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Monika Ocieczek

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MINIMAX is the o"cial SASSE magazine. MINIMAX is religiously and politically independent. Opinions uttered in MINIMAX do not necessarily represent the opinions of the editorial sta# or the student association. $e magazine is published four times a year in approximately 2000 copies. MINIMAX is liberated from VAT and sorts under the Media Committee in SASSE. $e editorial sta# may edit and reject sent in material. MINIMAX is not responsible for sent in material.

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$is is our goodbye!

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As was mentioned during the ”Roast in the Rotun-da”, the SA is an amazing organization – with the one big %aw that you rarely recieve a ”thank you” for all the e#ort you’ve put in. So here it comes from me, to everyone from the hard working Board to the peo-ple ”merely” attending the pubs.: THANK YOU, for being such amazing people who have contributed to making this 10/11 magical. $ank you for the time freely put in, thank you for the enthusiasm, and thank you for creating an atmosphere where I, and I believe many with me, have felt at home.

As we prepare to leave our position (and head o# to a well deserved vacation and new adventures), I feel con!dent that our successor Anna Rosén and her crew will do an amazing job with making Minimax even greater this coming year. And nothing could feel better than leaving your baby in such safe hands.

Mathilda Eriksson

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A word from the President

A word from the Principal

Proud? Proud. Proud!

I just woke up from a one year long day-dream. It was one of those dreams that really gets to you and shakes you to your core, and when you wake up you don’t know if you are still dreaming or not. $is dream has changed me and in the same time I and my fellow dreamers have changed things in the dream.

I am proud of how my board has managed SASSE during this year. Parallel to this we have also taken the time to diligently prepare for the integration of the students at CFR, replaced the outdated web portal, planned for a long-term funding of SASSE, gotten the most out of many huge educational issues, and employed Secretary Rosita Johansson who, if things work out well, can be with us for a long time which will help our SASSE-memory.

Crazy memories are far from the only things that I bring with me from this year. $e personal value of the experiences of this year is incommensurable. I believe everything comes down to people. I have met plenty and in very various situations and I have begun to understand what it takes to truly communicate with another human. It might sound easy. You might think it is black and white. I believe it is an art.

So now I wake from this dream but at the same time new dreamers have arrived. Max Sihvonen, my successor, has shown true passion and determination during the entire tran-sition and I look forward to having him as my President during the coming year.

He will face some tough challenges. $ere are some real issues that must be addressed quickly! First of all, the structure of SASSE practically hinders all strategic development. $e role of the Board needs to be de!ned and a forum to drive vision-ary and strategic work must be created. Second, the students at CFR must be integrated; it is a matter of democracy and up-holding the !rst paragraph of our statutes. Finally, all members of SASSE need to have their say of what SASSE should focus on! What do you value? Where should we target SASSE’s ef-forts? How shall we distribute our resources?

I want to thank all of you for letting me share this dream with you. It was because of all my friends here at SSE and the shared mentality that you can do anything that got me to apply for this position so thank you for being as awesome as you are! I also want to thank my Board for putting up with me. We did well, and we had a damn good time!

Hannes PalmPresident Emeritus

When the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) was founded more than 100 years ago the basic aim was to create a university level education in business and economics. $e education was intended to prepare young men, and much later young women, for a career in the, at the time, rapidly growing Swedish indus-try. It was more or less taken for granted that the knowledge and skills acquired by the students would be useful and rel-evant for essentially all kinds of careers in the business com-munity. Consequently SSE o#ered one single program without any choice of specializations or majors.

Much has changed since the early 20th century. Today there are a number of quite di#erent business careers that can be per-sued. One is obviously to become a manager in existing com-panies, large or small. Another is to be an entrepreneur and start one or several new companies. Yet another is to become a specialist in !nance, marketing, or some other specialized !eld. In addition the prevailing and new challenges may di#er between, say, the manufacturing industry and retailing.

$e fact that SSE has survived its 100th anniversary and is still thriving shows that the School has been able to adapt its edu-cation and research to continuously changing external condi-tions. One of the recent additions to SSE´s set of activities is the Center for Retailing in Norrtälje. $e Center carries out research and o#ers a bachelor program focused on retailing. $e bachelor program, which is funded by annual donations from the foundation Nordiska detaljhandelshögskolan, is a re-sponse to the increasing need by the many successful Swed-ish retailing companies (H&M, IKEA, ICA to name a few) for well-educated sta# with a solid understanding of the particular features and economics of modern retailing.

Another set of new activities at SSE is focused on entrepreneur-ship. It includes research and a number of courses within the bachelor and master programs, SSE’s very successful Business Lab, and cooperation with other universities in the Stockholm region within the network Stockholm School of Entrepreneur-ship. Most of these activities are made possible by generous do-nations from Familjen Erling-Perssons Sti&else.

A very special activity within the frame of SSE´s e#orts to foster entrepreneurship is the new competition $e Business Creator of the Year. $is year a number of high-school students and graduates competed for the award and the prize that comes with it, a place in SSE´s bachelor program. $e jury had a hard time selecting a winner among the ten very quali!ed !nalists, and there is no doubt the winner, Sara Rywe, is a real entrepre-neur and will be a most welcome freshman at SSE this coming fall.

Lars Bergman

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A word from the President

I am writing this with less than two weeks le& on my post as Vice President. So far, though, my feelings are rather of satis-faction than melancholy.

$e year as Vice President and especially member of the SASSE board has been the best year of my life by far. When I won the election I was welcomed into a group of 10 other people of which I hardly knew anyone. Today, these people are like a family to me. We have done so many things together. We have partied with Hanken, been to numerous Zilliz, visited Lunda-karnevalen and Bergen and met lots of great people from other student associations. Most of the time though, I have lived in the smelly cellar of Sveavägen 65.

$e best thing about being responsible for all the running ac-tivities in SASSE (the role of the VP) is that I have had the pos-sibility to take part and help all kinds of projects and associa-tions and be inspired by all the amazing people that are active. It is crazy how much creativity and entrepreneurship there is in our association!

Soon, my successor Calle Stålhem will take over and continue making sure our association works better than ever. One of our main goals this year was to lay the foundations for many big projects to come (updating economic regulations, budget strat-egies, communication in the association, the web portal, the memory of the SA and handover procedures, etc.), something I de!nitely think we’ve succeeded with. Hopefully Calle and his fellow board members will have all the tools they need to accomplish great things.

I wish him and everyone else in the SA Board of 2011/2012 the best of luck, and I know they will have as great a year as I’ve had!

Adam Altmejd

Vice pres speakin’

Treasurer speakin’

A&er nearly a year in the Treasurer’s o"ce I am amazed by how fast one year can pass. It feels as though it was yesterday I re-ceived my medal and we became the Board of 10/11 for real.

It has truly been a fantastic year, the best part of it being the ten people I have had the honour of working with. Despite the fact that we hardly knew each other in the beginning of the year, they are now like a family to me. We have experienced one of our toughest, most exhilarating, amazing and fantastic years of our lives, and we have gotten through it all together. $e cellar of Sveavägen 65 and the rooms at Saltis will always have a very special place in my heart.

