Melting Lies about Global Warming

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Melting Lies about Global Warming. Liz Coppella. Thesis. The media distorts information about global greenhouses. C limate scientists try to create panic by making faulty claims. Global warming alarmists use scare tactics and threats. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Melting Lies about Global Warming

Melting Lies about Global WarmingLiz Coppella

ThesisThe media distorts information about global greenhouses.Climate scientists try to create panic by making faulty claims.Global warming alarmists use scare tactics and threats.All is done in order to gain funding when there is no real threat. 1,500 year cycleTheory that through at least the last one million years, a 15,00 warm-cold cycle has occurred.During this time there are ice ages, and then interglacial periods where the glaciers melt. We are in an interglacial period.

What is it?A change in climate, which is directly or indirectly attributed to human activity that alters the compositions of the global atmosphere.

Court Cases: California vs. General MotorsGMs cars emitted over 289 mill metric tons of CO2 causing Global warming.Court ruled against the Global warming claim saying that there were too many other factors to consider.Almost no coverage in the media. Court Cases: Vermont vs. Bush AdminPresident Bush did not want to take action when he was being pressured to do something about pollution and global warming.Was told to stop burying his head in the sand.He created the Global Warming Reduction Act. Outcomes of this case were blasted all over the news and included the New York Times paper. Counter Argument: Humans are Contributing.Contribute by either the burning of fossil fuels.To a lesser extent, clear cutting forests.

Humans burning fossil fuelsTodays CO2 levels are 40% higher than the highest natural levels over the last 800,000 years.With every gallon of gasoline burnt, 19lbs of Co2 is being put into the atmosphere.

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