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<ul><li><p>visit us at </p><p>1 </p><p>Government of India Ministry of MSME </p><p> Micro, Small &amp; Medium Enterprises - Development Institute </p><p>111-112, B. T. Road, Kolkata 700108 Phone 033-25770597/98 </p><p>, </p></li><li><p>visit us at </p><p>2 </p><p> The Annual Report of the Institute is a significant portrayal of </p><p>important activities and programmes undertaken by the Institute and its </p><p>branches during the year 2010-11. Apart from regular activities, a number </p><p>of activities specially encompassing human resource development under </p><p>the Action Plan Target generally allotted by O/O DC (MSME) were </p><p>undertaken during the year to cater to the requirements of the local </p><p>entrepreneurs, both prospective and existing, which have been summarized </p><p>in the Report. </p><p> The Annual Report thus provides detailed information of various </p><p>activities performed by the Institute and its branches for promotion and </p><p>development of MSMEs in West Bengal and the Union Territory of Andaman </p><p>&amp; Nicobar Islands. It is expected that the information contained in the </p><p>Report would portray the significant role being played by the Institute and </p><p>also bring forth comments for better service. </p><p>I would like to record my appreciation for the efforts made by all </p><p>Officers and Staff who contributed significantly in the preparation of the </p><p>Report, especially Shri M. Bandyopadhyay, Asstt. Director (EI), Shri D. </p><p>Banerjee Asstt. Director(stat), Sri D. Chowdhury, Inv.(EI) and Sri Jamil </p><p>Akhter, Stenographer for bringing out this Report. </p><p> April, 2011 N. N. DEBNATH Place: Kolkata. Director </p></li><li><p>visit us at </p><p>3 </p><p> Chapters P a r t i c u l a r s Page No. Highlights I Report at a Glance II Revenue III 1. MSME-Development Institute, Kolkata 1 - 4 </p><p>2. Human Resource Development 5 </p><p>2.1 Entrepreneurship Development Programme 6 - 7 </p><p>2.2 Entrepreneurship &amp; Skill Development Programme 8 - 21 </p><p>2.3 Business Skill Development Programme 22 - 24 </p><p>2.4 Industrial Motivational Campaign 25 - 32 </p><p>2.5 Skill Development Programme 33 </p><p>2.6 Specialised Tech. Trg. (CAD/CAM) Programme 33 </p><p>2.7 Management Development Programme 34 - 36 </p><p>2.8 Computer Training Programme 37 </p><p>3 Marketing Support 38 </p><p>3.1 National Level Vendor Development Programmme 38 - 39 </p><p>3.2 State Level Vendor Development Programmme 40 41 </p><p>3.3 West Bengal Sub-Contract Exchange (WBSCX) &amp; NSIC </p><p> 42 </p><p>4 ISO Programmes 43 </p><p>5 Export Promotion 44 - 46 </p><p>6 Meetings/Awareness/Seminars/Workshops, etc. 47 - 48 </p><p>7 Reports and Other Works 49 - 50 </p><p>8 Micro &amp; Small Enterprises Cluster Development Programme (MSE CDP) </p><p> 51 </p><p>9 National Manufacturing Competitiveness Programme (NMCP) </p><p>52 - 54 </p><p>10 Service to Existing &amp; Prospective Entrepreneurs 55 </p><p>11 Raj Bhasha 56 </p></li><li><p>visit us at </p><p>4 </p><p>The Institute &amp; its Branches successfully achieved the Action Plan Targets of 2010-11 and other works specially relating to the Programmes like NMCP, MSE-CDP, etc. for the Promotion and Development of Micro, Small &amp; Medium Enterprises in the State. Some of the major and important activities are highlighted below: </p><p>Under Human Resource Development, a total of 7370 candidates were rendered training through various programmes, such as EDP, ESDP, MDP, BSDP, SDP, CAD &amp; CAM, Computer training etc. organised by the Institute. This apart, 17225 candidates were motivated through IMCs conducted at various places covering urban and rural areas of the State as well as A &amp; N Islands. Further, 45 candidates were imparted training on the process of manufacture of Bio-Fertilizer