Migrating Apps To Windows Azure - Ntk 2012

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Na predavanju bomo spoznali, kako narediti prve korake v smeri prenosa obstojein aplikacij na platformo v oblaku Windows Azure. Pogledali bomo, kako lahko s premiljeno zasnovo reitve na platformi Windows Azure zniamo stroke strojne opreme in infrastrukture ter prihranimo na licenciranju programske opreme. Seznanili se bomo z novimi tehnologijami, ki jih ponuja Microsoftov oblak.


<ul><li> 1. Migrating Applicationsto Windows AzureBla Lipuek,Diventic d.o.o. Nivo 300</li></ul> <p> 2. Cloud ComputingComputing capability delivered as a utility throughInternet standards and protocols. Software as a Service Platform as a Service Infrastructure as a ServiceNivo 300 3. Windows Azure Fabric Fabric Controller is the brain of the entire ecosystem Highly redundant hardware and software environment It cant ever fail! Nivo 300 4. The Components of Windows AzureNivo 300 5. Windows Azure Application ModelWhen you deploy your application as a hosted service, Azurecreates one or more virtual machines (VMs) that contain yourapplications code. High availability Scalability ManageabilityNivo 300 6. The Application Scenario Web and Worker Role Business logics and queues Backend storage (SQL, Blobs &amp; Tables) On-premises resources, reporting and monitoringNivo 300 7. ASP.NET application On-premise ASP.NET application running on IIS Deployed in local data center Accessible via VPN (or Internet) Dependencies: SQL 2008 database Active Directory Event logsNivo 300 8. ASP.NET application in the Cloud ASP.NET application running on IIS WebRole IIS Deployed in local data center Windows Azure Accessible via VPN (or Internet) Internet Dependencies: SQL 2008 database SQL Azure Active Directory AD Federation Services Event logs Azure Diagnostics Nivo 300 9. Deploy to Windows Azure Packaging and configuration Windows Azure Services are described as: Service Definition (*.csdef) Service Configuration (*.cscfg) Code is zipped and packaged with definition (*.cspkg) Deploy using Visual Studio Deploy using Windows Azure Portal Production and Staging deployment environments Nivo 300 10. Deploy to Windows AzureNivo 300 11. Deploy to Windows AzureNivo 300 12. Running Startup Tasks RoleEntryPoint: OnStart, Run and OnStop, IISConfigurator.exe (Applications, Ports ...) Command line scripts Simple Limited or Elevated Background Foreground Nivo 300 13. Deploy to Windows AzureMight fail ornever complete! Use in WorkerRoleMay overwrite Startup Taskmodifications to IIS! Mind time restrictionNivo 300 14. Deploy to Windows Azure Deploy multiple instances to scale 2 instances to cover 99.95% uptime SLA Upgrade domains Nivo 300 15. Manage deployments Delete / create Downtime between deployments (15 min) New VIP VIP Swap Easier to undo and test in production Identical external endpoints and two instances Web Deploy Instant update Should be used for developmentNivo 300 16. Manage deployments Multiple IIS Sites and Applications Web Roles now use full IIS not Hosted Web Core You can run multiple application on single instance Nivo 300 17. DEMO: Develop and deploy toWindows Azure Using Visual Studio IDE and Azure SDK: Run Windows Azure Emulator Deploy to Windows Azure Enable Remote Desktop Connection Windows Azure Management Portalhttps://windows.azure.com Nivo 300 18. Connecting to SQL Azure Connecting to SQL Azure only requires change in configuration No support for Windows Authentication Encrypt credentialsNivo 300 19. Connecting to SQL AzureOpen connections late and close early. A logged-in session that has been idle for 30 minutes will beterminated automatically. Nivo 300 20. SQL Azure Feature Limitations Common Language Runtime (CLR) and CLR User-Defined Types Integrated Full-Text Search SQL Server 2008 R2 Features (SQL Server Utility,PowerShell Provider, Master Data Services) SQL Server Replications, Backup and RestoreCREATE DATABASE destination_database_nameAS COPY OF[source_server_name.]source_database_name Nivo 300 21. Migrate Data to SQL Azure SQL Azure Migration Wizard http://sqlazuremw.codeplex.com/ SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) Import and Export Data Wizard (SQL Server 2008 R2) Bulk copy utility (bcp.exe) Copy large data in user-specified format Microsoft Sync Framework 2.1 Custom Transact-SQL script Brake into multiple transactions to avoid conn-lossesNivo 300 22. Troubleshooting SQL Azure Service Unavailable or Does Not Exist Check if you are unable to resolve the name Firewall blocking port 1433 used by SQL Azure Using proxy server not configured properly General Network Errors Connection is idle for an extended period of time. Connection consumes an excessive amount of resources Connection holds onto a transaction for an extended period of time If the server is too busyhttps://www.windowsazure.com/en-us/support/service-dashboard/Nivo 300 23. DEMO: Connect to SQL Azure Create a SQL Azure Server Configure Access to the SQL Azure Server Management Portal for SQL Azure SQL Azure Management Using SSMS Nivo 300 24. Store Files to Blob service WindowsAzure.StorageClient (REST API) Nivo 300 25. Grant Access to Files Shared Access Signatures Read Write Delete Listhttps://mycontainer.blob.core.windows.net/files/image.jpg?se=2011-05-18T12%3A50%3A38Z&amp;sr=b&amp;sp=r&amp;sig=EUtAbKQ%2F%2FYY7k1fJtzE6hWt%2FjadFAqxDYh5tAPK%2FeIw%3D Nivo 300 26. Grant Access to Files:Shared Access Signatures Remember to use UTC on DateTime Azure hides resources with invalid Shared Access Signatures DeleteIfExists will never fail Make sure URL is properly encoded Nivo 300 27. Security considerationsSecurity of the datacenter, infrastructure and the operatingsystem are taken care of by Microsoft, application security isstill the responsibility of the application owners. Similar to its on-premises counterpart Basic identity model Federated identity model Nivo 300 28. Basic identity model Self-contained identity architecture ASP.NET identity providers Membership, Role, Profile, Session Implemented on Windows Azure StorageNivo 300 29. Basic identity model: Asp.netMembership ProviderNivo 300 30. Federated identity model WS-Trust and WS-Federation specification Windows Identity Foundation (WIF) with ASP.NET Security Token Service (STS) ADFS, Facebook ...Nivo 300 31. Access Control Service - ACS Nivo 300 32. Hybrid Application: Service Bus RelayThe Service Bus relay is designed for the use-case of taking existingWCF web services and making those services securely accessible tosolutions that reside outside the corporate perimeter.Nivo 300 33. Hybrid Application: Service Bus RelayNivo 300 34. DEMO: Hybrid Application Configure Service Bus Create an On-premise Server Create an ASP.NET MVC 3 Azure application Put the pieces togetherNivo 300 35. Windows Azure Diagnostics Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Diagnostics Diagnostic data is held in memory bufferWebRole : RoleEntryPoint Transfer it to table storage bool OnStart() Nivo 300 36. Windows Azure DiagnosticsNivo 300 37. WADLogsTable,WADPerformanceCountersTableNivo 300 38. Cost-Oriented ArchitectureArchitecture decisions can have profound impacts on theeconomics of operations for small and large enterprises. Availability Reliability Optimized Operational Scalability Expenses Performance Nivo 300 39. Windows Azure Cost structureIn the context of the cost-oriented architecture, variousdecisions will impact monthly operational expenses. Compute chargesCompute Storage charges Storage Charges for Data TransferTransferServices Add-on service charges Nivo 300 40. Windows Azure PricingWindows Azure CapabilityChargeServer UsageSmall: $0.12 /service-hourMedium: $0.24/service-hourLarge: $0.48/service-hourXLarge: $0.96/service-hourWindows Azure Blobs and $0.15/GBTablesTransactions$0.01/10K transactionsSQL Azure: Web Edition$9.99/month (1GB RDBMS)SQL Azure: Business Edition $99.99/month (10GB RDBMS)Windows Azure $0.15/100K message operationsNivo 300 41. VPRAANJA?Po zakljuku predavanja, prosimo, izpolnite vpraalnik.Vpraalniki bodo poslani na va e-naslov, dostopni pabodo tudi preko profila na spletnem portalu konferencewww.ntk.si.Najlepa hvala!Bla Lipuek, Diventic d.o.o.blaz.lipuscek@diventic.siNivo 300 </p>


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