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  • To Infinity and Beyond!Public Library AssociationSpring Symposium 2011
  • Inspiration New Jersey Blue Ribbon Task Force Mid-Atlantic Futures Conference MN Office of the Legislative Auditor Report on Public Libraries No strategic state plan for libraries General threats and challenges to libraries of all types
  • Why Multitypes Took the Lead Multicounty multitype library systems take the lead Talk across the lines Recognize challenges and opportunities Know the history of library structures & issues Understand the importance of vision and planning
  • Steps Multitype directors committed to funding the initial planning meetings Identified individuals and groups to participate in a planning session Issued the invitations Hired a facilitator
  • Who was invited Regional Public Library Systems Public Libraries Private Colleges U of M Libraries MnScu Libraries Minnesota Library Association Minnesota Educational Media Organization Minitex State Library
  • First meetingMay 2010 Goals of the Meeting Agree that this was needed Look at process & procedures Create timeline Establish subcommittees
  • Steering Committee Executive Committee Application Development Finance Session Planning Recruitment Resource & Support for Futurists
  • Other Steering CommitteeMeetingsJune Accepted work of subcommittees Defined the Futurists Group Application process Session planning for Kick Off
  • What we wanted to happen Identify challenges, changes, that will impact libraries of all types Create a foundation for a conversation about the future, change, and getting there Involve the library community in the conversation
  • Ulterior Motives Introduce different types of library staff to each other Encourage recognition of the shared problems and issues Encourage acknowledgement that all types of libraries matter Metro-centric attitude would be diluted Identify common challenges Leadership development
  • Accelerated timeline Aim for Kick Off in October 2010 Selection of participants in September 2010 Futurists report in May 2011
  • Describe expectations for library service and ways to meet these expectations.
  • How?Have a facilitated, focusedconversation about ourfuture.
  • Expectation that the Librarycommunity would be involved in the conversation, be used as resources, & and would be informed throughout the course of the process.
  • No expectations that thisFuturists Group would be able to define how to implement changes.
  • Who? A group of designatedpeople to have the focused conversationand then could initiate a wider conversation.
  • Applicant Criteria Work in Minnesota library or be a library school student Between the ages 25-35
  • Questions for Applicants What motivates you to want to be part of a group involved in making recommendations for the future of Minnesotas Libraries? Describe what comes to mind when you think of Minnesota Libraries? If you are selected as a member of the Library Futurists what do you hope is one possible outcome from the work of the Initiative?
  • Who Applied? 83 applicants 6 School Librarians 44 Public 7 Special 26 Academic
  • Selection Criteria & Process All types of libraries Geographic representation Everyone read all the applications Scored on a rubric Face to face discussion of applicants
  • Futurist Group Profile 3 School Librarians 3 Special/Other 6 Academic Librarians 12 Public Librarians Geographic representation
  • October 18 Kick Off
  • Involving the Library Community Everyone invited Michael Rogers, The Practical Futurist Christine Lind Hage, ALA Committee for Americas Libraries for the 21st Century
  • First Meeting for Futurists Facilitator to help them get started Let them decide their own process, topics, & procedures
  • Dillon YoungJennStraumann
  • Thanks to Patricia Post, Executive CommitteePlanning Documents

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