Meriwether Lewis By: Jordan Kuykendall. Meriwether Lewis August 18, 1774 to October 11, 1809 August 18, 1774 to October 11, 1809

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  • Meriwether LewisBy:Jordan Kuykendall

  • Meriwether LewisAugust 18, 1774 to October 11, 1809

  • Life of ExplorerLewis graduated from Liberty Hall, joined the Virginia military.In 1795 he joined the U.S. Army as a Lieutenant.On April 1, 1801 he was appointed as a aid.Lewis resided in the presidential mansion and frequently conversed with various prominent figures in polities.He was to provide information on the polities of the United states Army.When Jefferson began to formulate and to plan for an expedition across the continent.

  • Who sent the ExplorerPresident Jefferson selected captain Meriwether Lewis to lead the proposed expedition.

  • Where and when the Exploration took placeIn June 1803, Jefferson provided Lewis with busy objectives for the mission.Missouri River and any related streams which might provide access to the Pacific Ocean. water sheds searching for any all water rout to the leader.

  • Importance of the ExplorerClark and Lewis were both relatively young and adventurous and had shared experience as woodmen frontiersmen and army officersLouisiana purchase- via the Ohio River in the summer of 1803, gathering supplies.

  • What the Explorer didAfter returning form the expedition Lewis received a reward 1,600 acres of land.Thousands of miles of the Missouri and Columbia River

  • Map of the Explorer