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Misconceptions About Sant Jarnail Singh Khalsa Bhindranwale

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Text of Misconceptions About Sant Jarnail Singh Khalsa Bhindranwale

  • 8/11/2019 Misconceptions About Sant Jarnail Singh Khalsa Bhindranwale






  • 8/11/2019 Misconceptions About Sant Jarnail Singh Khalsa Bhindranwale



    Terrorists: Flushed-Out or Sent In?

    (i) Was Sant Jarnail Singh a Terrorist?

    (ii) Was the Attack a Last Resort?

    (iii) !ecution o" the Attack

    Illegal Wea#ons

    (i) Wea#ons in Sikhis$

    (ii) Sanctit% o" &urd'aras

    (iii) ollection o" Wea#ons

    Adocating *iolence

    Religious or +olitical Figure

    +olitical Se#aratis$: ,halistan

    Agent o" ongress or +akistan

    (i) Links 'ith +akistan

    (ii) Agent o" ongress

    Threat to ,ill indus

    The .What i"?/ 0uestion

    Last Words

    1otes and Re"erences

  • 8/11/2019 Misconceptions About Sant Jarnail Singh Khalsa Bhindranwale



    Sant Jarnail Singh 2hindran'ale is an iconic 3gure 'hose na$e is 'ell kno'n

    to Sikhs 'orld'ide4 e is re$e$5ered as a true Sikh6 saint6 'arrior6 u#holder

    o" 7ustice and a $art%r4 is e!tensie #reaching o" the Sikh religion6 s#eeches

    on #olitics and e!#osing the 5ar5arit% o" the Indian goern$ent earned hi$"a$e 'ithin Sikh circles4 e 'as looked u#on as a leader o" the Sikhs 'ho had

    re$inded the$ o" their glorious #ast6 great sacri3ces and 5old "eats o"

    destro%ing o##ression6 t%rann% and in7ustice4 is 'ords kindled and

    a'akened the inner s#irits o" the Sikhs and caused the$ to reali8e their

    #olitical and religious slaer% at the hands o" the Indian goern$ent4 The

    re$inder o" Sikh histor% and religious tenets ins#ired the Sikh #eo#le to

    5eco$e true "ollo'ers o" their "aith4 +eo#le started to a5andon drinking6

    s$oking6 cutting their hair and $an% other i$$oral #ractices4 There 'as

    'ides#read ado#tion o" the Sikh religion4 All o" this6 ho'eer6 did not at all

    suit those 'ho 'ere keen on seeing the co$#lete do'n"all o" the Sikhs andtheir co$#lete a$alga$ation into the "olds o" induis$4

    In order to destro% and su5due the Sikh $oe$ent9 it 5eca$e a #ertinent

    task "or the goern$ent to eli$inate Sant Jarnail Singh as 'ell as crush the

    Sikh a'akening4 As a result6 an attack 'as launched under the na$e o"

    O#eration 2lue Star in 'hich holiest shrine o" the Sikhs6 ar5ar Sahi5 (Sri

    ar$andar Sahi56 Sri Akal Takhat Sahi5 and other #laces in the icinit%) as

    'ell as tens o" Sikh &urd'aras 'ere attacked4 Sant Jarnail Singh and $an% o"

    his co$#anions 5eca$e $art%rs de"ending the hol% #lace4 Thousands o" Sikh

    isitors 'ere killed and thousands 'ere taken #risoners4 Sikh Re"erence

    Li5rar% containing rare $anuscri#ts6 histor% 5ooks and literature 'asdestro%ed4 The a$ount o" da$age caused to the Sikh religion 'as i$$ense4

    It 'as an attack on Sikh s#irit and sought to instill "ear in the hearts o" Sikhs

