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  1. 1. 5 ESSENTIALS ABOUT MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT SERVICES YOU SHOULD KNOW. Mobile Apps Development Services Android App Developers iPhone App Developers
  2. 2. Global facts The world in 2020 By the year 2020, 80% of adults on earth will own atleast one smartphone. 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Population Adults Mobile Online Population Smart phones PCs Global population (bn) Year 2015 Growth in 2020 Source: World Bank GSMA. Mobile App Development Services
  3. 3. Reach Smartphones & use of Mobile Apps have reached from This..
  4. 4. Reach Smartphones & use of Mobile Apps have reached from This.. To this..
  5. 5. Industries Mobile Apps have become an essential part of every businesses. Corporates Shop owners Government Banking eCommerceHospitalityMediaAnd much more Mobile App Development Services
  6. 6. Evolution With the quick evolutions happening in smartphones , mobile app development services are bound to get smarter with every passing day. Mobile App Development Services SMS Touch screen Smart glasses Smart watch Next-gen Tablet & Smartphones
  7. 7. Essentials Scalability of the app 1. The App should not be addressed to a limited audience. 2. It should be capable of scaling its user base. 3. The design and display should be dynamic and periodically upgradable. 4. It should be designed considering varied behavioral patterns of target customers. 5. It must address geographical expansion of a business with adequate localization features. Mobile App Development Services
  8. 8. Customized as per demand. 1. You shouldnt follow a universal concept, but develop something completely out of the box. 2. The nature of the app, its security attributes and interface, all should depend upon the objectives behind the app. 3. Every minor custom feature should be well- addressed for better UX. 4. It should create a value to the customers. 5. There should be business focused versions enjoy great popularity across businesses. Essentials
  9. 9. Essentials Security of the app. 1. Developers need to give particular heed to the security of every app. 2. Higher control, data security and administrative settings and features to the management and administrators. 3. Database should consist extraordinary security. 4. Data synchronization and offline capabilities are key to successful mobile apps. 5. It is important to evaluate database and cloud options based on the platform support.
  10. 10. Essentials 1. Provide Real-Time Benefits to Make the Customer Experience More Fun. 2. Use social networking to engage and not just to promote. 3. Use and Analyze Data for forecasting the required changes in the system. 4. Anticipate and act wisely on customer needs. 5. Control and Embrace Customer Feedback no matter it is positive or negative. Customer engagement is the key.
  11. 11. Essentials Use it as a promotional tool. 1. Send targeted messages for specified users with special offers. 2. Share events and contests announcements through push notifications. 3. Integrate your app with social media websites and keep in touch with your customers. 4. Arrange monthly contest through Mobile app to attract more people to join in. 5. Send info and offers for new products and services at lesser busy hours.
  12. 12. Why do you need a Mobile App? You need an enterprise app for training and skill development to maintaining reporting system to unleashing business data for top executives. Mobile Apps Development Services can be addressed for a particular business objective and for targeted audience from all over the world. Developing Mobile Apps for your business can help you grow your reach, your customer engagement and satisfaction, your promotional output and can grow your sales upto 45% as compared to now.
  13. 13. Process for Mobile App development We undertake the following processes to help and add more incoming transactions to your business accounts. 1 8 2 7 3 6 4 5 Concept development & designing. Strategy planning & technical research Competitor analysis & concluding of decisions Design the documents and prototype. Final deployment and production support. Iterations, deployment and feedback. Identify defects and resolve bugs. Development of the mobile app Mobile App Development Services
  14. 14. Platforms supported Mobile App Development Services
  15. 15. Why choose us? We offer variety of solutions for you to choose from & give every project a perfect direction. 1. Web Development 2. Mobile Apps Development 3. Website designing 4. Search Engine optimization 5. Social Media Marketing 6. Virtual Assistance service. Mobile App Development Services
  16. 16. Why choose us? USA UK South Africa India Singapore Australia Sweden Mobile App Development Services
  17. 17. Connect with us Become one of our esteemed CUSTOMER. Address: IT Park-29/7, Near Power House, MIDC Ambad, Ambad Industrial Area, Nashik- 422010 Email : Tel :+91 0253 238 2566 USA :+1 646 688 3509 Address: 22 Simei Street 1,#01-16, Singapore 529 945 Phone : + (65)-9751 4088 Email: Address: 81 General Hertzog, Three Rivers, Vereeniging, 1929 Gauteng, South Africa. Phone : + 27 16 423 1893 HQ-Nashik Office Branch Office- Singapore. Branch Office- South Africa. Mobile App Development Services