MMC - NMC Joint Appointment Process

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MMC - NMC Joint Appointment Process. Jean Rokos, Northwestern Michigan College Bill Brundage, Munson Medical Center. Northwestern Michigan College. 4,200 academic enrollment 2,000 post associate degree enrollment 1,400 corporate training enrollment 10,000 extended education enrollment. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of MMC - NMC Joint Appointment Process

  • MMC - NMC Joint Appointment Process

    Jean Rokos, Northwestern Michigan CollegeBill Brundage, Munson Medical Center

  • Northwestern Michigan College4,200 academic enrollment2,000 post associate degree enrollment1,400 corporate training enrollment10,000 extended education enrollment

  • Munson Medical Center3000+ Employees391 BedsTop 100 Hospital, nine timesMagnet Award for Nursing ExcellenceTop 100 Hospital Cardiovascular Services, four timesLevel II Trauma Center

  • Munson Healthcare SystemConsists of:Munson Medical Center Traverse City Paul Oliver Memorial Hospital FrankfortHome Health 32 countiesNorth Flight air & ground servicesManagement ContractsMercy Hospital Grayling, Mercy Hospital Cadillac, Kalkaska Memorial Health CenterPartnering HospitalsWest Shore Medical Center Manistee and Otsego Memorial Hospital Gaylord

  • Munson Medical CenterNow a Magnet HospitalNorthwestern Michigan College facilitates advanced nursing degrees through University Center

  • NMC - MMC Joint AppointmentsPositive aspects:adjunct faculty and manager agree on release hours from staff positionadjunct faculty have time to teach while preserving full-time benefits at MMCadjunct faculty grow and develop new skillsNMC does not experience a clinical faculty shortageNMC students have instructors who are current practitionersadjunct faculty have established relationship with MMC nursessome adjunct faculty teach in addition to clinical duties

  • NMC - MMC Joint AppointmentsProcess: the staff nursediscusses joint appointment possibility with managerdetermines release time schedule if neededinterviews for and secures an adjunct faculty positioncommunicates release hours to the Director of Nursing Programs at NMC

  • NMC - MMC Joint AppointmentsProcess: the administrationverification form sent from NMC director of nursing to MMC manager before contract is set upverification form identifiesinstructorspecific coursedates of instructionhours of releasesalary amount

  • NMC - MMC Joint AppointmentsProcess: the administrationeach course carries a college salary amountany release time paid by MMC is at the instructors normal hourly rateNMC reimburses MMC for the release time amount and subtracts it from the contract amountany remaining course salary amount is paid directly to the instructor

  • NMC - MMC Joint AppointmentsProblematic aspects:can be more expensive for the college if the college must pay for benefits in addition to the hourly ratecan result in over or under payment to adjunct faculty member if process is not followed

  • QuestionsWhat factors in your region would cause or allow hospitals and colleges to form joint appointment arrangements?How would you maximize the positive aspects and minimize the negative aspects of a joint appointment arrangement?What questions do you have for us?

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    Jean Rokos, Northwestern Michigan Collegejrokos@nmc.edu231-995-1248Bill Brundage, Munson 231-935-6492

    Jean to introduceHope we can learn from each otherThis is one example of how NMC and MHC are working more closely togetherJeanSKPSKPSKPSKPHow have you partnered with one another? Or how would you like to partner with one another?

    Wed also like for you to think about how would you measure effectiveness of the partnership? Well talk more about this later and will want to hear from you.