    'ith the intention o" coercing the$ into acce#ting the rule o" the Indian

    goern$ent and "orsaking their "reedo$4 It 'as no less than a holocaust4

    o'eer6 the Indian goern$ent 'ith the hel# o" its #aid 'riters and $edia

    resorted to #ro#aganda to sae its "ace and 7usti"% its heinous cri$es44 2eing

    the #ro#onents o" the goern$ent6 #aid 'riters 'rote scores o" 5ooks and

    articles to $align the na$e o" Sant Jarnail Singh 5% #ortra%ing hi$ as a

    terrorist6 and a iolent and dangerous $an4 ;an% e!cuses 'ere deised to

    $isre#resent the Sikh $oe$ent and 7usti"% the attack and atrocitiesco$$itted 5% the Indian $ilitar%4 As the co$$on sa%ing goes6 re#eat a lie

    o"ten enough and #eo#le 'ill 5eliee it < unin"or$ed #eo#le6 including so$e

    Sikhs ignorant o" the true "acts6 5egan to 5eliee the lies o" the goern$ent4

    There"ore6 the #ur#ose o" this article is to re"ute $isconce#tions a5out Sant

    Jarnail Singh6 e!a$ine $an% o" the #ro#aganda theories #ut "orth 5% the

    goern$ent agents6 5ring the actual "acts to the li$elight and sho' that it

  • 8/11/2019 Misconceptions About Sant Jarnail Singh Khalsa Bhindranwale


    'as in "act the Indian $ilitar% that 'as iolent6 aggressie and terroristic4

    Terrorists !"us#ed$Out or Sent In%

    First and the $ost co$$onl% heard $isconce#tion is that the Indian

    goern$ent attacked ar5ar Sahi5 to =ush out the >terrorists> 'ho had 5een$isusing the hol% #lace4

    The a5oe stated $isconce#tion is a #re#osterous clai$ 'ithout an% relia5le

    su##orting eidence4 Our res#onse to this $isconce#tion is a three #art

    anal%sis: i) e!a$ine 'hether Sant Jarnail Singh and his co$#anions 'ere

    terrorists or 'hether the% 'ere hiding inside the hol% #lace9 ii) 'hether the

    attack 'as a last resort9 and iii) ho' the attack 'as carried out4

    &i' W(s S(nt J(rn(i" Sin)# ( Terrorist%

    Sant Jarnail Singh neer resorted to iolence nor did he #reach or adocate

    iolence in his s#eeches4 There is no record o" hi$ 5eing arrested under an%

    terrorist la's o" Indian onstitution nor charged "or an% iolent or cri$inal

    actiit%4 An%ti$e he 'as arrested on "alse charges6 the goern$ent had to

    release hi$ "or lack o" eidence and 'itnesses against hi$4

    Sant Jarnail Singh 2hindran'ale6 the ar$%/s $ain target had 5een arrested

    and 'as in goern$ent custod% $onths 5e"ore the attack4 o' could the

    attack 5e 'arranted on the grounds that the goern$ent had to arrest Sant

    Jarnail Singh 2hindran'ale 'hen he 'as alread% in their custod% $onths

    5e"ore6 and 'as released 5% the Indian &oern$ent 'ithout an% charges? At

    the ti$e o" his arrest he 'as carr%ing 'ea#ons4 Wh% 'as he then released?At one ti$e 'hen the #olice $ade an announce$ent to arrest hi$6 he

    #eace"ull% co$#lied and #resented hi$sel" along 'ith his @ co$#anions to

    the e#ut% o$$issioner4 Surel%6 he 'ould hae #resented hi$sel" in the

    sa$e $anner had another 'arrant 5een released4 en i" 'e assu$e that

    such a 'arrant 'as released6 there is no eidence to suggest that Sant Jarnail

    Singh re"used to #resent hi$sel"4 Additionall%6 the goern$ent "ailed to

    a##roach Sikh leaders or seek hel# o" Sikh organi8ations to conince Sant

    Jarnail Singh to #resent hi$sel"4 The S&+ (Shiro$ani &urd'ara +ar5andhak

    o$$ittee) $anage$ent o" ar5ar Sahi5 des#eratel% asked the goern$ent

    on a nu$5er o" occasions to #roduce a list o" #eo#le the% 'anted to ca#ture

    so that the $anage$ent could take action and #reent an% ar$%interention4 o'eer the Indian authorities re"used and "ailed to do this

