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Minoan Crete The Beginnings Of Western Civilization

Minoan Crete

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Minoan Crete. The Beginnings Of Western Civilization. Agenda. Today: Answer the Bell-ringer Who are the Minoans anyway? Story of the Minotaur Word Wall. Bell-ringer. Where is Crete on a political map? Try to define the following: Western Civilization: Minotaur: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Minoan CreteThe BeginningsOf Western CivilizationAgendaToday:Answer the Bell-ringerWho are the Minoans anyway?Story of the MinotaurWord Wall

Bell-ringerWhere is Crete on a political map?

Try to define the following:Western Civilization:Minotaur:

(Break into groups)


Western CivilizationIt is: The modern culture of Europe and North AmericaIt is what makes us unique from the rest of the world

Minotaur: Half Bull/Half Man mythical figure*The MinoansAn ancient civilization on the island of Crete

The birthplace of Western Civilization

SocialThe Minoans were very advanced

They made unique pottery

They were polytheisticPolitical/EconomicsThey had a King and royal court

Their capital was Knossos

Question: Being an island can anyone guess what kind of economy they would have?

EconomicalThey were a sea trading country

They grew many crops and domesticated bees as well

They were a major stopping point across the Mediterranean sea* Please read the story silently by yourself

The Minotaur Terms and DefinitionsPoseidon:



Moral of the Story


Clue: English translation of the word clew ball of yarn in Greek

Minoan culture endsAt some point near 1400 BC the Minoans disappear

We do not know what happened to themWe do know that they were heavily influenced by the Greeks near the end

They may have taken them over*The story of Icarushttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvrjaxNmf24

Can you tell the moral of this story

The GreeksThe Greeks create much of the history we know today

They created much of the architecture we still use and our government

MythologyA collection of mythsA made up story with a moralFamous Greek MythsBirth of ZeusHeracles The MinotaurIcarus

The Greeks, who are around during and after the Minoans tell A LOT of Mythology

*HomeworkCreate your own myth

You must have a moral and at least two fictional characters

One page 16 sentences or more (2 paragraphs)The Titans and OlympiansTitansCronus was their leaderFather of Zeus

They ruled the world according to the Greeks

Overthrown by the Olympians OlympiansZeus was their leaderSon of Cronus

They ruled after they defeated the Titans

Celebrated as the Gods in Greek culture