While leaving my chair at the Treasurer’s o"ce I bring with me the insight of what, to me, is important in life. Many times here at SSE and in SASSE I have felt the pressure to be, or become, successful. But what is the actual meaning of the word success-ful? To me, it is not working at a bank in London, nor to have done 4 internships until graduation or to have the best grades – unless that is what makes me happy. If I’m not happy with the tasks ahead of me, then I don’t care if the salary is good or if I have the job “everyone else wants”. Although the past year has at times been hard, that is not what I remember while looking back. I remember the laughters, the parties and the fun I have had while working. No day has been like the one before, and that does not only say something about my position, but about the entire SASSE.

Handing over to my successor Johan Collin, I wish him and the Board of 11/12 the best of luck – you have a year to remember a head of you!

Tina Eriksson

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$e School EditorIt’s in the air!

Now we don’t need to pretend anymore. When I turned the page to March 1st in the calendar (that’s right, not a digital one!), it clearly stated that spring had arrived. Making sure that $or was not pull-ing a joke on us, I decided to check with the experts. Even though our friends at SMHI wait for 10 days of temperatures above 0 with an increasing trend, the Norwegians in Bergen put an o"cial end to winter on February 6th. If this has to do with the Bergen-region being named Florida remains disputed. Facing outside of the Nordics, we’ve seen jasmines grow in Tunisia and China, lotuses bloom in Egypt and seeds being planted in countries of northern Africa and the Middle East. Demonstrators are hoping for democratic governments and a better future, and as they go they rede!ne the expres-sion “emerging country”. As SSE students tend to go abroad for studies and for work, these are global changes that we need to cope with. World markets grow bigger and more integrated by the day, but some countries are still stuck with medieval regimes. On your way to becoming the leaders of tomor-row, these are ethical and economical issues to address. $ese people will be your business partners. In the meantime back here at SSE, we enjoyed one of the most important signs of spring just a few weeks ago. $e same morning that I turned the page to March 1st, a new SASSE Board saw daylight for the !rst time. A new Kår-år has begun with all the corporate lectures, banquets, free lunches and Internal Meetings that come with it.A more notable change for me is the new Minimax team starting, replacing me and Ellen with fresh new editors. So this is my chance to wish you good luck with your RedoFin and the semesters ahead. Feeling con-!dent with spring by now, I guess I’ll go clean the apartment, get that haircut and !nd a job. See you at next year’s Handelsdagarna!

Max Friberg

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Your developmentis our futureDo you want to help us to create the future of SEB? We help individualsand businesses to thrive by providing quality advice and financial resources.This is where you come into the picture. Are you ready to grow with us?

Continuous developmentWorking in a modern financial service industry provides many experiences,possibilities and ways to develop. SEB is located both in Sweden andabroad. Working alongside competent and dedicated colleagues, youhave a great opportunity to influence both your future and ours.

New knowledge leads to new challengesAlong the way, your competences grow. We will make sure that youget the platform you need to take on exciting challenges. In additionto a stimulating job, we are constantly improving our working conditionsin order to facilitate a good balance in life.

Invest in us and we will invest in youStart by registering your CV at www.sebgroup.com/career. During theyear, we will be at career and job fairs around the country. Stay updatedto find out where and when. Visit us to discuss how we can create anexciting future together.

You can also find us on the Facebook group “Jobba på SEB”and at www.careerbook.se.

Read more: www.sebgroup.com/career

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$e International and Social Committees to-gether annually o#er a trip to one of Europe’s leading cultural cities. $is year we went to Vienna, a city with a strong cultural tradition, famous for its co#ee houses, wiener schnitzel and a rich musical tradition.

Ironically, our hotel was situated in the heart of Vienna with the Schwedenplatz virtually just around the cor-ner. ($e square was renamed Schwedenplatz in the 1920’ as thanks to the Swedish relief e#orts a&er the !rst world war). Here, we kept out base during a cold weekend in the end of January. A&er arriving Friday a&ernoon and having had dinner at a typical Austrian restaurant (where the Wiener Schnitzel was so huge that no one could !nish it... ) we tried out Vienna’s nightlife. $e many bars in the so-called Bermuda Tri-angle helped us get into the right party mood.

$e next day we followed up with a walking tour that took us to a wide array of impressive sights and grandi-ose buildings such as the “Ho'urg”, the former imperi-al palace and seat of the Habsburgs, the Spanish Court Riding School and St Stephens Cathedral, Vienna’s ma-jor landmark.

$e advantage of going to Vienna in winter, clearly o#-season, is that the sights are free of crowds and we could avoid long queues everywhere. It was very chilly and windy though so a&er the tour we wanted to limit the hours we spent outside, so the a&ernoon was spent ”café-hopping” to prevent our toes from falling of due to the cold.

A visit to Vienna

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In Vienna, almost everything closes down on Sundays, so the Sat-urday was spent running around between shopping malls and a late night visit to the night club “Volksgarten”. Whilst some found it a bit harder than others to rise with the sun the next day, a brave group of people ventured to have a look at the enormous and beautiful Schönnbrunn palace, $e Habsburgs’ former summer residence. We learned trivia about one of the empresses; that her hair went down to her ankles, that she rarely attended family dinners to keep her slim !gure and that she only allowed one out of her daughters to marry for love... We strolled through the castle gardens up to the “Gloriette” pavilion where we could enjoy sweeping views of Vienna.

$ough it may be a tourist trap, it was de!nitely worth experienc-ing the typical Viennese co#ee-house atmosphere at Café Central and Café Sacher for an a&ernoon co#ee break. Anyone with a sweet tooth could treat oneself to an Original Sacher-Torte. $e hotel claims that the Original Sacher-Torte has been the most famous chocolate cake in the world since 1832 and its recipe has been a well-kept secret.

A&er a nice dinner we rounded o# the evening of our last day with a drink at a Sky-Bar with an impressive view before going back to the hotel to pack up our bags.

As a destination Vienna is de!nitely underrated by many young people. Yes, the city is elegant and traditional with people in fur coats, trotting white horses, impressive buildings - and the club scene is not like Stockholm. However, it is well worth a visit and anyone thinking of Prague or Berlin should de!nitely consider visit-ing Vienna too.

Louise Nabseth & Mathilda ErikssonPhotos: Louise Nabseth

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All work and no pay?

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I had long thought about applying for the Board of the Student Association and becoming the next Presi-dent of the Media Committee. What thrilled me was the huge amount of possibilities I saw myself capable of putting into action and pull o# with success. One drunk and late night, Tobias and I made a vow: we were to participate in the election. So we did and both fortunately ended up in the Board of SASSE. Happily we looked forward to what we felt was about to be the best year of our lives.

But we had no idea about what was to come.

It is quite a weird position you put yourself in, running for a posi-tion in a group whose other members you do not yet know. We were eleven people elected to this group and forced into working together and cooperating no matter whether we liked each other or not. Fortunately it turned out really well and I have now added ten brothers and sisters to my family.

$inking back about my !rst time at SSE I saw the SA-board as the people dressed in purple overalls and partying the most. I’m guessing that this is the way some people view us too. However, a&er almost one year on my position I have come to understand that this is just a small part of it all.

We do party and go on weird trips to Hanken – no doubt about that. But all the rest of the time we work - hard. I can honestly say that I have never experienced such a workload and I believe most of my fellow board-members would agree with me. I remember Kaj saying that he was to put the association !rst, school second and himself last. I didn’t think it would be true for me as well. Our task is to take care of both our committee and mind for the whole association on a strategic level. Seeing both perspectives is very confusing from time to time.

