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MNU annual report 2009, concept and copywriting.


<ul><li> 1. 2008 aNNUAL rEPORT MidAmerica Nazarene University Mi s s i O N iNN Ov A T i ON R Es U L T s </li></ul><p> 2. The heartbeat of our pioneering spiritThe Annual Report is published by the Office of University Advancement for financial contributors of MidAmerica Nazarene University. Every effort has been made to ensure this report is accurate. If your name was inadvertently omitted or does not appear correctly, please notify MidAmericas Office of University Advancement immediately at (913) 971-3600.MNU Administrative Officers W sounds the waye recently welcomed to our campus agroup of veteran educators from acrossthe Midwest to conduct a comprehensiveassessment of MidAmerica NazareneUniversitys commitment to our mission,the sustainability of our resources,and the flexibility of our policies andpractices to meet the needs of ourconstituent communities. Their visitwas the culmination of a three-yearself-study process which left no cornerunexamined. Although the officialreport is still a few months awayfrom completion, their preliminary For the past four decades we have been responding to the educational and spiritual needs of our constituents across the street, across the region, and across the globe. We have been on the leading edge of initiatives such as global partnerships, technologically enhanced undergraduate majors, integrated spiritual formation matrices, emerging innovative adult education programs and timely graduate degrees for Dr. Edwin H. Robinsoncomments have sharpened our vision and practicing Presidentstrengthened our resolve.professionals.The team affirmed that our essence This innovative Dr. Randy Beckumas a Christian liberal arts university spirit, combined with our passion University Chaplainremains valid and relevant. They noted for servant leadership, is a fertile Mr. Jason Drummondcombination that has defined the MNUthe passion and integrity with which we Vice PresidentExperience. for University Advancement pursue our mission. They were awed bythe consistent demonstrations of servant The 2008 Annual Report lists hundreds Mrs. Margaret Gillilandleadership that permeate our community of individuals, families, congregations, Vice Presidentlife and span academic disciplines. They businesses and community organizations for Student Developmentheard the same innovative heartbeat in who recognize the significant Mr. Kevin Gilmorethe MidAmerica millennials thatcontributions MNU has made in the past, Vice President for Finance/CFO has pulsed in our Pioneer forbearersacknowledge our unique role in todayssince 1968.challenging moral and economic climates, Dr. Doug Henning InterimVice President and believe enough in our future to for Academic Affairsensure that our pioneering spirit, combined with our passion for service, Dr. Ronald J. Hyson continue to shape purposeful lives for Vice President for Enrollment Management generations to come.MissiON iNNOvATiONPresident REs ULTs 3. MissiON iNNOvATiON W REs ULTs Our mission is ith so many businesses and organizations Closer to home, the MNU Pioneers who we are focusing on defining their core mission, football team traveled to Neodesha,it is easy to understand how the termKan., to assist in the cleanup of themission can become diluted, even local Nazarene Church that wasoverused. At MidAmerica Nazarene severely damaged by summertimeUniversity, our mission remains true our founding principles: development On the MNU campus, the Bill M.of the whole student, a life of service, and Sullivan Center for Innovative Ministrycareer preparation. To this day, we have anwas established, providing life-longunwavering belief in creating initiatives to learning resources for regional pastorsachieve these worthwhile goals.and other church leaders. MNU students performed 100 hours of after-school tutoring, did 2,000 hours of community service and development work, and raised $171,365. There are many other manifestations of mission fit, but perhaps adult degree alumnus Kelli Bailiff (MHR 05) says it best. With the wonderful support of MNUs staff and professors, my degree has helped me launch into careerWe take great care in ensuring our opportunities I never thought possible,programs align with the purpose of higher she says. They enhanced the way Ieducation: to help students who come to manage all aspects of my to reach their full academic potential.Equally important, we assist them inbecoming fully aware of their ability tomake a positive impact in the world.In that sense, our pioneering spirit hasnever been stronger. In the 2007-08 year,proof of our mission focus is exemplifiedin hundreds of ways. A few examples: Student Leah Shearer, who teamedwith Youth In Mission, spending amonth preparing Vacation Bible Schoolin Senegal. She was one of more than140 students involved in mission trips. The MNU Education division, whichsponsored a 10-day mission trip toKiev, Ukraine. 