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Millersville University Presidential Millersville University Presidential Search 5 Mission Millersville University provides diverse, dynamic, meaningful experiences to inspire learners

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    Millersville University Presidential Search


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    Cover: Biemesderfer Center, The former Library and now home to administrative offices.

    Welcome Thank you for your interest in Millersville University of Pennsylvanias presidential

    search. As chair of the Council of Trustees, I can assure you that we are committed

    to finding the best candidate to take the helm of our great university.

    The Millersville University community is pulsing with life, creativity and

    innovation. We have worked hard over the last several years to expand our

    undergraduate and graduate program offerings and update campus buildings

    with the latest technology including our upcoming brand-new net zero energy

    Lombardo Welcome Center. In addition we have invested in high-impact practices

    that prioritize student learning both in and out of the classroom.

    The University is looking for a president who will embrace the great work already

    being done here while also being committed to progress. There is a real opportunity

    for leadership. The University is looking forward to the upcoming Middle States

    2020 decennial review process. The new president will be able to use that review to

    put his or her mark on the Universitys next strategic plan.

    Were excited that youre exploring a community that is Together Strong. Thank

    you for your interest in Millersville University.

    Michael G. Warfel 84

    Chair, Council of Trustees

    Millersville University of Pennsylvania is a top-ranked, public

    university located in the northeast region of the United States. It

    is committed to offering students a high-quality, comprehensive

    university experience of exceptional value. Dedicated to

    providing nationally recognized programs that embrace the

    liberal arts, Millersville offers academic opportunities that are

    supported by outstanding faculty who are accomplished scholars

    and practitioners. Founded in 1855 as the first Normal School

    in Pennsylvania, Millersville University is one of 14 universities

    within the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education.

    Located on 250 acres in the heart of historic Lancaster County,

    Pa., Millersville University enjoys a tranquil campus featuring

    a pleasing mix of historic buildings and modern structures. Its

    central locale affords easy access to the culture and excitement

    of major East Coast cities such as Baltimore and Philadelphia.

    Millersville serves 7,927 students and 70,000 alumni. There are

    321 full-time faculty and 504 full-time staff and administration.

    In 2011 the university completed the purchase of a world-class

    performance facility in downtown Lancaster, Pa., to serve as a

    gateway from the nearby campus to the hub of the city. Now

    the home of The Ware Center, it is dedicated to innovation,

    engagement and creativity, and the facility offers space for

    academic and cultural events programs as well as elegant

    performance areas.

    With the completion of The Villages, our living-learning

    communities, the university is embarking upon an improved on-

    campus life for residential students.

    About Millersville University

    Millersville University Presidential Search

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    Millersville University provides diverse, dynamic, meaningful

    experiences to inspire learners to grow both intellectually and

    personally to enable them to contribute positively to local and

    global communities.


    We will transform each learners unique potential into the

    capacity for successful engagement in career and

    life opportunities.


    Goal A. Engage learners to contribute positively to contemporary and future workplaces and communities.

    Millersville University will provide a supportive and innovative

    learning environment to prepare individuals (students, faculty,

    staff, alumni and community members) to navigate their

    professional and personal growth with curiosity, confidence

    and compassion. We will accomplish this goal by embracing

    diversity of thought and ideas, encouraging artistic and creative

    expression, expanding use of current and emerging technologies

    and promoting outreach that engages the community. Prioritized

    strategies within this goal include:

    Create a learner-focused environment that contributes to

    student success.

    Develop a faculty and staff that distinguish themselves as

    creative, innovative and learner-focused leaders.

    Identify student interests and workforce needs and prepare

    students to become career-ready across and within disciplines,

    including preparation for post-graduate education.

    Lead in the development and adoption of experiential and

    innovative strategies that enhance student learning.

    Nurture relationships between faculty, staff and students with

    individuals and partners in our community.

    Goal B. Ensure long-term success of the University.

    Millersville University will enhance its capacity to serve the

    public good as we build upon our reputation of academic

    excellence and expand our sustainability practices. We will

    accomplish this goal by managing our growth thoughtfully,

    practicing fiscal responsibility, promoting environmental and civic

    responsibility and seeking new markets and audiences to secure

    our long-term financial stability. Prioritized strategies within this

    goal include:

    Develop and execute a strategic enrollment management

    plan that identifies strategies to enhance markets for out-of-

    state and out-of-country recruitments and additional markets

    such as transfer students and program completers with the

    goal to systematically grow the University headcount to 9,000

    by fall 2020.

    Enhance existing and develop new revenue streams

    including possible new tuition models, fee structures and

    housing models.

    Increase and enhance fundraising and friend-raising efforts to

    support the Universitys prioritized needs.

    Promote Millersville as a destination university by focusing

    on rebranding and marketing efforts that promote our quality

    experiences and excellence of programs to attract new markets

    and grow current markets within Pennsylvania.

    Through the new academic program master plan, invest in

    the development of new, innovative academic programs or

    the revision of existing programs to meet emerging

    workplace needs.

    Position Millersville to become a recognized leader in civic

    responsibility, global initiatives and sustainability including

    environmental stewardship.

    Goal C. Embrace agility within our culture of excellence.

    Millersville University will be adaptive, versatile and flexible

    as we seek to achieve goals to enhance our learner-focused

    environment and ensure our long-term success. We will

    accomplish this goal by fostering agility in all of our individual

    and collective practices, processes and structures where the

    community embraces creativity and innovation, supports risks

    and practices resiliency. Prioritized strategies within this

    goal include:

    Establish new ways of doing business, reorganize structures,

    update technology, reconsider facility use, and review budgets

    and policies.

    Change our institutional culture to one where we anticipate

    internal and external change to meet the needs of current and

    future students.

    EPPIC Values

    The descriptions of our core values serve as guiding principles

    to help us fulfill our mission, achieve our vision and attain our

    goals. Individuals or units within the University community may

    enhance or clarify these descriptions.

    EXPLORATION Millersville University embraces a culture

    of exploration, creating a dynamic learning environment that

    fosters intellectual curiosity, creative intelligence, innovation,

    forward-thinking ideas and exciting discoveries. Exploration

    serves as an intentional way to strengthen University culture.

    We place a high value on student-faculty research, scholarship

    and collaborative projects.

    PROFESSIONALISM: Millersville University is founded on

    a tradition of academic excellence, expert knowledge and

    professional collegiality. Our diverse community of learners

    is comprised of skilled and dedicated educators and staff

    who model maturity of thought and practice while exhibiting

    mutual respect. The University provides opportunities for

    professional development and growth, especially for our

    students, using academic enhancement and collaborative

    programs to emphasize the importance of critical thinking,

    active listening, self-discovery, collaborative leadership, and

    responsibility. Such professionalism fosters career readiness

    and preparation for lives of service and success in the

    global com