As a member of the board we are to mind for the whole Student Association. In addition to discussing projects, budgets and ac-tion plans we are currently working with some strategic issues as well that we feel are presently not working: the economic struc-ture, Enoksro and the IT-function; just to name a few. When we started our year we decided that we wanted to improve SASSE by focusing on communication, alumni and building a better struc-ture. We have spent a lot of time working on this but a lot is still le& to do; I think we all have realized that just keeping the as-sociation a%oat, with all its committees, projects and fairs, takes enough time to !ll your normal work-day.

Board-meetings are held once a week, but this is just a minor part of the time we spend together. Five of us get paid for doing this, but won’t get rich since the salary is the same as CSN. $e rest of us study half time and are not paid for what we do.

What makes it so fantastic to be a part of the board is the possibil-ity to truly make a di#erence. It is amazing to work so close and hard with ten other stunning people who are passionate about what they do. But most importantly, what is utmost rewarding for me is seeing all the members of the Student Association who work hard and constantly achieve great results. I think that this shared passion is what makes SASSE di#erent from other asso-ciations. Despite the hard work and the hours spent with no pay I de!nitely believe that this has been the best year of my life – but very di#erent from what I anticipated. I have met so many fantas-tic people, learned way more than I expected and gone through a major personal development. I would recommend anyone to do the same thing.

So, my time in the board has run out and it is with pride that I look back at what we have managed to accomplish together. I am questioning myself whether or not I would do a second year if I had the possibility to? $e answer: no, never.

But would I do it again?Most de!nitely.

So!a Helgesson

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Journey to the West$is year twelve students embark on a grand journey to-gether crossing mountains, boarders and cultural di#er-ences. Project China is setting out to bridge the gap be-tween two seemingly di#erent countries by emphasizing what we have in common. China and Sweden will once again be brought closer together.

When you look on a globe China and Sweden are as far from each other as you can get. Nonetheless the project team will for a whole year connect thousands of students and major companies and help build even closer relationships between the two countries. When Jacob Wallenberg recently visited SSE he talked a great deal about China and one of his core points was that even though we might seem di#erent on the surface, Sweden and China have one important thing in common: our values.

As the largest international student project in Sweden, we will for the ninth consecutive year arrange a number of events at the four top universities we collaborate with. Already a lecture about the Jap-anese-Chinese relationship and a meeting with the Chinese ambas-sador has taken place and in the spring China Week will be held at SSE and KTH. China Week is a much cherished fair where Swedish students can interact with companies operating in China and learn more about the Chinese culture. Come meet Swedes working in Chi-na, taste di#erent food and you might even get to try out Kung Fu.A great part of the project is the visit to China, where the project group will arrange Sweden Day. In the beginning of June 4000 visi-tors will come to the career fair which will be held at China’s most prestigious universities, Tsinghua University in Beijing and Fudan University in Shanghai.

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A&er Sweden Day the group will set out on a research trip exploring new parts of China. A key purpose will be to study di#erent aspects of the Chinese culture and illustrate the similarities and di#erences that Chinese and Swedish companies face when doing business. $e report book’s main theme this year is the blossoming China. How the transformation of the economy will change the way people live, study and work; the book will revolve around mega-cities, cultural transformation and young Chinese in their twenties. Also this year, for the !rst time, a short !lm will be shot to bring the experience of China even closer to Swedish students.

Simply because of the massive scale of the project, the members of the group also get to know each other very well. In the beginning some might have felt an awkward pressure but throughout the jour-ney you come to realize that you too are transforming and strangers become long lost friends. $is phenomenon was especially notice-able at the PC-kick-o# where stories were told and secrets revealed. $anks to team building exercises far out in a forest in the middle of nowhere, and an evening of sledging, good wine and a game of twister, you really got a new sense of belonging.

Project China is really all about seeing things from new perspectives. And the best thing of it all is that you do it with a group of people that comes close to resembling a family.

Lau Skovgaard Jørgensen & Yi Zhang

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All  rights  reserved.

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Choose Accenture for a career where the variety of opportunities and challenges allows you to make a difference every day. A place where you can develop your potential and grow professionally, working alongside talented colleagues. The only place where you can learn from our unrivalled experience, while helping our global clients achieve high performance.

If this is your idea of a typical working day, then Accenture is the place to be.

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$e 29th annual Handelsdagarna, organized by the SSE Student Association, took place on February 7-11 at SSE’s premises on Sveavägen 65. Handelsdagarna is the largest of the Student Association’s many projects and is highly ap-preciated by students and companies. $e main event was a two-day fair on February 11-12, which hosted around 70 exhibiting companies and organizations and was visited by approximately 2000 visitors during the two fair days.

$e fair featured companies, organizations and government agencies across a wide range of !elds. $e diversity of the exhibiting partners al-lowed students to meet with representatives in !elds such as investment banking, marketing, law, European a#airs and online media – show-ing that SSE students are attractive to employers in a range of di#erent markets.

$e Handelsdagarna Committee also arranged a number of lectures on interesting topics such as interview techniques, campaigning, entrepre-neurship and creative thinking. Interview sessions between students and companies were arranged in order for the students to get a personal contact with the companies. As many as 30 companies participated in the interview sessions.



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On $ursday the 20th of January the very !rst Han-dels World Cup in Soccer took place in hall 1 and 2 at GIH. $e soccer tournament, which was arranged by the International committee, was going be a battle between the French association, el Club (the Span-ish association), the Irish association, the Italian as-sociation, Der Verein (the German association), the American association, and a team consisting with players from SSE’s women’s and men’s soccer team.

Somewhat delayed, the !rst game of the tournament was started by the sound of the referees whistle pie, and the teams playing were Der Verein 1 and the French association from group 1. $e game time during the group play was 6 minutes, and when these 6 minutes were over, Der Verein 1 had won their !rst match of the tournament. All the teams played well throughout the round-robins of each group and most games were won with only one or two goals, while some ended even. In group number 1, it was clear that the mixed soccer team and the Italian as-sociation, which had won all their games in the group play and was looking to be a big favorite for the gold, were going to go on to the semi!nals. In group number 2 however, it was going to be a battle between el Club and the American association in the very last game of the group plays about what team that was going to take the last spot in the semi!nals, since Der Verein 2 already had taken the !rst spot. A&er 6 exciting minutes, the American association had scored most goals and was therefore the last team to take a place in the semi!nals.

If it was a close call between winning and losing in the group plays, the semi!nals were even closer. $e !rst match, the one between the mixed soccer team and Der Verein 2, was so close that it had to be settled with penalty kicks. $e mixed team won, and the team therefore took a step closer to winning the grand trophy. In the other semi!nal, the American association had the tough job of taking down the strong looking Italian association team if they wanted to move on the !nal. $e match was even, but the defensive strong American team thrived to take down the Italian team.

$e !nal between the mixed soccer teams and the American association was even, both teams skilled at defending. When the 10 minutes long game was over, there had still not been any goals scored and the winning team would have to be settled by penalties. A&er several rounds of penalties, the team that stood as champions was the American association. $ey may not have been favorites from the start, but they de!nitely gave a new meaning to “!nish strong”, and for their feat they are going to go to SSE history by winning the very !rst Handels World Cup. Well done team America!

$e question now is; is the American association going to be able to defend this feat next year? And if not, what team will then win the tournament? We are already looking forward to Handel’s World Cup 2012! Hope to see you all there!

