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Strategy Guide for Medusa the Gorgon by d07.RiV (as of v6.59) http://planetdota.blogspot.com Table of contents 1. Introduction 2. The power of Medusa, the Gorgon 3. Skill build 4. Item build 5. Strategy 6. Synergy and counters 7. Conclusion 8. Replays 1. Introduction QUOTE The Naga princess was named after the legendary gorgon who turned her foes into stone. Though she hasn't developed a stoney glare, her combat skills will freeze even the strongest of fighters in submission. Her years of archery has allowed her to fire multiple arrows with keen accuracy. Manipulation of magic grants her a shield of mana to absorb physical impact. Channeling electrons within the air, she can ignite an electric spark that will jump from foe to foe. Her legendary name is well earned. Medusa's role in a team is primarily a carry hero being a blended tank/DPSer. Her abilities supplement the role, giving her a mighty slow/debuff, farming skills and tanking skill. By the

Medusa the Gorgon

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Strategy Guide for Medusa the Gorgonby d07.RiV (as of v6.59)

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