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Abnormal occlusion

)anode " A. (for " a-, an " " " " AA, aa Aasmus " Ab Abacterial Abactio Abactus venter, induced ab . Abaissement Abajoue, cheek pouch Abalienated Abalienation = abalienatio Abapical - Abaptiston Abarognosis Abarthrosis = diarthrosis . Abarticular Abarticulation, diarthrosis . - . Abasia Abasia astasia Abasia atactica Paralytic abasia Abasic Abatardissement Abate Abatement Abatic = abasic Abats Abattoir Abaxial = abaxile Abbau Abbreviation

Abscess resolution

Abdomen - Abdomen obstipum Absence of gland Acute abdomen Boat-shaped abdomen Burst abdomen Navicular abdomen Abstraction (of the jaws) Abdominal Abdominal aneurysm Abdominal apoplexy Abdominal bandage Abdominal binder Abdominal cavity Abdominal gestation Accessory canals Abdominal hysterectomy Accessory foramen Abdominal inguinal ring Abdominal pains Accessory nerves Abdominal pore Accessory palatine foramina Abdominal pregnancy Accessory salivary gland Abdominal wall Abdominal zones Abdominalgia Accretion lines Retzius lines Abdomino-anal Accretion lines = Retzius lines Abdomino-anterior Abdominocentesis Abdominocystic Acellular cementum Abdominogenital Abdominohysterotomy Acetylsalicylic acid Abdominohysterotomy Abdominoperineal Abdominoposterior Abdominoscopy Abdominoscrotal

Abdominothoracic Abdominous Acid acetylsalicylic Abdominouterotomy = abd Abdominovaginal Acid etch technique Abdominovesical Abduce (( . Abducens (nerve) Acidophil Acidophile Abducens oculi = the rectu : Abducent Abducent muscle Abducent nerve Abduct Abduction . Abductor Acquired centric relation Abductor Acquired cleft palate Abductor Acquired eccentric relation Abductor Abenteric Acquired reflex = conditional reflex Abepithymia Aberrans . Aberrant Aberrant artery Aberratio = aberration . . Aberration Chromatic aberration Chromosome aberration Dioptric aberration Distantial aberration Emotional aberration Acrylic jacket crown Mental aberration Acrylic mold = acrylic stent Spherical aberration Acrylic mould = acrylic stent Aberrometer

Acrylic resin base Acrylic resin denture Acrylic resin jacket crown

Acrylic restoration Acrylic self curing Acrylic splint = acrylic stent

Acrylic veneer crown Acrylic veneer crown Actinic carcinoma

Actinomycotic tongue

Abevacuation . Abeyance . Abiatrophy )Abient ) Abies Abies balsamea Abies pectinita Abiochemistry . Abiogenesis, abiogeny Abiogenetic = abiogenous Abiologic = abiological . Abiology Abionarce Abionergy Abiosis . . Abiotic . Abiotrophic )= abiotrophia (. . Abiotrophy . Abirritant . Abirritation Abirritative Abiuret . Ablactation . Ablastemic - Ablastin Ablastous Ablate . Ablatio = ablation Ablatio placentae Ablatio retinae = = ablepharon Ablepharia Ablepharous

. Ablepsia = ablepsy Abluent . Ablution Acupuncture anaesthesia Ablutomania Abman Abmortal . Abneural Abnormal Abnormalism, abnormality Abocclusion Acute bacterial gingivitis Aboiement Abolition Acute coccal gingivitis Abomasitis Abomasum = abomasus = abomasus Aborad Aboriginal Acute herpetic gingivo-stomatitis ). ) Abort Acute herpetic stomatitis ) Aborticide ) )Abortient = abortifacient Acute infective osteomyelitis Abortifacient Acute inflammation Abortifacient drugs Acute inflammation Abortion . Acute leukemic stomatitis Abortion menace Accidental abortion Artificial abortion . Complete abortion Acute periodontitis Criminal abortion Habitual abortion Imminent abortion Incomplete abortion Acute ulcerative gingivitis Induced abortion Acute ulcerative gingivitis Inevitable abortion

Acute ulcerative stomatitis

Justifiable abortion Missed abortion Natural abortion Provoked abortion Septic abortion Spontaneous abortion Adamantinoma of long bones Therapeutic abortion Adamanto-odontoma Threatened abortion Tubal abortion Adamantoblastoma Abortionist Adamantoclast = adamantoma = adamantinoma . . Abortive Abortoscope ) )Abortus Missed abortus Abouchement Aboukine = yaws Aboulia = abulia . Aboulomania = abrachiatis Abrachia = abrachiatism Abrachiocephalia - Abrachiocephalus Abrachius Abradant = abrasive Abrade Abrasio = abrasion Abrasio corneae Abrasio dentium, dental ab Adhesive sealant Abrasions Patterned abrasions . Abrasive Abrasor Adjustable anterior guide - ) Abreaction