Handels World Cup

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Handels Traders tops the University Football League ”$e whole team ran in on the !eld with a frenzy not sighted since the burst of the Dot-Com Bubble…”

Page 24: Minimax 2010 nr4


A troop containing 21 strong men was gathered out-side the main gate of SSE at Saturday. A certain spirit de!ned the moment, we were tense and determined –we were going to do our best.

$e bus le& at 1.30 pm. Destination: Örebro University and its team the “Black Jacks”. $e words from the strategy debrief dur-ing Friday eve still echoed in the back of our heads, DL, RB, Willy and Blitz . $e co training we had earlier in the fall had of course done its part as well.

We arrived around 4.30 pm. Some orientation and pizza !rst – then on with the gear! We got 20 minutes for warning up, strat-egy brie!ng and pep rally in the locker room with inspirational speech from the captains. When we ran in to the arena we were met by a fanatic audience of about 300 people. $e opposing team had been training for three months for this and they also had one guy playing for the Swedish national team. We were the underdogs – and we were excited as only the Traders can be.

$e game began and we won the coin toss – a great start! $e team captains decided to start on defense. It would give us the advantage of starting o#ence a&er half.

I want to give credit to the captains who were responsible for the placing of our team players. Instinctively everybody knew their roles and we quickly got a good %ow. $e !rst quarter (out of four) got a rough start. Time a&er time the Traders crashed with the Black Jacks. Both teams refused to budge even the slightest. Just a few minutes le& of the !rst round the Black Jacks brought their trump card – their (mildly put) muscular terror from the national team, Abdel Seidou. He was strong enough and it took three of us together to block him and bring him down. But (boy did we!) we did bring him down. $e second and the third quar-ter followed and the Traders sharpened their skill. $e Black Jacks got to enjoy some really heavy tackles by us in every game (tackle statistics – Black Jacks: 21 and Traders: 54).

$e !ght was tremendously equal and it was impossible to see which team had the advantage until the fourth and last period. $at was when shit went down for real. With 90 seconds le& the Black Jacks managed to get the ball half a yard from our end zone. Twice in a row the Traders made their stand on the same spot, much thanks to our defensive tanks Andreas “MVP” Lind Von Vogelsang and Marcus Janback. $e third time defensive end Marcus Janback and linebacker Franz Larsson successfully took hold of the opposing quarterback, immobilizing him 7 yards back. A&er a masterful interception by Franz on the last attempt, we turned the game to our favor. Not even half a minute remained of the game when the Traders !nally had earned their way back to o#ence.

In a tactical superior move Viktor “Kådd” Olsson, the coach for the day, summoned every kilogram of Traders mass available. It was now 14 seconds le& with the ball a few yards behind the center of the !eld. Unexpectedly the Traders chose to make a run for it. A&er a couple of agile feints

Traders’ tight end-player Jake “$e Snake” Richards runs in on the opposing end zone with three of the Black Jacks’ defense players around his neck, arms and legs to commit the !rst touch-down of the evening. $e whole team ran in on the !eld with a frenzy not sighted since the burst of the Dot-Com Bubble to pay homage to our new hero.

A&er a failed attempt for extra points the ball is one last time in the hands of the Black Jacks. Five seconds were burnt on a failed pass, leaving 2 seconds le& of the game. But the last game is played until the ball hits the %oor – it ain’t over ‘til it’s over! In the last game the opposing quarterback manages to pass up the ball to one of their receivers. $e alert defenses of the Traders were however quickly there to meet him. $e assault was stopped by a perfectly coordinated group tackle. $e team gathered in the center of the !eld during wild cheering. Our MVP Andreas Lind Von Vogelsang was chosen to be the man of the match. $e Trad-ers had secured the victory of the !rst game ever in the Univer-sity Football League! We are now looking forward to the future and will with excitement see what the Traders have to o#er.

Erik Waltré with team

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$e Winter Ball 2011It all started the year of 09/10 when the Entertainment Committee and the Social Committee joined together to host a long forgot-ten event – the Winter Ball. We wanted our committees to o#er something for everyone and what would suit the more experienced bachelor students and the new master students better than a spar-kling ball at a castle. Together with the Master’s Club we headed towards Tyresö Castle to arrange a night to remember with a battle between the red and the white roses.

Now, imagine our content when we got an invite to the Winter Ball of 2011 by Tobias Andersson and Alexander Holm Rannaleet to come to Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden. It was now o"cial – we had created a tradition and yes, two years is actually what it takes for our beloved Student Association to make it worthy of such a label. $is year as well o#ered amazing food, great toast masters, beautiful surroundings and one hell of a party. We hope for this event to live on for years and years to come!

$ank you for a magni!cent night!

Annie von Heijne Anna Sjöstedt

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Late January, 200 dinner guests arrived at the magical Grand Hotel Saltjöbaden for a night to remember.

$e planning process of this year’s edition, and the second one ever, of the Winter ball arranged together by the Social and Entertainment Committee began in October. On the 28th of January it all went down. With snow covering the ground and 200 students dressed in white tie, the atmosphere was set when the dinner guests entered the library for warm up-drinks. $e dinner proceeded with entertainment provided by the two toastmasters Annie von Heijne and Johan Eriksson, plus appearances by Friedmans Apostlar and the new Board. A&erwards, they all ventured down to the night club and kept partying into the late hours. Lyrical, was the word I heard the most by people describing the air of the night, the week that followed. And as was mentioned by Annie and Sara – two times make a tradition.

Mathilda Eriksson

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$e phrase is as common and well spread as the handelshets at this school. It’s uttered every exam-period and to my knowledge it hasn’t been seen through yet. I don’t think I’ve heard anyone man-aging to keep their promise. To understand this we have to dig deep into the minds, hearts and bodies of the SSE students.

Most students are probably willing to agree that the !rst pe-riod at SSE was their most focused one. $e period where everything circled around school and activities held by the Student Association. Nothing else mattered, external friends, sleep and hobbies were as unimportant as can be. $e !ve hours of solving the tasks in microeconomics was considered well spent time, and reading the 100 pages in Jobber every week was worth doing.

$ere are several factors that can explain why the periods a&er this !rst one became so di#erent. Physiologically we weren’t capable of mustering the same amount of energy a&er the ex-ams as we were when our education started. Bone hard study-ing and the exam parties had taken their toll. A week or two of relaxation wouldn’t do any harm now would it? $is week turned into basically the whole period. Now engagement in SASSE, friends, sleep and other hobbies proved to be very im-portant for everyone. School could wait just one week longer.

$en the day came. $e day when the whole school woke up and realized that the exams where just around the corner and nobody knew jack. $e stroll in Vanadislunden was resched-uled in order to make Studentpalatset !t, the wine tasting with SU was quickly erased from the calendar and the romantic dinner with ratatouille and dessert was swapped to macaroni and cheese in a blink of the eye. It was time to pass the exams!

A&er bone hard studying and promises to oneself and each other that next time we would be in phase the exams took place. Everyone le& school light at heart but physiologically broken down. A week or two of relaxation wouldn’t do any harm now would it?

Malin Werin

!is period I will be in phase

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I love music. I’m never as happy as when I’ve discovered that new artist or when I’m leaving a great concert. So - when it comes to choosing which summer festival to attend - let’s just say, I take it very seriously. Of course the music line-up is essential, but there are other factors that also come into play: How many days is the festival? Where is it? How are the accommodations? Is the food any good, or is it straight up langos? (there is a reason why it’s only served in temporary places) Are there any good clubs nearby?