2 4. MissiON iNNOvATiON REs ULTsN We continue our innovation tradition ew ideas without a firm foundation and a clear purpose can result in a journey that delivers few benefits. At MNU, we take our strong mission focus and add to it the action of purposeful innovation. Here, community need and marketplace realities are identified, analyzed, and developed into new or enhanced degree programs that benefit our city, region and nation. We are a university with our eyes on the future and our feet firmly planted in the realities of today. The MNU tradition of innovation continues in many forms: The R.N. to B.S.N. degree program, MNUs Masters in Education programmoves to 100 percent online deliveryin 2009. Emphasis options includethose in Professional Teaching,Technology-based Teaching, and Englishas a Second Language (ESL). Responding to the increasing interestin physical therapy and other alliedhealth careers, MNU will offer a newmajor in kinesiology in fall 2009. Two new forensic science majors alsowill debut in the fall: forensic biologyand forensic chemistry. MNU is part of the 2008 collaborativeeffort among the City of Olathe,first offered in 1982, was extensivelyK-State and the Kansas Bioscienceupgraded to meet new demands ofAuthority known as the K-Statethe profession. Courses are nowOlathe Innovative Campus. Programsoffered in five-week modules, allowingand internships generated from thisworking nurses to begin continuouslyidea are expected to present MNUthroughout the academic year. Nursesstudents with additional job andcan progress to completion via one-internship classes, while still earninga B.S.N. degree in just one year. MNU, Johnson County CommunityCollege, Olathe Medical Center The M.A. in Counseling program isand the Olathe School District are well on its way to toward professionalpioneering a unique collaboration that accreditation by the Council onwill benefit the region. Accreditation of Counseling Related Education Programs (CACREP). A testament to MNUs ability to Expansion of the counseling programmatch mission fit with an innovative also continued, with the addition of the outlook is provided by Kevin Vining, an M.A. in Pastoral Counseling. MBA alumnus and a Captain with theShawnee, Kan., Fire Department, who Set for fall 2009 is the new B.A. inalso serves as an adjunct professor in the Public Administration, offered throughMHR degree program. the Division of Innovative Adult Education. This program presents With industry and cultures forever solutions to issues faced in city, county, changing, it is important to keep fresh and public service professions. Online tools in your business tool box, he says. components make up 75 percent of MNU does that, while also offering coursework, allowing more convenient real-world application to administrative access by working adults.situations. 3 5. MissiON iNNOvATiON REs ULTs Our actionsdevelop students who are G prepared for life etting results depends on asking tough questions, measuring for effectiveness and adjusting for changing conditions. In 2008, MNU initiated a comprehensive study of our effectiveness in delivering a mission-fit approach by asking our many audiences to offer their assessment of us. Results from this study, which asked key questions among our many stakeholders, provided insights that serve as a benchmark for future efforts. Among the results: 84.59 percent of undergraduates and 92.44 percent of graduate studentsthose student-athletes who chooseto test themselves in sports at theintercollegiate level. Among theirhighlights for 2008: In mens track and field, six Pioneerswon HAAC titles, and the team placed13th in the NAIA championships. Forthe womens team, nine individualswon HAAC titles. The team placed 27thin the NAIA championships. The Pioneers baseball team won 20games in 2008. The weightlifting team took 3rd place inthe 2008 Collegiate Nationals meet. rated their decision to choose MNU Pioneer football in 2008 won the as the right decision. HAAC championship and ranked as 80.41 percent of undergraduates andhigh as No. 4 in the NAIA. 94.07 percent of graduate students Mens soccer posted a 14-5 record, rated their experience as either and won the HAAC regular-season good or excellent. championship. 89.91 percent of undergraduates and Womens soccer went 9-6-4, ending 94.07 percent of graduate students the season 3rd in the HAAC. said they would recommend MNU toAt MNU, you can be assured our legacy a friend, family member, or coworker.of mission, innovation and results will Other results include a strong responsecontinue. President Ed Robinson is as from the Kansas City area communitymuch a student of history as he is a leader for programs at the Bell Cultural Events with a commitment to the MNU vision. Center, which served as host to moreWe are just as passionate as our than 50 concerts and performancesforbearers about providing each in 2008. Organizations using the BellMidAmerica student with a Christian Center ranged from the Kansas Cityeducation in a principled community Jazz Orchestra, to Music Mission Kievededicated