under the programme of ESDP (Bio-Technology). As regards providing consultancy services in the areas of project selection &amp; preparation, quality control &amp; upgradation, cost minimization, marketing, etc. to prospective and existing entrepreneurs is concerned, a total of 7846 visitors were attended by the Institute during the year. Under ISO reimbursement scheme, as many as 126 cases were processed &amp; approved and an amount of Rs. 44,76,092/- was disbursed. Under marketing assistance, 620 cases were processed for NSIC registration and two Vendor Development Programmes at State Level and National level were organized respectively for Indian Railways and Gun &amp; Shell Factory, Kolkata. Under NMCP covering all the components, the Institute assisted all the stakeholders concerned to organize Trade Fairs, IPRs, Awareness Programme on Bar-coding, Lean Manufacturing, etc. Under MSE-CDP, the SPV for Steel Re-rolling Mills Cluster at Howrah has been formed and the foundation stone for construction of CFC has been laid by Honble Chief Minister of West Bengal. </p><p>4 </p></li><li><p>visit us at </p><p>5 </p><p>II </p><p>Name of the Programmes No. of </p><p>programmes conducted </p><p>No. of beneficiaries </p><p>Appraisal of Project Reports - 48 </p><p>Reports :- Preparation of Project Profiles - New : Updated : Detailed Project Report Status Report Directory District Industrial Potentiality Survey Report </p><p>20 27 3 1 2 3 </p><p>Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) 37 850 Business Skill Development Programme (BSDP) 10 263 Entrepreneurship Skill Development Programme(ESDP) 215 5059 ESDP on Bio-Technology 2 45 Industrial Motivational Campaign(IMC) 238 17225 Management Development Programme(MDP) 47 1047 Export Management &amp; Packaging Training Programme 4 118 </p><p>Skill Development Training Programme (SDP) at Workshop (regular course) </p><p>4 18 </p><p>Specialized Tech.Trg. Programme (CAD/CAM) 3 33 Common Facility Services through General &amp; CNC W/S - 203 NSIC Regn./GSPP - 620 WBSCX Services - 234 Vendor Development programme 2 153 Awareness-cum-educational programme on reimbursement scheme for ISO 9001:2008 </p><p>2 76 </p><p>ISO Reimbursement </p><p> - </p><p> 112 </p><p>Short Term Computer Training Course 12 90 </p><p>Meetings Attended : </p><p>Meeting With Associations Meeting with State Govt. Others </p><p>12 10 15 </p><p>=-=-=-=-= </p></li><li><p>visit us at </p><p>6 </p><p>III </p><p>Particulars Revenue(Rs.) C/F W/s. Revenue 349724 </p><p>SDP(Training)fees Regular course </p><p>Specialised Training Programmes (CAD/CAM) </p><p>10200 185400 </p><p>Sale of Trainee Products 18607 </p><p>EDP 47400 </p><p>ESDP 348200 </p><p>MDP 245450 </p><p>Capacity Assessment 14500 </p><p>Project Appraisal </p><p>355904 </p><p>NSIC Regn./GSPP 620500 </p><p>SCX 99850 </p><p>Sale of publications 4235 </p><p>I S O Programme 48000 </p><p>Computer Trg. Under SENET 334156 </p><p>Misc.(Xerox &amp; others) 11890 </p><p> Total : 2694016 </p></li><li><p>visit us at </p><p>7 </p><p> Micro, Small &amp; Medium Enterprises-Development Institute, Kolkata looks after the promotion and development of Micro, Small &amp; Medium Enterprises in the States of West Bengal and Union Territory of Andaman &amp; Nicobar Islands. At present there are three Branch Institutes covering 19 districts in the state of West Bengal and one Br. Institute at Port Blair covering two districts of Andaman &amp; Nicobar Administration under the jurisdiction of MSME-DI, Kolkata. </p><p>Districts covered : </p><p>In West Bengal :- MSME-DI, Kolkata </p><p>1. Kolkata 2. 24-Parganas(North) 3. 