Although my pick for this year’s festival season is far from !n-ished, I must say that I’m very excited that the classic Swedish festival Hultsfred has resurrected. I had a little talk with their press o"cer, Liisa Tolonen to learn more about it.

Q: To get to know a little bit more about you Liisa. How did you get the opportunity to work at a place like Hultsfred?A: I got into working with press and media through my job as a freelance reporter. I worked myself up from scratch doing in-ternships which got me into the business. Right now I’m also do-ing a morning talk show at the Finnish radio and I also teach at the Åbo Akademi University’s education center Novia at the culture producer program.

Q: So what happened with Hultsfred - how can it be back in busi-ness? A: $e German production company FKP Scorpio bought the brand ”Hultsfred” before Christmas. $en they hired Gun-nar Lagerman as a promoter of the festival. Gunnar is one of the original founders of Hultsfred and has worked with the festival for 18 years. I met Gunnar while we were working at the Stock-holm Jazz Festival in 2009.

Q: When is it, what artists are going to perform? A: 14- 16 of July and the !rst release of artist include White Lies, Johnossi, $e Tallest Man On Earth, Cut Copy, Shit Robot, Black Lips, Junior Boys, Darkstar, Steve Mason, Dum Dum Girls, Dan Berglund’s Tonbruket, Blackbird Blackbird, $is Is Head.

If you’re thinking about attending a festival this summer, I wish you the best of luck in choosing one. Here is a list of some of the most famous annual festivals to get you started:

June 4 Dansdakar, Stockholm 17-19 Stockholm Jazz Festival, Stockholm 28 Where the Action Is, Gothenburg 28-02 Peace and Love, BorlängeJuly 8-9 Gagnef, close to Borlänge and Leksand 14-16 Arvika, Arvika 14-16 Hultsfred, close to Växjö and VästervikAugust 11-13 Way out West, Gothenburg 16-21 Stockholms Kultur Festival, Stockholm

Ellen Kvarby

$e Entertainment Editor

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The Committees

$e International CommitteeWhen the best year of your life is near its endand you start to feel you can no longer pretendas if the friends you’ve found are less than familyand you try to smile and say “It’ll be nice to be free”, perhaps the time has come to !nally realizethat what you’ve done and learned has changed your life.

$e honour to be part of such an organization,in which ideas lead to work that leads to creation,to gain an insight in its past secrets and future evolution,to always try your best to deliver a solution,not because you get paid, but because you love it’s members,results in a year you will always remember.

I am grateful for all the students that have become my friends,I am grateful for the parties that seemed to never end,I am grateful for the problems we have solved togetherand the feeling that we would be $e Board forever.But most of all I am grateful to You, SASSE and IntU, for making my dreams come true.

Kaj OssmanPresident of the International Committee 10/11v

$e Business Committee$e previous year has been back to business as usual at the Business Committee as it was before the Lehman Brothers went bankrupt and the credit crisis. “Business as usual” at the Business Committee is not that usual though. We have done the following during the previous “Kårår”: · Over 100 Company Presentations· Almost 30 educational and other events· 3 Career Fairs· 3 Career trips to London and Paris· 1 Case Competition· 2 Catalogues

I’m really proud to have been the President of the Business Committee. It has been a true honour to help all the project manager and functionaries to makes all this happen. What I want to say to everybody that have been a part of the Business Committee the previous year is: $ank you for the time and thank you for the e#ort you all have put in to make this happen – You have been really great and what we have accomplished together is something prob-ably no other Business Committee in Europe have. You are all really awesome! Last but not least I want to sincerely wish Rasmus Westholm, his board and all the new members of the Business Commit-tee good luck with next year! Whenever you need help I will be there for you!

Yours Truly,Mattias AnderssonPresident of the Business Committee 2010/2011

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$e Sports CommitteeIt is with mixed feelings that I am writing my last report to Minimax from the Sports Committee. Being the President of the Sports Committee has been hectic, sweaty, challeng-ing and crazy (but mainly in a good way). Another SASSE year has passed and looking back at the sports events and tournaments we have arranged this year, I cannot stop my-self from feeling happy and proud of all of you SASSE ath-letes. I would like to thank all of you who have been work-ing within the Sports committee this year, for example all the coaches for the di#erent teams, the sport associations and the ski committee! Also, a special thanks to my Sports Committee board for all the great time we have had together arranging try out weeks, småttingbrännboll, gym fair, inter-national and national tournaments and much more!

Speaking about tournaments, the Male and Female soccer teams participated in Student SM in Gothenburg on the 4th -5th of December, just to prove once again that we are much better on foreign ground (could possibly have something to do with the di#erence in competition as well). However, this increased our !ghting spirit and hunger for victory. We are now ready to defend our title as the overall winners in the traditional EuroEsade tournament in Barcelona this spring!

I want to wish Erik Gunnarsson, my successor, and his Sports Committee board of 11/12 the best of luck during the next IdU year. Take care of each other, play fair and have a lot fun! You will do great! Finally, for the last time I ask you to “plugga med måtta och träna med lotta!”.

Lots of IdU love,Lotta HöjvallPresident of the Sports Committee

$e Social Committee$e Tale of the Greatest Committee Ever

It all started in December, the moment the election results were published, and I realised that it was me who had been elected the new president of the Social Committee. My excitement was min-gled with fear and I realised there was a lot of work to be done before the year could start. First of all I needed a board and a com-mittee – and what a committee I got! We commenced by throwing a fantastic party in the Rotunda, toss-ing out the old ones and in the new ones. Spring continued with both a Norwegian and a Karaoke dinner party and ended with a board trip to London. Summer went by, August came, and with it all the Småttings and Juniors. 300 new bachelor students and 250 new master students entered the oak gate and the school. SASSE and SU have never been so alive as in those !rst weeks. However, the Gurus kept the committee vibrant the whole autumn by organising all kinds of events. Sewing, wine tasting, literature discussions, you name it – we had it all! October brought one of the most exciting weeks of the year, the Culture Week – SU’s prime time! In collaboration with KPMG the culture week committee designed a whole week dedicated to culture and provided us busy students with loads of things to do outside school.Winter forced itself on us and soon it was time for Christmas break. To start the new year and to celebrate the snowy winter SU together with PU arranged the Winter Ball at Grand Hotel Saltsjö-baden. A tradition that I hope will continue forever and ever. Now, the SASSE year has come to its end and I would like to thank all of you who have been part of SU this year – it is all because of you this year has been possible. I have truly had the time of my life! I would also like to wish the best of luck to Jesper Bernhardsson and his new board – I am sure you will have a wonderful time in SU. Tobias AnderssonPresident 10/11

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$e Media CommitteeMedU 10/11 – A year passes so quickly… So what happened?

M2:2010 turned out just great, with really interesting companies present and visits from Blondinbella and Micael Dahlén. Minimax added a new look and more content – Mathilda and Monica, you have done a great job! HTV has done fun movies and the Radio has begun the hard work to create a new channel. My warmest thanks to Jakob, Christian, David and Fredric! $e Fokus-photographers have been really active and carried out great projects, a lot thanks to the new project manager Paulina! We also got a new project – TEDx with Lisa in the lead. I think it is just great how some people understand all the possibilities that lie within the association and take time to do exactly what they !nd interesting. $en we also got Tove and her crew working for improved PR and communication and Winzy and MFG making the SASSE-posters look a lot better. Yearbook with Jenny and Jessica collected all the memories in a really nice yearbook. Behind all of it we have a fabulous board sup-porting me and the committee – thank you everyone!

