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Company profile and services

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Watch your steps.

and Competitions!!

Why Metrix-360?

We are a highly experienced team in the digital field.

Ideas driven, consumer focused with digital at the core, the team has a wide experience in the online advertising, ePR, and online advertising research

Our approach

Engagements are like new relationships, you need to meet first, learn about each other, plan our activities, then evaluate our steps and the relationship before deciding the future.

Why Online?

The web is the most measurable medium around.

That promise is only valid if you have the right metrics that tell you exactly what you need to know

Who to target and how often

Digital Planning

Customer Insight





SOSTACSituation analysis, Objectives, Strategy, Tactics, Actions and Control

Situation Analysis






SOSTACSituation analysis, Objectives, Strategy, Tactics, Actions and Control

Situation analysis: Where are we now?

Objectives: Where are we going, or where do we want to be?

Strategy: How do we get there?

Tactics: The details of the strategy

Actions: The details of the tactics

Control: Are we on the right path?

Situation Analysis









Sell: customer acquisition and retention targets

Serve: customer satisfaction targets

Speak: get closer to customers by creating a dialogue and monitoring social media

Save: quantified efficiency gains

Sizzle: extend the brand online

Strategy Segmentation, targeting, and positioning

OVP (Online value proposition)

Sequence (credibility before visibility)

Integration (consistent OVP)and database

Tools (web functionality, e-mail, IPTV, etc.)

Tactics Tactics are the details of the strategy

E-marketing mix, including: communication mix, social media, what happens when

Details of contact strategy


Actions Responsibilities and structures

Risk management

Internal resources and skills


Control 5Ss + web analytics KPIs

Usability testing / mystery shopper

Customer satisfaction surveys

Site visitor profiling

Frequency of reporting

Process of reporting and actions

Control Measurements

Corrective action

What should we do about it? WHO acts and checks?

Performance diagnosis

Why is it happening? WHO reviews?

Performance measurement

What is happening? Who measures: What? When? How?

Goal setting

What do we want to achieve? WHO sets SMART objectives?

Our Services

Strategic Digital Communication

Digital PR

Online Advertising

Online Research and Surveys

Post campaign evaluation

Online competitive monitoring

Social Media and Online reputation Management

Website Development and Maintenance

Strategic Digital Communication Digital Marketing Strategy

Online Media Planning & Buying


Competitor benchmarking

Digital PR Online PR

Writing in forums/blogs

Commenting on News Sites and Bloggers

Social Media

Brand Advocate

Crisis PR

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

1. Attracting visitors

through search

2. Engagement and Dialogue

3. Building Campaign Buzz

4. Defensive/ Crisis

Online PR

Search Marketing Activities (SEO) Inbound link building Content creation Blogs Feeds (RSS) Press releases Influencing media owners

Brand engagement activities Surveys and polls Audience research Social media including UGC Own blogs and communities influencing media owners blogger relations

Buzz building activities Propagating campaign Big Idea Web editorial contacts Viral marketing Press and social media releases Influencing media owners and blogger relations

Brand protection activities Social media monitoring and response Influencing media owners and blogger relations Negative SEO PPC protection

Online Advertising

Banner Ad Placement


Search Engine Marketing

Post-Campaign EvaluationCampaign Performance Bench Marks

eROI Analysis

Competitive Online Monitoring

Competitive Monitoring


New Ad Alerts

Error Alerts Banner location and size

Banner Message

Competition on same page


Competitive Online Monitoring

Monitored Websites:


Competitive Online Monitoring

Monitored Websites: Business:

Competitive Online Monitoring

Monitored Websites: General Websites and portals:

MSNarabia & Hotmail



Competitive Online Monitoring

Monitored Newsletters: (Eng & AR)

Maktoob Business

Competitive Online Monitoring

Monitored Industries: Telecom Automotive Banking and Finance Airlines RealEstate FMCG & retail Electronics Mobile Personal care and beauty Government

Social Media MonitoringThe Social Phone is ringing!!

Online reputation

Why to listen?

The Compliment The complaint The Expressed Need The competitor The Crowd

The influencer The ROI The Crisis The Audit The Thread

Social Media MonitoringThe Social Phone is ringing!!

What to listen for?





Online Reputation Management

Protecting your reputation, making the most out of social networking websites, and creating the most powerful online brand are all crucial parts to Internet marketing, yet they are often a struggle to online businesses. As part of our services, we can help make the most of your online presence by engaging with potential clients using various online resources.

Thank You!!

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