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Text of Mike Vaillancourt Art Direction/Graphic Design/Illustration

  • 1. MIKEVAILLANCOURT------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- POSITION APPLYING FOR: AUTHOR : MIKE VAILLANCOURT SUBJECT : ART DIRECTION PORTFOLIO COMPANY: DATE: 2/14/12************************************* PORTFOLIO *************************************
  • 2. GRAPHIC DESIGN Chthonian Stars was adapted for Mongoose Publishings Traveller RPG. After careful thought and consideration, weWildFire LLC decided to separate association with Traveller and rebranded it as The Void. Part of the rebranding meant coming upMike Vaillancourt with a new title, logo, and page design since the format changed from traditional 8 1/2 x 11 to a smaller 6 x 9 format.Page 1 All graphic design work on this page by Mike Vaillancourt.
  • 3. GRAPHIC DESIGN With the rebranding of Chthonian Stars as The Void I was tasked with also redesigning the interior page layout,WildFire LLC promotional material for Gen Con, sell sheets, and a GM Screen. Top Left: Column Wrap for Gamma Trade Show. TopMike Vaillancourt Middle: The Void Sell Sheet for sales department. Bottom Left: The Void GM Screen. Right Side: 3 of 4 master pagePage 2 designs for 6 x 9 The Void RPG Books.
  • 4. ART DIRECTION Left Column: Space Craft by Alex IglesiasWildFire LLC Top Row (left to right): Deep One Hybrid and Migou concepts by Mike Vaillancourt, illustrated by Tom Garden.Mike Vaillancourt Lashing Horror concept by Marco Mazzoni, illustrated by Marc Scheff.Page 3 Bottom Row (left to right): Seethari by Tom Garden. Karakin by Marco Mazzoni. Dhole by Adam Schumpert. Myriad by Christine MacTernan.
  • 5. ART DIRECTION Top Left: Ecological Footprint cover by Jonas Andreassen. Lower Left: Warden Weapons Table by Alex Iglesias.WildFire LLC Top Middle: Training Gone Wrong by Jonas Andreassen. Bottom Middle: Anastacia Trapped by Marco Mazzoni.Mike Vaillancourt Top Right: Warden Specimen Room by Sean McMurchy. Lower Right: Colonization by Jonas Andreassen.Page 4
  • 6. ART DIRECTION CthulhuTech Core Book cover and CthulhuTech : Vade Mecum book cover graphic design & art direction by MikeWildFire LLC Vaillancourt.Mike Vaillancourt Left: CthulhuTech Core Book cover line art and layout by Mike Vaillancourt; Paint/Color by Trevor Claxton.Page 5 Right: CthulhuTech : Ancient Enemies Illustration by Ty Carey.
  • 7. ART DIRECTION Top Left: Engels Attack by Yi-Piao Yeoh.WildFire LLC Second from Right: Witch by Jonas AndreassenMike Vaillancourt Right: NEG soldier attacked by Ghast by Ty Carey.Page 6 Lower Left: Dr. Anton Miyakame by Ty Carey.
  • 8. ART DIRECTION Top Left: Spawn of Cthulhu 3D orthographic model by Lou Holsten. Top Right: Orthographic illustration for InfernoWildFire LLC Tager by Tom Garden, 3D Model and miniature by Ghost Studios. Middle Row Left: Phantom Tager designed by MikeMike Vaillancourt Vaillancourt, orthographic by Tom Garden, color illustration by Trevor Claxton. Middle Row Right: NEG Soldier, conceptPage 7 design and color illustration by Mike Vaillancourt, orthographic illustration by Tom Garden. Bottom Row: NEG Arcology and Mag Lev Train Station 3D sketches by Lou Holsten.
  • 9. ART DIRECTION Left: www.cthulhutech.com website Art Directed by Mike Vaillancourt, designed by Lou Holsten.WildFire LLC Top Right: Kobold Quarterly 2 page advertisement designed by Mike Vaillancourt.Mike Vaillancourt Right Middle: WildFire Fire Service demo Team logo and t-shirt design by Mike Vaillancourt.Page 8 Bottom Right: CthulhuTech bookmark for GenCon 2010 designed by Mike Vaillancourt
  • 10. ART DIRECTION Illustrations Art Directed for the Shadowrun 20th Anniversary Edition.Catalyst Game Labs Left: Archery by Rich Anderson.Mike Vaillancourt 2nd from Left: Cyborg Fight by Sean McMurchy.Page 9 Top Right: Rigger Garage by Theodor Waern . Bottom Right: Drone Rigger by Ty Carey.
  • 11. ART DIRECTION Images for the Eclipse Phase Core Book. Eclipse Phase Logo designed by Mike Vaillancourt and Adam Jury.WildFire LLC Top Left: Morph by Sacha-Mikhail Roberts. Top Center: Cylinder World by Sacha-Mikhail RobertsMike Vaillancourt Top Right: Oribital Laser by Opus Artz. Below Left: HUD by Viktor Titov.Page 10 Lower Right: Nano Bot Performing Surgery by Opus Artz.
  • 12. ILLUSTRATION 3 month contract position illustrating Dr. Halseys Journal for the collectors edition of Halo Reach. Pictured is myMicrosoft/Bungie original art test and a few of my original sketches. The photograph of the journal is of the finished product. During theMike Vaillancourt project I completed over 102 illustrations and submitted over 300 thumbnail sketches.Page 11
  • 13. GRAPHIC DESIGNSandstorm/Glowfly Nyms logo, card design, package design, and score tracker designs all by Mike Vaillancourt.Mike VaillancourtPage 12
  • 14. ART DIRECTIONSandstorm/Closet Nerd Kittens in a Blender Logo, packaging, layout, and card design by Mike Vaillancourt. Art Direction by Mike Vaillancourt,Mike Vaillancourt Illustrations by Anne Julie.Page 13
  • 15. ART DIRECTIONWildFire/WildThing Nuts! Art Direction and Graphic Design by Mike Vaillancourt. Art Directed by Mike Vaillancourt, illustrations byMike Vaillancourt Brett B. Bean.Page 14
  • 16. ART DIRECTIONWildThing/WildFire Poo the Card Game Art Direction, logo, packaging, and card design by Mike Vaillancourt. Squirrel Illustrations byMike Vaillancourt Brett B. Bean.Page 15
  • 17. ART DIRECTIONWildFire Are You the Cultist? Art Direction, logo, packaging, card designs, and rules layout by Mike Vaillancourt. Character cardMike Vaillancourt Illustrations by Sarah Leanne Buckley.Page 16