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<ul><li> 1. MOBILE LEARNING IN TEACHINGVOCABULARYPresented by:Wafaa AljehaniPresented to:Dr. Safaa Al-hibayshi</li></ul> <p> 2. TEACHING ENGLISH VOCABULARY BY USING MOBILE DEVICES 3. Mobile learningTechnology can becomethe wings that will allowthe educational world tofly farther and faster thanbefore if we allow itJenny Arledge 4. Teaching English vocabulary by usingmobile devicesThe type of activities focusing onvocabulary learning via mobile phonediffers from one research project toanother, depending on the level oflanguage proficiency of the learners 5. How To Apply M-learning InEnglish Language Classroom 6. Steps Of Teaching Vocabulary By Using M-learning1- Get your students to use mobiledictionary to define key words. 7. 2-Download flashcards, quizzes, and otherhelpers access through IDevices, laptopsand desktops, Androids, and Blackberries. 8. 3- Get your students to use a mobileencyclopedia to tell a brief account ofsome difficult terms with pictures andstories. 9. 4-Get your students to use a mobilecamera to make a photo of somethingsthat they want to know its name in English.They can also take pictures of somevocabulary which they have seen andcant write them. 10. 5- Get your students to use a mobile tomake a documentary of collectedvocabulary.( Personal Dictionary) 11. 6- Get your students to use a mobile tomake a short movie or animation shows of some vocabularies using pictrues and flash cards. 12. 7- Get your students to send and receiveemails on their mobile phones, to ask about new vocabulary , to send their vocabularyhomework or to send some vocabulary lecture to study. 13. Sending e-mail or SMS to students is a commonway of learning new vocabulary based on thelessons covered in the classroom.In a study Kennedy and Levy gave the learnersthe option to receive messages covering knownwords in new contexts through SMS to theirmobile phones amounting nine or ten messagesper week. The results indicated that themessages were very helpful for learningvocabulary 14. 8- Vocabulary in the SMS -The SMS messaging of mobile phones is aninstruction tool of great potential because of itshigh popularity among young adults. -They could memorize the vocabulary in the SMSlessons more easily. The immediacy and novelty of SMS lessons canfoster students vocabulary learning. It is useful and efficient. It urges us to learnEnglish tirelessly. 15. 8- Send a mobile message every day to explain a word. 16. 9- You can use a lot of educationalgames which in their mobile devices ,it makes them to learn faster. 17. Vocab. Drills on Mobile devices 1. Matching synonyms 2. Matching opposites 3. Fill in the blank sentences 4.Correct the mistakes 5. Label a picture 6. Complete the sentences. 7. Crossword Puzzles 8. Look for words that mean . . . 9. Parts of speech 10. Complete the definitions.</p>


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