Mission,Vision and Goals and Objectives

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  • Mission and VisionMission, and Vision &&

    Goals and Objectivej-Gazal Gandhi

    Assiatant ProfesssorAssiatant Professsor

  • MissionMission

    What is a Mission?What is a Mission?

    NE-II-159 2

  • MissionMission

    A mission is a brief statement that reflects the core values of an organization.g

    A mission communicates an organizations glong-term objectives

    why the organization exists.y g

    NE-II-159 3

  • Mission StatementMission Statement

    A Mission Statement 9 Serves as a communication tool for an organization9 Serves as a communication tool for an organization9 Aligns people with a purpose; it fosters commitment

    and unity9 Defines directions for change and growth9 Acts as an evaluation tool to help measure activities

    and programsand programs

    NE-II-159 4

  • Sample Mission StatementsSample Mission Statements9 To establish Starbucks as the premier9 To establish Starbucks as the premier

    purveyor of the finest coffee in the world while maintaining our uncompromising

    i i l St b k C ffprinciples as we grow Starbucks Coffee

    9 To solve unsolved problems innovatively 3M

    9 To offer all the fine customers in our territories all of their household needs in a manner in which they continue to think of us fondly Wal Mart

    NE-II-159 5

    us fondly Wal-Mart

  • Mission StatementMission StatementSupported by lists of Corporate Values

    To preserve and improve human life: Corporate social responsibility Unequivocal excellence in all aspects of

    the company Science-based innovation Honesty and integrity Profit, but profit from work that benefits

    humanity Merck

    NE-II-159 6

  • Mission StatementMission StatementSupported by lists of Corporate Values

    To make people happy: No cynicism Nurturing and promulgation of

    wholesome American values Creativity, dreams, and imagination Fanatical attention to consistency and

    detail Preservation and control of the Disney

    NE-II-159 7

    magic Walt Disney

  • Mission StatementMission Statement

    The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling inmoral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law.

    Mi i St t t f th B S t f A i Mission Statement of the Boy Scouts of America

    NE-II-159 8

  • VisionVision

    What is a Vision?What is a Vision?

    NE-II-159 9

  • VisionVision

    A vision is a picture of future success.

    A vision forms when we think far enough ahead to realize there will be importantahead to realize there will be important challenges that we can prepare for now.

    NE-II-159 10

  • VisionVision

    Nothing happens unless first a dream Nothing happens unless first a dream.

    Carl Sandburgg

    NE-II-159 11

  • VisionVision

    Consider these Visions:

    NE-II-159 12

  • VisionVision

    John F. Kennedy:S t b 12 1962September 12, 1962

    We choose to go to the moon.

    NE-II-159 13

  • VisionVision

    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.A t 28 1963August 28, 1963

    I have a dream.

    NE-II-159 14

  • VisionVision

    Margaret ThatcherFormer Prime Minister of England

    It is my unique responsibility y q p yas the leader to shine a spotlight on the future.p g

    NE-II-159 15

  • VisionVision

    Lord Baden-Powell a world brotherhood of

    Scouts living in peace.g p

    NE-II-159 16

  • VisionVision

    Criteria for a Meaningful Vision A vision engages the heart and the spirit.A vision engages the heart and the spirit. ... leads toward a worthwhile goal. gives meaning to an effort... gives meaning to an effort. ... is simple. is attainable ... is attainable. ... can change over time.

    NE-II-159 17

  • Vision Statement Boy Scouts of America

    The Boy Scouts of America is the nations foremost youth program of character development and values-based leadership training.leadership training.

    In the future, Scouting will continue to:

    Offer young people responsible fun and adventure;y g p p p Instill in young people lifetime values and develop in them

    ethical character as expressed in the Scout Oath and Law. Train young people in citizenship, service, and leadership;Train young people in citizenship, service, and leadership; Serve Americas communities and families with its quality,

    values-based program.

    NE-II-159 18

  • Reviewing:Values, Mission, and Vision

    9Values Core beliefs or desires that guide or motivate our attitudes andguide or motivate our attitudes and our actions.9Mission Encapsulates the valuesMission Encapsulates the values

    and articulates the overall, long-term objective.j9Vision A picture of success and the

    related plan of action.

    NE-II-159 19

  • Punch Line:Values, Vision and Mission

    9 A vision without a mission is just a dreamdream

    9 A mission without a vision just passes the timethe time

    9 A vision with action can change the world.

    Joel Barker

    NE-II-159 20

  • 9Goal and Objective are often confused with each other. They both describe things that a person may want to achieve or attain but in relative terms may mean different things. Both are desired outcomes of work done by a person but what sets them apart is the time frame, attributes they're set for and the effect they inflict.

    NE-II-159 21

  • Goal Objective

    Meaning: The purpose toward which an endeavor is directed.

    Something that one's efforts or actions are intended to attain or accomplish; purpose; target.

    Example:I want to achieve success in the field of genetic research and do what no one has ever done.

    I want to complete this thesis on genetic research by the end of this month.

    Action: Generic action, or better still, an outcome toward which we striveSpecific action - the objective supports attainment of the associated goal.

    Measure: Goals may not be strictly measurable or tangible. Must be measurable and tangible.

    Time frame: Longer term Mid to short term

    NE-II-159 22

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