to distinctive scholarship and with the Kyiv Symphony Orchestra andservant leadership, where students spend Chorus, to the Christian Youth much time and effort building their As a result, nearly 10,000 people in ourfaith as they do their resumes, says Dr. community have visited the MNU campusRobinson. Its as true now as it was many of those for the first 1968: The MNU experience is a full We also believe our goals of providing engagement in the academic, social and high quality education and assisting inspiritual dimensions of the University. personal development celebrates4 6. On behalf of MNUs students, faculty and staff, I want to M express our sincere gratitude for the generous support provided to the university during this past year. Each name contained in this MNU: Stewardship Report idAmerica Nazarene University has been greatly blessed by the generosity of its alumni and friends. From July 1, 2007, to June 30, 2008, 2,596 contributors gave $3,913,038 to MidAmerica in support of scholarships, building projects and other programs. We commit to manage these resources wisely in order to provide high quality, Christian higher education both now and in the future.The faculty, staff and students of MNU deeply appreciate the generosity of alumni and friends during the 2008 fiscal year, July 1, 2007, to June 30, 2008. Total Gift Income 2003-08 2008 2007$3,913,038$4,960,905 report represents a sacrificial gift that enables MidAmerica 2006 $8,278,518 Nazarene University to fulfill its2005 $4,597,810 mission of providing a Christ-centered education that2004 $6,024,407 prepares students for a life of service to our world.$10,000,000 At MidAmerica, students are educated and inspired to achieve a life of servant leadership. This is$8,000,000 truly the hallmark of the MidAmerica experience. In the coming year, we resolve to continu- ally seek to improve the MNU $6,000,000 experience for our constituents both far and near. Thank you for your part in shaping the past, $4,000,000 present, and future of MidAmerica Nazarene University and the students we serve. $2,000,000Jason Drummond Vice President 0 for University Advancement 2004 2005200620072008MissiON iNNOvATiON 5 REs ULTs 7. Combined Gift Revenue July 1, 2007 - June 30, 2008 University Fund$892,305 23%Capital Campaign $618,826 16%Designated Gifts$70,1072% Church Education BudgetsChurch Education Budgets $1,974,322 50%Endowments $357,4799% Designated GiftsTotal$3,913,038 100%EndowmentsCapital Campaign University Fund University-Funded Scholarships July 1, 2007 - June 30, 2008 Academic$1,340,85923%Athletic$2,116,66636%Church$908,22315%Academic Other Foundation$150,443 3%Other $1,375,16923%Foundation Total $5,891,360100% ChurchAthletic The Other segment includes a variety of University-fundedscholarships, including need-based scholarships, awardsfor student leaders, music students and miscellaneousscholarships. 6 8. Presidents Circle The Presidents Circle honors individuals for their cumulative lifetime giving in support of MNU.t2008 Honor Roll of Donorshe Honor Roll of Donors includes the names of all who made a gift to MidAmericaNazarene University from January 1, 2008, to December 31, 2008. Should you need tomake corrections in your listing, please contact University Advancement at the phonenumber listed in the front of this report.Note: alumni donors are listed in italics.Mr. Ramon K. HamiltonMr. and Mrs. Lonnie E. HephnerMrs. Murdell W. HolbertMr. Rocky and Dr. Jo LamarMrs. Martha LytleMr. Grant May Mr. and Mrs. Jason S. Drummond Mr.Thomas and Dr. Crystal Faudere Mr. and Mrs. Matthew W. Floersch Dr. and Mrs. Kale Gentry Mr. and Mrs. Lyle D. Gibbens Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. Gilmore Ms. Lenora B. Schaber Drs. Keith and Judith Schwanz Mr. Gerald Shelton Mr. Randall L. Shelton Rev. Glen and Dr. Brenda Shoup Mr. and Mrs. David R. Siemens Legacy Society Dr. and Mrs. Larry D. McIntire Dr. Michael L. GoughMrs. Marge Smith The Legacy Society honorsMr. and Mrs. Gerald W. Smith Dr. and Mrs. H. Chris Halvorson Ms. Elaine H. SteinMrs.V. Arlene Snowbarger Mr. Ramon K. Hamilton Mr. and Mrs. Jerald L. Stugart individuals who have contributedMr. Evalds Spale Mr. and Mrs. Kenton Harbour Mr. and Mrs. L.L. Tarpenning $1,000,000 or more cumulativelyDr. and Mrs. Otto W. Theel Mr. and Mrs. Roy J. HaynesMr. and Mrs. Patrick H. Thiessen to MNU during their lifetime.Mr. and Mrs. Mark A.Wood Mr. and Mrs. David A. HedgesMr. and Mrs. H.W. Timmons AnonymousMr. Richard C. Woodbeck, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Donald D. HedlundMr. and Mrs. Franklin A.Tyrer Dr. and Mrs. Donald H. Bell, Sr.Mrs. Murdell W. Holbert Mr. and Mrs. John Veach Dr. and Mrs. Larry D. HolmesMr. and Mrs. Donald B. Walker Dr. and Mrs. D. Ray CookUniversity ClubMrs. Dolores M. Hyson Dr. and Mrs. Paul D. WardlawThe University Club honors those Dr. and Mrs. Ronald J. HysonMr. and Mrs. Gary L. Williams Founders Societyindividuals who have made annual Mr. and Mrs...</p>


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