It has been the best year of my life and I would like to thank every-one who made it this fantastic; members of the association, project managers, !nnish people, friends, new-found siblings (ks), and my board. I will miss this year. However a year is just a year and a year is enough. I would now like to hand the torch over to my successor; Louise Berndtson and her fabulous crew. Make sure to make your year as good and memorable as mine, I believe in you!

So!a Helgesson

$e IT CommitteeWhat a year it has been. So much has happened and so many memorable moments that have passed during this year. So has some surprises and melt downs, successes and mundane, everyday work. All in all, it’s been a busy year for the IT Committee.

$e year started o# very promising, with two major pro-jects and one big ambition, and we were very excited to get going. We got the chance to develop a whole new web site for the Student Association and a new network for all of the Association premises. It was quite a challenge, and we were ready to take it on! We even had the advantage to have some of the preparations done by the previous IT Com-mittee concerning the website so we could get started right away with the fun of actually starting to think about what it should be like.

Besides this there was also a total update of the server sys-tem (the large computers that hold everything together) during the summer for about one and a half week. $ere were also new computers to buy and install. $e program controlling the lock system started making a fuss in August, adding some extra stress and frustration, which was !xed in November. $e Committee room got a bit of a makeo-ver, including emerald green paint and a lot of nick-nacks thrown out, and last but not least the reinstatement of the old IT Committee tradition of $ursday Co#ee, which I be-lieved helped the Nobel Nightcap do their work or at least make it a little more pleasant on $ursdays.

I’ve had a fantastic year and I really hope the rest of the gang has too. Together we managed to accomplish a lot, even the surprises that popped up now and then and I’m immensely proud of it all. Without all the help I’ve had it would never had been possible and it has really been your year!

Everything that has happen makes me so excited to see what will come next! I’m positive that Nikos and his IT Committee members will get as many amazing memories (at least) as I have. All I can say is; Good luck and have fun!Sincerely yours,

Cecilia Tollin

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$e Entertainment CommitteeGlorious in the end!

As Dödsrycket approaches it is time perhaps to look back at the past year and remember. It sure has been a good ride. Apart from arranging a large number of parties for both stu-dents and alumni there are a few feats worthy of special rec-ognition.

$e Entertainment Committee has during the past twelve months arranged not one, but two Diploma Proms at Stock-holm City Hall. We hosted the largest Summer Party in SASSE history, roughly 1 300 guests attended and Meloy Club was on stage. $inking that feat could never be reprised we were slightly in shock when we realised we had sold 1 000 tickets for the Christmas Party! However, great achievements always come at a cost and this year could not have been pos-sible without the hard and dedicated work of the whole com-mittee. Both stewards and masters have done a great job and I am convinced I would not have gotten far without them!

I would especially like to extend my warmest gratitude to the Entertainment Commitee Board of 10/11: Jose!n Vinberg, Lisa Parfelt, Matilda Dickman, Johanna Lannvik, Joakim Jerner, Marcus Paulsson, Karl Westerling och Towe Ahrnbom.

You guys have been fantastic!

And so, when I’m writing this, Årsfesten is only a week away and I look forward to some long awaited change. Most of all, I am exited to see my successor, Anna Widmark, and her bunch of amazing new stewards and masters take on where we have le& o#. I wish them the best of luck and I assure you; I will be watching closely from a place where the sun is always shining!

Read or Dead!Alexander Holm RannaleetKlubbmästare and President of the Entertainment Committee 10/11

$e Education CommitteeFirst of all I want to thank all of you who have involved your-selves in the educational discussions this year. $e last year has not been an easy ride – many important educational questions have been addressed by the school and the opinions of students have been a tremendous asset for us as student representatives. $e Education Committee year kick-started with SM I Ekono-mi, where the SSE team placed second in the national !nale. Later on in the spring a&er a student vote, the Education Com-mittee could award the seminar teacher Rickard Sandberg the title Teacher of the Year. By the start of the fall term, the Edu-cation Committee arranged the !rst SSE Book-Switching Day ever, where hundreds of students made deals on used course literature.

Apart from the above mentioned events, the Education Com-mittee work is all about educational coverage. $roughout the year we have held feedback mingles and meetings with course directors to evaluate and improve the courses. Focus groups with the program directors to discuss our education have also been started.

$e Education Committee represents the students in several decision-making bodies at SSE. With the new governance structure of the school, the students now formally have the right to be represented in all decision-making bodies where is-sues concerning students are brought up. Before year 2010 we had representatives in the SSE Board and the SSE Utbildning-snämnd. $is year we have representatives in the SSE Board, the Faculty and Program Board, the Program Committees for the BSc Program, the MSc Program and the GM Program. Hence, now more student representatives are needed to speak the stu-dents’ voice! If you feel you are the right person for this – do not hesitate to get involved in the Education Committee.

With those words I would like to conclude and thank all the fantastic Education Committee people I have been fortuned to work with this year – you are the best!

Kajsa F Hedbrant,President of the Education Committee 10/11

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Cooking with Caroline

Smoked salmon and blueberry salad with caramelized onion It might seem a bit odd to have blueberries in a salad, but I assure you it is completely safe. $e blueberries and the caramelized red onion will sure add a that little extra touch that makes your lunch box one of a kind. One lunch 50 g of smoked salmon1 dl of mathavre (or quinoa)1 small parsnip70 g of broccoli 1 lemonsalt and pepper Oven on 220° C. Cut the parsnip and broccoli into good pieces and bake them in the oven with olive oil, salt and pepper until they are so& and start to get some colour. Meanwhile prepare the mathavre according to the instructions. Stir some olive oil and salt in it, then let it cool completely. Put it in your lunch box to-gether with the salmon, the vegetables, blueberries and top with caramelized onion. Ringle some olive oil and some lemon juice over it.

Caramelized red onion( small red onion in very !ne slices2 tsp of butter1 tbs of balsamico vinegar1 tsp sugar Warm the butter in a small casteroll on a low temperature, add the onion slices and let them fry slowly for a while. Add bal-samico vinegar and the sugar and let it cook until the onion is so& and all the vinegar is gone.

A better pasta saladI’m actually no fan of pasta salads. $ey tend to be boring, ugly and the pasta is o&en fusilli-shaped and cooked for so long that it is falling apart.My pasta sallad, if I may say so myself, is quite the opposite of the usual ones you buy in grocery stores. It is fun, beautiful and the taste won’t disappoint you either.

200-250 g of turkey !let or chicken !let150 g pasta (in a shape you like but please not fusilli)125 g mozzarella cheese10 cherry tomatoesabout 10 nice olivesRocket salad

4 sun-dired tomatoes in oilFresh basil Vinaegrette1 tbs of olive oil1 tbs of balsamico vinaegarsaltpepper

$e bird:Put the oven on about 220 °C. Take a suitable ovenware and put some olive oil in it. $en place the turkey or chicken in the ovenware, add salt and pepper and ringle some olive oil over it. Cook it in the oven for about 20 minutes until it’s well done, then put it in some tin foil and let it rest for 15 minutes. Cut it into nice pieces. $e pasta:Take out a big kettle and !ll it half full with water. When the water starts boiling you add salt and the pasta. Boil it for as long as the instructions says and not a second longer. Quickly put the pasta in a colander and pour cold water over it until it’s cold. $e vegetables:Cut the cherry tomatoes, sun-dired tomatoes and olives into nice pieces. Chop the basil a bit and mix it with rocket salad and the other vegetables.