Adjustable axis face-bow

- Abrin Abrism Adjustable impression tray Abrosia . Abruptio = abruption placentae Abruptio Abruptio placentae margina Abrus Abrus precatorius Abscess = abscessus Acute abscess Alveolar abscess Amebic abscess Adventitious dentin Antral abscess Adventitious dentine = secondary dentine Arthrifluent abscess Bronchiectatic abscess Cold abscess Aerobic oxidation Embolic abscess Extradural abscess Aerodontia = aerodontodynia = aerodontalgia Fungal abscess Aerodontic dentistry Gangrenous abscess Aesthetic = esthetic Gravitation or gravity Hot abscess Aesthetic dentistry = esthetic dentistry Hypostatic abscess Intramammary abscess Aetiology = etiology Ischiorectal abscess Lacunar abscess Mammary abscess African jaw lymphoma Metastatic abscess Ossifluent abscess Peritonsillar abscess Point of abscess After treatment = after care Pointing of the abscess

Pyemic abscess Residual abscess Retropharyngeal abscess Scrofulous abscess Serous abscess Subpericranial abscess Subphrenic abscess Superficial abscess Traumatic abscess Tuberculous abscess Verminous abscess Wandering abscess Agomphious agomphosis agomphiasis Abscissa Abscission Agranulocytic angina Absconsio Absence . Absenteeism . Absentia Air-bearing handpiece Absentia Air-bed handpiece - Absidia Air-cushion handpiece - Absinth Absinthol Absolute Absolute alcohol Air chamber = vacuum chamber Absorb Absorbability Absorbefacient Absorbent Absorbing-power Air disinfection unit Absorptio = absorption Absorption spectrum Absorption test

Buccal absorption Intestinal absorption Parenteral absorption Absorptive Absorptivity ) ) )Abstain (from Abstergent . Ala-tragal line = campers line Abstersion . Abstersive = abstergent Abstinence Abstinence syndrome Abstract . . Abstraction Absurd Abterminal Abtorsion Alexander crown . Abulia = aboulia Abulic Abulomania Abundance Abuse Abut . Abutment Alginate impression Abwehrfermente Alginate impression material Acacanthrax Alginate mixing instruments Acacia Acacia AcalcerosisK acalcicosis Acalculia Acamathesia = acatamathe Alimentary canal Acampsia Alimentary duct = alimentary tract Acantha.

Acanthaceous Acanth(a)esthesia All-cast core & post Acanthia = Cimex Acanthia lectularia Acanthion " "" " AcanthoAll-purpose syringe Acanthocephala All-purpose syringe tip Acanthocephaliasis Acanthocheilonema persta Acanthocheilonemiasis Acanthocyte Acanthocytosis Allergic stomatitis Acanthoid Acanthokeratodermia Acantholysis Acanthoma Acanthopelvis = acanthope Acnthorrhexis Alloy-mercury balance Acanthosis Acanthosis bulbosa Alternating current Acanthosis bnigricans Acanthosis seborrhoeica, a Alveoalgia = dry socket Acanthotic Alveolalgia = alveoalgia = Alveolar ) Acanthulus A capite ad calcem Alveolar abscess Acapnia Alveolar absorption Acapsular Alveolar absorption Acarbia Acardia : Acardiac = acardiacus Acardiohemia Acardionervia

Acardiotrophia Acardius = acardiacus Alveolar bone proper of acarus : : .Acari; pl Acarian = acaridiasis . Acariasis Acaricide Acarid Acaridae . Acarinosis, acariosis Acarodermatitis Acaroid Acarology Acarophobia Acarotoxic Acarpia Acarpous Acarus Acarus Alveolar murcosa Acarus scabiei Acaryote . Alveolar osteomyelitis Acatalasia Alveolar periosteum = periosteum alveolaris = periodontal Acatalepsia = acatalepsy . membrane Alveolar periostitis = pyorrhea alveolaris Acataleptic Acatamathesia Acataphasia Acataposis Acatastasia Acatastatic Alveolar process of mandible Acatharsia Alveolar resorption Acathectic Alveolar resorption Acathexia ) Acathexis

Acathisia = akathisia Acaudal = acaudate Alveolar septum = interalveolar septum Acauline Acaulinosis Alveolar yoke of mandible Accelerans Alveolar yoke of maxilla Accelerant = catalyzer Acceleration Acceleration stress Accelerator Linear accelerator Alveolingual complex Accelerometer Alveolingual groove Accentuation Alveolingual groove Accentuation of the heart b Acceptor Hydrogen acceptor Alveolobasilar line Oxygen acceptor Alveolobuccal sulcus Acces pernicieux . Access Accessiflexor (muscle) Alveolodental canal Accessory = accessorius Alveolodental canal Accessory gland Alveolodental ligament Accessory nerve Alveolodental membrane ) Accident; pl. accidents Accident-prone Alveologingival line Cerebral vascular accident Alveololabial = alveololingual = alveolingual Labor accident Alveololabial sulcus Occupationa accident Alveololingual sulcus Serum accidents Alv

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