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What they DON'T tell you about migrating your systems

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  • 1. Migration Tips and Tricks
    What They DONT Tell You About Upgrading/Migrating/Just Changing Servers
    for your Integrated Library System
    NLA/NEMA Conference
    Grand Island
    October 14-15, 2010

2. Setting the Scene
Print Server, Horizon Box, Screen Door, Security System, Web Reporter Server, HIP Server, Web Server, Exchange Server, Old Web Reporter Server
3. Fewer Servers, Increased Energy Efficiency within Server Room
TCO Savings
Why SaaS?
4. What would we do differently?
5. Whatever your timeframe DOUBLE IT!

  • Sources of delays:

6. Contract negotiations 7. Signatures 8. Approvals 9. Funding 10. Scheduling with the vendor 11. Scheduling around busy times 12. Vacations