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Microsoft Word - 2015 Market App

Harbor Springs Farmers Market

Summer 2017 Application

**IF YOU ARE A FIRST TIME VENDOR: Please call Cyndi at 231-268-8990

before submitting your application.

Contact Name _________________________________________________________________

Doing Business As _____________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________

Primary phone ___________________________ Secondary phone ______________________

Email address _________________________________________________________________

I/we will selling:



I/we have enclosed a copy the certified kitchen license

I/we have enclosed a copy of the personal license to use that kitchen

I have read the rules of the market and I am attesting that my product meets those requirements. I understand I am not allowed to offer products for resale nor am I allowed to sell product that I have no part in growing, raising or producing (picking up product from another farmer to sell is NOT allowed).

I attest that I have read the rules for accepting SNAP at market and will only honor tokens that are used for the purchase of authorized product.

I understand that if I violate any rule of the market I will receive one warning to stop. If I continue, I understand that I will be asked to leave the market permanently.

I am requesting:

10x10 space for Wednesdays and Saturdays $160

10x20 space for Wednesdays and Saturdays $240 (subject to availability)

10x10 space for Wednesday OR Saturday $100 (subject to availability, specify day)

I have enclosed my check in the amount of _______________ Please send your check to:

Farming for Our Future HS Farmers Market

4946 Lower Shore Drive

Harbor Springs, MI 49740

Signature________________________________________________ Date ________________________