24-Parganas(South) 4. Howrah 5. Hooghly 6. Nadia 7. Midnapore(Purba) 8. Midnapore(Paschim) </p><p>Br. MSME-DI, Suri 9. Birbhum 10. Murshidabad </p><p>Br. MSME-DI, Durgapur 11. Burdwan 12. Bankura </p><p> 13. Purulia Br. MSME-DI, Siliguri </p><p>14. Darjeeling 15. Jalpaiguri 16. Cooch Behar 17. Uttar Dinajpur 18. Dakshin Dinajpur 19. Malda </p><p> In A &amp; N Islands :- </p><p>Br. MSME-DI, Port Blair </p><p>1. Andaman and 2. Nicobar </p><p> The important functions and assistance rendered by the Institute and its Branches are as follows. Key activities of MSME-DI, Kolkata: </p><p>In view of the overall development and promotion of MSMEs, the Institute is empowered with well qualified and experienced technical officers who are actively engaged in various key activities as follows. </p><p>1. Consultancy Services: The Institute renders consultancy services to the prospective and existing entrepreneurs in the fields of:- a) Project selection, b) Techno-economic feasibility, c) Marketing, d) Modernisation &amp; technology upgradation, e) Re-imbursement for Bar-code registration, ISO certification, etc. </p><p> 2. Human Resource Development: </p><p>a) To build up entrepreneurial and managerial skills, this Institute organizes various types of training programmes: i) Enterpreneurship Development </p></li><li><p>visit us at </p><p>8 </p><p>Programme; ii) Entrepreneurship &amp; Skill Development Programme on various trades and products; iii) Management Development Programmes on Industrial Management, Working Capital management, Material Management etc. iv) Skill Development Programmes on Machineshop Practice, Heat Treatment, Wood Carving, Artware &amp; Pottery etc; v) Computer Training on both Software and Hardware; vi) Training on Computer Aided Design &amp; Computer Aided Manufacturing, etc. </p><p> 3. Export Promotion: </p><p>a) Organising specialized training programme (in collaboration with eminent promotional agencies) on Export Management and Export Packaging. b) Providing financial assistance to eligible manufacturing MSEs for participating in selected International Trade Fairs under MDA scheme. </p><p> 4. Development of New Projects: </p><p>a) Assisting and guiding in setting up of new projects through preparation of District Industrial Potentiality Survey Reports and State Industrial Profile by way of providing information on potential resources, infrastructure, market etc. b) Disseminating information on project status, marketing, financing, technology, raw materials, etc. c) Preparing viable projects, appraising of projects and assessing capacity etc. </p><p> 5. Marketing Support: </p><p>a) Providing marketing assistance to small enterprises through the Single Point Registration Scheme of NSIC for participation in the Govt./PSU Stores Purchase Programmes. b) Providing Marketing support to small enterprises through Sub-Contracting Exchange. c) Providing marketing assistance by organizing Vendor Development Programmes and Buyers Sellers Meet of micro, small, medium and large units. </p><p> 6. Common Workshop Facilities: </p><p>Undertaking job work at very low cost for small enterprises in the following areas : a) Metallurgy Heat Treatment b) Glass and Ceramic c) Mechanical Engineering I. Computer Aided manufacturing Ultra Modern CNC Wire Cutting </p><p>Machines, NC Spark Erosion, CNC Lathe and II. Conventional Milling, Cylindrical Grinding, Surface Grinding, Jig </p><p>Boring, etc. 7. MSE-Cluster Development Programme (MSE-CDP) : </p><p>The objective of MSE-CDP is as follows:- </p></li><li><p>visit us at </p><p>9 </p><p>1. To support the sustainability and growth of MSEs by addressing common issues such as improvement of technology, skills and quality, market access, access to capital, etc. 2. To build capacity of MSEs for common supportive action through formation of SPVs, consortia, upgradation of associations, etc. 3. To create/upgrade infrastructural facilities in the new/existing industrial areas/clusters of MSEs. 4. To set up common facility centres (for testing, training centre, raw material depot, effluent treatment, complementing production processes, etc). The