Take out a nice lunch box and put the bird, the pasta, moz-zarella torn into nice pieces and the vegetables in it. Mix olive oil, balsamico vinaegar, salt and pepper with a fork in a glass and pour it over your salad right before you eat it. Garnish with some more basil if you’re in that mood.

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Cooking with Caroline

Root vegetable lasagna with feta cheeseLasagna is a fantastic dish if you want to make a lot of food to keep ready in your fridge for those terrible days when there is no time for cooking. $is one is not only vegetarian and healthy, but really simple and delicious too. 4 servings About 250 g of dry lasagna sheets2 tins of cherry tomatoes500 g of mixed root vegetables (carrots, parsnips, celeriac…)1 yellow onion1 clove of garlic1 stock cube1 tbs olive oil

1 tsp honey1 dl of white wine (can be ex-cluded if you’re crazy)dried herbs like oregano, basil and thymesalt and pepper150 g of feta cheese1 dl of crème fraîche2 dl of milk

Chop the onion and the garlic, shred the root vegetables and put the oven on 200° C.Heat a frying pan to medium heat and put the olive oil in it. Fry the garlic, the onion and the vegetables until they are so& and nice. $en add the two tins of cherry tomatoes, the herbs, the honey, the stock cube and the wine. Add some water if you need to make it less thick, and make sure to add enough salt and pep-per to bring out the %avours fully.While you let it cook for about 10 minutes you mix the feta cheese with the crème fraîche and put it aside. Take a rectangular ovenware and put some of the tomato and root vegetable sauce in it. Layer the lasagna sheets, more of the sauce and half of the feta cream until there is no sauce le&. Finish with a layer of sheets and the other half of the feta cream, then pour about one dl of milk on top of it all.

Put the lasagna in the oven for about 40 minutes and during that time take it out once and pour the rest of the milk on it so it doesn’t get too dry.

$e world’s best omelette$is omelette is outstanding as breakfast, lunch, brunch or even a light dinner. One of the great things about it is that you make it in the oven, so you just prepare it and then go do something else while it gets ready by itself. So lovely! Omelette for two 4 medium eggsa splash of milk100 g ricotta cheese( yellow onion10 cherry tomatoes50 g baby spinach6 big champignonssome buttersalt & pepper Oven 200 °C. Chop the onion into !ne pieces, then fry it in a pan until it’s so& and a bit transparent. Add the spinach and fry for a couple of minutes. Crack the eggs in a bowl and stir it with milk, salt and pepper. A&er that you add the fried spinach and onion.

Butter the ovenware and pour the omelette batter in it. Place on-ion slices, ricotta chunks and cherry tomatoes in a nice pattern and cook it in the oven for about 15-20 minutes or until it takes on a nice colour and starts rising a bit. Eat it warm or cold with some bread and a salad.

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Amongst eurocrats and bratwurstsOn the Lu&hansa shuttle bus from Strasbourg up to Frankfurt, I stretch my legs and !nally get some rest a&er a concluded session week in the formal premises of the European Parlia-ment on the Franco-German border. As you might know, twelve times a year all of the 736 Members of the European Parliament (MEP) take their sta# and go to Strasbourg for four intense days of plenary sessions. In addition to that, several meetings with lobbyists, party groups, delegations, friends and foes are to be carried out, all making the week quite hectic. Hence, the current quiet journey through Rhineland-Palatinate is really pleasant.

$is was my very !rst session week. Since the end of January, I work as a political advisor in Brussels to Gunnar Hökmark, conservative MEP for Sweden, and three weeks have now elapsed in Parlamentum Europeum for my part. It as a truly enchanting privilege to work in such a hyper-political environment, provided you are indeed seriously interested in politics of course, which I happen to be. $is week, for instance, much of our work has been dedicated to the renewed !scal policy framework of EU’s Member States. Certainly an important topic in these !nancially distressed times. Without getting balance restored in public !nances, the next crisis will make the last one look like a children’s tea party.

However, everything in the Parliament is not that dead serious or Armageddon-like in its character. During my !rst week in the Parliament – in Brussels that is – not less than two carnival princes paid us a visit! You see dur-ing this time of the year, the Germans usually celebrate carnival by dressing up, getting horrendously drunk and committing obscenities in public. Leaving out the latter two – as far as I know – this also took place inside the Parliament. German MEPs, mostly elder men, dressed up as Friedrich der Große and their assistants, generally 25-year old misses, wore miniskirts and a generous décolletage. Of course they were also escorted by ompa-ompa musicians – all a very odd sight indeed.

Being slightly in chock by such an unexpected intermezzo in the heart of Europe, I happened to end up in a crammed escalator together with Elmar Brok, who has been a Member for 31 years and has established his per-sona as some kind of an institution in itself. He looks as German as only a German can, having a %u#y hair-cut, a distinguishing mustache and such a magni!cent rotundity that his cardiologist must cry himself to sleep every night. My somewhat more experienced colleagues have told me one of his habits is to sleep during meetings, and even snarl, whilst others are speaking, all but to wake up, cough ferociously and beat his strained heart to life with some hard punches over the chest before he starts to orate. So, this man stands in front of me in that jam-packed elevator as he, all of a sudden, brings out a giant bratwurst from his inside pocket and starts to slop it, not showing the slightest compassion for his fellow elevator companions. $is Germanic overdose was even too much to a Wagnerian like me. Fortunately, Herr Brok le& on the next %oor. I imagine him having taken the stairs would probably have resulted in a dozen unemployed cardiologists, although he would certainly have proven an interesting case study for the pathologist.

So, what else have I experienced during these !rst three weeks? Well, except having débuted in the Members’ restaurant, been transported by Member’s Limousine Service and heard Alf Svensson tell stories about our ex-Prime Minister Göran Persson’s less adorable features, I have also got lost in the Parliament’s corridors on numerous occasions, been forced to eat in a Turk restaurant and forgot my debit card in the ATM. Not a very bad outcome in three weeks if I may tell myself…

But to be fair: there is a lot of work being done as well. $e days tend to be quite long – possibly not in IBD terms but those who endeavor such a career have none but themselves to blame – especially since the Member I work for happens to be painfully alert in the mornings. Wishing to accomplish things however, one has to put some e#ort into it and, hence, Luther must conquer Dionysos and Bacchius. I therefore have the feeling that the future will bring along quite a limited number of tranquil bus rides through the German landscape and neither will the carnivals in the Parliament be manifold. At least not the ones I will be participating in.

