection navigation Helps the inspector understand what is at the site and what has changed since the last inspection Improves Data Quality A snapshot of site diagram is saved with the inspection and can be referenced by other programs Diagram can help the facility owner or contractor understand which tanks/pipes/dispensers are being referenced in an enforcement letter.
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  • Wireless Printing / Email Generate inspection reports, management plans, operator certificates, and enforcement letters on site. Benefits Saves Time No faxing or mailing Paperwork is filed automatically Paperless No printed copy for the agency Electronic signature capture Electronic record of all inspection results If emailed to operator then no paper at all!
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  • A database of regulations, violations, and corrective actions Benefits Standardized enforcement A mechanism to modify the inspection tool to keep up with regulatory changes Automatic calculation of SOC Metrics (VI DPNR) Automatic calculation of violations(NC DENR) Modifying inspection letter (NH DES) Centralized Compliance Library
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  • Upload of Inspection Results Benefits Saves Time -No paperwork Data Quality Main database facility, tank contact information is updated with results found in the field Improves Communication - Electronic record of inspection is available to everyone in the program
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  • Upload/Internet Synchronization Connect to the main database and other Internet resources from the field The inspectors office is in the tablet - Omar Tyson, CT DEEP Benefits Saves Time No office trip just to file paperwork or gather reference documentation Allows Access to other Internet accessible systems references like mapping(driving directions, validate GPS coordinates, registration and GIS systems, etc..) Paperless Can email inspection reports instead of printing Drawbacks Monthly fee/Bad coverage in some areas
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  • Violation/Enforcement Tracking Administrative compliance tracking tool Benefits Improve Compliance Ensure facilities come into compliance Initiate additional enforcement action Keep a full history of facility and owner compliance
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  • How it works (Technical)
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  • Programs 2007 - NH DES 2009 - CT DEEP 2010 - ID DEQ 2011 - VI DPNR 2012 - NC DENR 2013 - SC DHEC 2014 - RI DEM
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  • Dan Blake MobileWright Solutions 781-968-5245


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