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Mobile Advertising Best Practice for App Developers

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  • 2. When youre developing a promotionstrategy for a mobile game, mobileadvertising should be your number oneconsideration. There is no way to get closerto your audience than targeting them whileon a mobile device.While its important to use PR, have a viralcomponent and a game review strategy,those channels cant provide consistentand measurable results, like mobileadvertising can.
  • 3. MOBILE ADVERTISING BEST PRACTICESWHITE PAPERStart With the Creative TargetingThe first step is to develop a creative messaging Mobile ad networks offer a number of differentstrategy. Its no secret that consumers are more targeting methodsso many in fact that theylikely to click on ads from brands they recognize. provide auto-optimization systems that track appIf you have a well-known brand, you should lead downloads and optimize your campaign for you.with that. If youre launching a new game, try to As the buyer of advertising, it is important toassociate it with a brand consumers will recognize. clearly define your target user by operating systemEA does this well; they always brand their TV and region. If youre promoting an Android gamecommercials with EA at the end, so consumers in English, then you only want to target Androidknow its an EA quality game. inventory in English speaking markets. You dont want to spend money on inventory where thoseIf you dont have a well-recognized brand, then users cant use your game.youll need to do a great job presenting users witha superior value proposition. The best way to do Depending on the type of game, some non-Englishthis is to offer the game for free, during the launch markets may still perform. The only way to knowand use advertising to help push the app. While is through testing. Consider localizing your gameyou want the ad to look good, you dont want to or app only after exhausting all of the Englishdo this at the expense of the messaging. Its easy language markets become overly concerned with the imagery andvisual aesthetics. 3
  • 4. MOBILE ADVERTISING BEST PRACTICESWHITE PAPER There are many English speaking markets outside the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. English Speaking MarketsEnglish is used widely in Asia in Singapore, Hong Kong, and India. Its also spoken in all Scandinaviancountries, and across much of Africa. Targeting high-end devices such as the iPhone4s, Galaxy Nexus,Galaxy SII will increase your chances of reaching an English speaking user. 4
  • 5. MOBILE ADVERTISING BEST PRACTICESWHITE PAPERYour App Store Landing Page of your app. An Apple employee once said, WhyThe goal of your landing page is to convert in the world would Apple ever feature an app inpotential views into downloads. Once a user lands the store that didnt look brilliant? Good design ison your app store page, you have less than core to the Apple brand and is something that we3 seconds to captivate them, before they leave. evaluate carefully when selecting featured apps. Apple will also look for apps that take advantageIts important to have a detailed, well-written app of the latest OS version or device hardware. Google,store description. It should articulate the value HTC, Samsung and others want to feature newproposition in the first sentence, so people can apps that showcase their device or OS capabilities.decide right away if they want to download it. Infinity Blade 2 and Real Racing HD are aHigh-resolution screen captures that demonstrate few examples.your app visually are also important. Be sure tocarefully monitor customer feedback, and promptly How Much Do I Spend On My Campaign?address their comments, both positive and negative. Once you have the creative, landing page, and yourMost users scan through the comments to get an advertising strategy in place, you are ready toidea of what others thought of your game. launch the campaign. First, you need to determine exactly how much to spend. There is no simpleFor example, the Words With Friends landing page answer and it varies from app to app and developer(see pg. 6) is clear, concise and easy to read. The top to developer.area is used for special messaging and promotions,a bulleted list explains key features, and links to One method is to optimize your spend to the Lifetheir social media pages are provided along with Time Value (LTV) of your users. This method ishigh-quality screen captures. The app has a high popular for games that have virtual economiesrating and over 55,000 reviews. with in-app purchase systems, because the LTV can be very high. You start by determining whatYour icon and name are also extremely important. is the RPDAU (Revenue Per Daily Active User).The icon needs to be eye-catching to stand out. To do this, divide the total revenue generated inYour name should be short and clever. One of the one week (include all revenue sources such as in-most important criteria for featured app selection app purchases, advertising, offers and any otherin iTunes App Store is the overall look and feel monetization sources) by the number of active 5
  • 6. MOBILE ADVERTISING BEST PRACTICESWHITE PAPER The Words With Friends App Store landing page is a great example for developers to follow. Links to Social Media: Specific accounts for each product is important. Users want to use this channel Frequent Updates: to get support, make This helps demon- suggestions and help strate that the app is promote the app. actively maintained. Buyers are wary of apps that are not well supported. Cross Promotion: Promote the free Screen Captures: version in case a High quality screen user is not interested captures are essential. in buying the Words With Friends paid version. created a custom title page to use here. Bulleted Description: Simple bullet points that call out key features are an effective and easy to way to explain the game. 6
  • 7. MOBILE ADVERTISING BEST PRACTICESWHITE PAPER Here are some creative examples of campaigns that have performed well on the InMobi network. Since this ad lacks a well-known brand, it leads with the free message and gives the user the option to access multiple games. This Uno ad leverages a well-known brand and has a clear call to action, plus an offer. The Sega and Sonic brands are well known and the Tap to Play Video call to action is compelling. Infinity Blade II is one of the most popular iPad games. The creative is simple and concise. This Evolve Your Dragon ad has a great value proposition and is extremely easy to understand. 7

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