If that also means I will have to stand no more bratwurst orgies in the elevators, I would say it is a pretty fair deal. As long as I get to ride in Members’ Limousines once in a while that is…

Pär HolmbäckEurocrat

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Blind dating I cannot believe it. Almost one year ago I were planning my !rst blind date, nervous and anxious about how it would go. Now you are reading my last one. All good things must come to an end, including my job as a date-master of the Stockholm School of Economics Student Association. Hopefully you all understood the importance of love in our surround-ings and whatever you do; do not give up on love. Adam Åbonde and Terese Ray are both !rst year bachelor students and involved with the Student Association. Adam and Terese are new vice presidents but for di#erent committees. Adam is the new vice president of the Social Committee and Terese of the Education Committee. $is must be a perfect match. March is a hectic time for many of the students at the Stockholm School of Economics, but that would not stop me from !nding new lovebirds. I invited Adam and Terese to a romantic lunchdate down in the Student Association corridors. $ey smiled innocently at each other when they realised they were the dating victims. $ey were not completely unfamiliar with each other. Adam and Terese sat down at the table looking through the burning candle between them. $e romantic energy was spreading in the air. $is might be something big. Adam and Terese looked in to each other’s eyes and started discussing the most essential qualities of a partner. Adam explained the importance of being a relaxed person who feels down to earth and who likes food. As Adam expressed: “it is all about the gut feeling”. Terese agreed; “food is a very important part in a relationship, I do not want just someone who likes his or hers pyttipanna in the microwave”. She described how she would like to come home to a nice dinner cooked by someone special. Adam nodded instantly. $is was meant to be. As the date went on Adam and Terese started talking about how an optimal date would be. Without hesitating both agreed on that the best date would contain a dinner cooked together. Adam clari!ed how it lowers the pressure and it is a great way of getting to know each other. Terese also thought so but mentioned the impor-tance of variation. $is was a perfect match. I could feel the love rising higher and higher between the two vice presidents. I am certain that there will be more joint ventures during the next Student Association year. In the end of the date I asked if they were able to describe each other as an animal? Terese expressed how she saw Adam as a brown bear, cosy and relaxed. Adam on the other hand described Terese as panda, someone who likes to chill out and eat. To me it looked like our lovebirds turned in to lovebears. My work here was done and so was my work with love within the Student Association of Stockholm School of Economics. I hope that everyone out there will keep !ghting for love! Finally I would like to !nish with a quote of Mother Teresa: “$e hunger for love is much more di"cult to remove than the hunger for bread”. Mission complete.

Johan “Date-Master” Collin

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Dr. Kull’s HoroscopeWe (the editors) once again managed to talk the power-hungry Dr. Kull out of writing a new 200 page gospel for this edition of Minimax. He has however pro-duced this half-assed attempt at a horoscope that you see below.

Do not forget that you can still send questions about anything to [email protected].

Pisces FEB 19 - MAR 20Masturbation is what you should focus on during the next cou-ple of weeks. Sometimes two is a company. You will also need to reassess some of your priorities in life. Please make sure that you give the most important thing in life enough attention: MONEY. Always remember that you will die a horrible death before you have !nished your life’s work if you do not currently study at SSE or have done so earlier in life.

Aries MARCH 21 – APRIL 20In the immediate future you will not be able to choose which persons you are attracted to. $is will reach such heights that it will sicken and disgust even yourself. All of your “friends” will be poor, ugly and study at Södertörns High School. Shame on you!Just make sure that you don’t pass any of their genes along to a new generation.

Always remember that you will die a horrible death before you have !nished your life’s work if you do not currently study at SSE or have done so earlier in life.

Taurus APRIL 21 - MAY 21If you are an active member of SASSE this spring will be an amaz-ing time for you. Be sure to leave the basement levels of Sveavä-gen 65 as little as possible. However, if you do not wholeheartedly support the SASSE %oat in Quarnevalen on May 14 you will turn into a pimple faced student from $e Royal Institute of Technol-ogy. You genitals will have a good couple of months. If you are not an active member of SASSE see below. Always remember that you will die a horrible death before you have !nished your life’s work if you do not currently study at SSE or have done so earlier in life.

Gemini MAY 22 - JUNE 21Remember what Frank Zappa said: “Am I a boy or lady? I don’t know which”. You will have to go it alone a couple of weeks. Most of your friends are not students at SSE and you will suddenly realize that they don’t deserve your attention. Refocus all of you attention to SASSE and forget your school work. You will have to tread carefully for several months or you will be scalped by an apache Indian with a broken tomahawk! Always remember that you will die a horrible death before you have !nished your life’s work if you do not currently study at SSE or have done so earlier in life.

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Cancer JUNE 22 - JULY 22$ere are two scenarios in store for you this period: 1. You will be elected President of Biafra and start a civil war with the goal of gaining independence from Nigeria. You will resuscitate lieutenant-colonel Odumegwu Ojukwu and use him as a pawn.2. Life will go on just as it always has. Time will tell which of these alternatives will be true for you. Always remember that you will die a horrible death before you have !nished your life’s work if you do not currently study at SSE or have done so earlier in life.

Leo JULY 23 - AUG 23Creative “!nancial problem solving” is something I usually like to talk about and encourage. You will however be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law if you go on with business as usu-ally. You must see this as a challenge and !nd even more creative ways to hide your illegal cash %ows. If you do not rise to this challenge people will suspect that you are studying at Stockholm University. Always remember that you will die a horrible death before you have !nished your life’s work if you do not currently study at SSE or have done so earlier in life.

Virgo AUG 24 - SEPT 22It is not an option for you to keep life “running along smoothly”. $is is due to the fact that you are not a student at Stockholm University, $e Royal Institute of Technology, Karolinska Insti-tutet or Södertörns High School. $ey could never do what you do and don’t forget that. Continue being awesome. Always remember that you will die a horrible death before you have !nished your life’s work if you do not currently study at SSE or have done so earlier in life.

Libra SEPT 23 - OCT 23A small disappointment can escalate out of control unless proper perspective is maintained. Do not let a measly loss of 1 million SEK get you down, just keep in mind that it is nothing more than pocket change. You know that you will probably make it back by the end of the week and if not you can always sell some stock. Do not forget that you are a part of this country’s elite and one of a select few to attend the Stockholm School of Economics. Always remember that you will die a horrible death before you have !nished your life’s work if you do not currently study at SSE or have done so earlier in life.

Scorpio OCT 24 - NOV 22I usually write something morally questionable about what you should do with your poisonous stinger. Using it promiscuously is a behaviour I normally always condone and encourage. But you should really take it easy for a while. Otherwise it may fall o#. Always remember that you will die a horrible death before you have !nished your life’s work if you do not currently study at SSE or have done so earlier in life.

Sagittarius NOV 23 - DEC 21Your attitude is good but always remember that your work in the Student Association outweighs school work at any given mo-ment. You should really quit consuming all addictive substances with the exception of alcohol and nicotine. Alcohol and Nicotine are my two favourite friends and I encourage you to get to know them well, very well. Always remember that you will die a horrible death before you have !nished your life’s work if you do not currently study at SSE or have done so earlier in life.

Capricorn DEC 22 - JAN 20Don’t travel outside Europe until the end June.Ten years from now you will win the Nobel Prize for ending the con%ict that are now ravishing the middle east and Northern Af-rica. When the Nobel Committee calls to tell you that you have won a Nobel Prize you will respond: “In which category?”.In a more short term perspective you will get laid a lot this spring. Always remember that you will die a horrible death before you have !nished your life’s work if you do not currently study at SSE or have done so earlier in life.

Aquarius JAN 21 - FEB 18Please be aware that you are going to have a great spring. You will get undeserved attention and payment from a wide variety of sources. I know that this is “business as usual” for an SSE student but even so you should appreciate it. You never know if you will lose your mind and start studying at Konstfack instead. Please do not convert to Socialism. Always remember that you will die a horrible death before you have !nished your life’s work if you do not currently study at SSE or have done so earlier in life.

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