Medical Microbiology. Introduction Microorganisms(Microbes) Microbiology Medical Microbiology

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Text of Medical Microbiology. Introduction Microorganisms(Microbes) Microbiology Medical Microbiology

  • Medical Microbiology

  • IntroductionMicroorganisms(Microbes)MicrobiologyMedical Microbiology

  • What is MicroorganismsMicroorganisms are creatures that are not directly visible to the unaided eye, with dramatical biologic diversity. Viruses , bacteria, fungi, protozoa and some algae are all in this categoryAll with the exception of plants and animals

  • Distribution of microorganismsAir SoilWaterAnimalsHuman body

  • 100m300m1400m2100m3150m4050m6000m

  • Microorganisms and Human BeingsBeneficial activities: Most microbes are of benefit to human beings, some are necessary( nitrogen, carbon cycles, etc)Harmful activities: A portion of microbes cause diseases and are poisonous to human, and these are really that concern us in the study of medical microbiology, etc.

  • MicrobiologyMicrobiology is the biology of microorganisms. It is a bioscience for the study of the evolution, Classification , morphology, physiology, genetics, ecology of microbes under certain definite conditions, The law of their life activities, and their interaction with human being, animals or plants as well as with natural environment.

  • The Importance of MicrobiologyEnvironmentMedicineFoodIndustry BiotechnologyResearch

  • History of MicrobiologyExperience phase

    Experimental phase

    Modern phase

  • Experience phase

  • Experimental phaseLeeuwenhoekPasturKochlister

  • Kochs postulates the microbe must be found in the body in all cases of the disease it must be isolated from a case and grown in a series of pure culture in vitro it reproduce the disease on the inoculation of a late pure culture into a susceptible animal the microbe must be isolated again into pure culture from such experimentally caused infection.

  • Fei-Fan Tang

  • Modern phase

  • Emerging and Reemerging Infectious DiseaseAIDSTuberculosisHepatitisGastric ulcer SRAS

  • Medical MicrobiologyThe medical microbiology is one of the essential basic sciences for medine. It is the study of Biological characteristics of microorganisms and their relationships with human hosts

  • Medical MicrobiologyMedical BacteriologyMedical ViriologyMedical MycologyParasitologyImmunology

  • Purpose for learning of Medical MicrobiologyMedical MicrobiologyNote of Medical MicrobiologyTextbook

  • RequirementBrooks GF et al Medical Microbiology