    des#ite it 5eing an o#tion to #reent an assault4

    Further$ore Sant Jarnail Singh and his co$#anions did not re$ain in the

    ar5ar Sahi5 co$#le! B hours a da%6 5ut "reel% traeled +un7a5 and the

    surrounding areas on a dail% 5asis4 e 'as easil% accessi5le 5% #ress

  • 8/11/2019 Misconceptions About Sant Jarnail Singh Khalsa Bhindranwale


    re#orters and 7ournalists4 I" these #eo#le needed to 5e ca#tured 'h% did the

    ar$% 'ith all its 'ea#ons o" destruction enter the ar5ar Sahi5 killing

    innocent 'orshi##ers caught in the cross3re6 'hen the% could hae easil%

    assassinated or arrested Sant Jarnail Singh and his associates at an% ti$e

    outside the te$#le co$#le!? Also6 Sant Jarnail Singh 'as not charged 'ith

    cri$es or terrorist actiit% neither did he hae an outstanding arrest 'arrant"ro$ 'hich he 'as hiding or atte$#ting to a5scond4 India Toda% re#orted in

    ece$5er CDE that a senior oGcer in handigarh con"essed:

    ItHs reall% shocking that 'e hae so little against hi$ 'hile 'e kee# 5la$ing

    hi$ "or all sorts o" things*+,-

    Further$ore6 &urde Singh6 istrict o$$issioner at A$ritsar until shortl%

    5e"ore the inasion is on record as haing assured the &oernor o" the State

    that he could arrest an%one in ar5ar Sahi5 at an% ti$e4+.-e $ade

    re#eated #leas to the goern$ent not to take an% aderse ar$% action

    against ar5ar Sahi5 5ut alas6 no one #aid attention to his reuests *+/-

    Accordin) to Arun S#ourie0

    For all I kno'6 he is co$#letel% innocent and is genuinel% and e!clusiel%

    dedicated to the teachings o" the &urus*+1-

    It is thus #roen "ro$ the a5oe #resented eidence that Sant Jarnail Singh

    'as not a terrorist4 e neer engaged in an% terrorist actiit%4 is #ersona

    and #reaching led to a reial o" the Sikh "aith a$ongst the $asses6 this had

    created a "ear in the $inds o" the indus and the% 'ere 'illing to go an%

    length to silence hi$4

    &ii' W(s t#e Att(c2 ( L(st Resort%

    The goern$ent 'ould hae us 5eliee that the attack 'as a last resort

    5ecause the Sikhs had "orti3ed the hol% #lace 'ith illegal ar$a$ents and the

    goern$ent 'as thus le"t 'ith no alternatie and "orced to stor$ the holiest

    o" Sikh shrines in order to ca#ture so$e $ilitants4 o'eer6 the realit% is

    contrar% to this4 Retired Lt-&eneral S4, Sinha6 a directl% inoled and high-

    ranking ar$% leader o" the ti$e6 re#orted in the S#okes$an ne's#a#er:

    The ar$% action 'as not a last resort as +ri$e ;inister Indira &andhi 'ould

    hae us 5eliee4 It had 5een in her $ind "or $ore than CE $onths4 The ar$%had 5egun rehearsals o" a co$$ando attack near hakrata anton$ent in

    the oon *alle%6 'here a co$#lete re#lica o" the &olden Te$#le co$#le! had

    5een 5uilt*+3-(5old ours)

    &eneral S4 ,4 Sinha "urther states in the sa$e interie' that to'ards the end

    o" CDEC6 he receied a call "ro$ so$eone in elhi in"or$ing hi$ o" the

    goern$ent/s decision to attack ar5ar Sahi5*+4-This $akes it clear that the

  • 8/11/2019 Misconceptions About Sant Jarnail Singh Khalsa Bhindranwale