clusters are currently at the following Phases of operation :- Under Hard Intervention: - i) Baruipur Surgical Instrument, ii) Shantiniketan leather Goods, iii) Steel Re-Rolling Mill, Lilua, Howrah Under Soft Intervention: - iv) Lead Acid Storage Battery, Siliguri, v) Brass &amp; Bell Metal, Kenjikura, Bankura DSR submitted on: - vi) Embroidery &amp; Garments manufacturing, Pipulan, Howrah , vii) Embroidery &amp; Garments manufacturing, Basulia, Haldia viii) Bori, Naihati, North 24 Parganas, ix) Mat, Jirakpur, Basirhat, x) Bamboo, Basirhat, North 24 Parganas Under DSR preparation: - xi) Gauge &amp; Bandage, Basirhat, North24-Parganas, xii) Artificial ornaments &amp; gift items, Paschim Midnapore </p><p>8. Modernisation &amp; Techno-upgradation : Assisting the micro &amp; small scale units to modernize and upgrade technology by organizing a) Training on ISO-9000 and TQM (Total Quality Management) b) Awareness Programme on Ozone Depleting Substances/use of alternative </p><p>refrigerant </p><p>9. Small Enterprises Network (S E N E T): a) Providing information on various activities and programmes through websites b) Storing various data for information and providing training on IT through Small Enterprises Computer Network. c) Online status feed back for NSIC regn. cases and ISO-9000 reimbursement cases. </p><p> 10. ISO-Consultancy work for ISO-9001:2000 Certification: </p><p>The Institute renders ISO consultancy for the development of Quality Management System (QMS) of MSMEs for obtaining ISO-9001 certification. As per the directives of the O/o DC (MSME), New Delhi, the Institute also provides reimbursement of the charges for acquiring ISO-9001 certification to the extent of 75% of the cost subject to a maximum limit of Rs. 75,000/- in each case. </p><p> 11. Bar Code Registration &amp; Reimbursement Scheme: </p><p>The Institute conducts Awareness programme on Bar Code Registration by GS1 India &amp; its reimbursement for registered MSEs. As per the present scheme, 75% of Bar Code registration fee is reimbursed for the units who </p></li><li><p>visit us at </p><p>10 </p><p>have adopted Bar Code on or after 1st Jan., 2002 and 75% of annual recurring fee for the 1st three years is also reimbursed w.e.f. 1st June, 2007. </p><p> Apart from above activities, the institute maintains close liaison with various </p><p>Govt. departments, promotional agencies, trade associations &amp; NGOs involved in the execution of Govt. schemes &amp; promotional programmes for the development of MSMEs in the State. Major schemes and programmes : </p><p>1. National Manufacturing Competitiveness Programme i) Marketing Support/Assistance to MSMEs(Bar Code) ii) Support for Entrepreneurial and Managerial Development of SMEs through Incubators iii) Enabling Manufacturing Sector to be competitive through Quality Management Standard &amp; Quality Tech. Tools (QMS/QTT) iv) Building Awareness on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) for MSME v) Lean Manufacturing Competitiveness Scheme for MSMEs </p><p> vi) Mini Tool Rooms proposed to be set up by Ministry of MSME (MTR) vii) Design Clinic Scheme for design expertise to MSMEs Manufacturing sector (DESIGN) viii) Marketing Assistance &amp; Technology Up-gradation Scheme in MSMEs. ix) Technology and Quality Upgradation Support to MSMEs x) Promotion of ICT in Indian Manufacturing Sector (ICT) </p><p>2. Micro &amp; Small Enterprises Cluster Development Programme (MSE-CDP) </p><p>3. Credit Guarantee Fund Scheme (CGTFS) for micro &amp; small enterprises </p><p>4. Market Development Assistance (MDA) Scheme 5. Credit Linked Capital Subsidy Scheme (CLCSS) 6. Incentive for ISO-9001/14001 Certification 7. Incentive for Bar Code Registration &amp; Annual Renewal 8. Scheme for Capacity Building Strengthening of Data base, etc. 9. National Awards for small scale sector </p><p>De...</p></li></ul>