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Mesolithic Stone Age 7000 BC ? 4000 BC Bronze Age 2000 BC ? 500 BC ? 500 AD Neolithic Stone Age Iron Age Celts Christianity Ancient Ireland

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Text of Mesolithic Stone Age 7000 BC ? 4000 BC Bronze Age 2000 BC ? 500 BC ? 500 AD Neolithic Stone Age Iron...

  • MesolithicStone Age

    7000 BC?

    4000 BCBronze Age

    2000 BC?

    500 BC?

    500 ADNeolithic Stone AgeIron AgeCeltsChristianityAncient Ireland

  • Mesolithic HutBronze Age HouseRing Fort / Rath

  • Put in chronological order

  • Passage TombPromontory FortDolmen

  • Put in chronological order

  • St Patrick was taken from Roman Britain and enslaved by the Celts of IrelandI was then about sixteen years of age. I did not know the true God. I was taken into captivity to Ireland with many thousands of peopleSt Patrick

  • What does a monk look like?Key words?

  • MonksWhat did they look like?What did they do all day?Where did they live?Where did they build their monasteries?Name 3 large monasteries.Name 1 small remote monasteryWho founded them?

  • Write these words in homework copies and explain eachMonastery walls forRefectory was whereScriptorium was whereGuesthouses were forChurch was whereAbbots houseMonks cells were where.Round towers were whereVegetable garden.Celtic crosses and cist graves....Do you know what these words mean?Where are these things found?

  • Clonmacnoise

  • Clonmacnoise

  • Glendalough

  • Glendalough

  • Skellig Michael

  • Services Provided by MonasteriesReligious ServicesAlmsHealth care (herbs)HospitalityEducation

  • Early Christian ArtManuscriptsStone CrossesMetalwork

  • Book of KellsScribesScriptoriumScriptoriumVellumParchmentInks made from beetles, berries and plantsGospelsLatin

  • Cross of Muiredeach, Monasterboice, Co LouthMasonsImagesIlliterate peopleSupportTop a tiny church

  • MetalworkSilver & GoldChalicesCroziersRelinquiriesCeltic designs or filigreeSilver, with bronze and glass studs

  • Where other people live in Early Christian times

    Ring forts or rathsCrannogsWattle and daub houses with thatch roofs

  • Rath / RingfortKey WordsDitchBankTimber FenceSouterrain

  • CrannogArtificial IslandSunken stepping stones BridgeBoatExpensive to build

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