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WKNJ Newscast

Date: Monday, March 23, 2015Kelly RebeleStart time: 1:00am (Monday)End time: 10:10am (Monday)

Good afternoon, Its Monday, March 23, 2015 at _____________ oclock and youre listening to 90.3 WKNJ-FM, Union, New Jersey, and Im _____________ with the news.

In Local NewsKean University is getting ready to host their annual conference on May 13, 2015. Kean University will be arranging their 8th Human Rights Conference which will be located at Wilkins Theatre at 9:00am on Wednesday. This event is FREE (say with EXCITEMENT) and everyone is welcome. This conference will be focusing on what is most important, which is healthcare. Having two guest speakers which will be talking about healthcare problems an how its a human right. Catherine Albisa, who is one guest speaker who will be speaking point of views on social and economic happening in the United States. Laurie Garrett, who is our second speaker will be speaking about whats happening in the other countries such as the whole Ebola situation in Africa. Decisions we make are affecting OUR healthcare. Therefore, Kean is asking the students to come together as a community and not only help ourselves, but help others in different countries to solve this healthcare situation. Volunteer, get involved, and please help. Every little bit helps!1111111Continued of Local News..Monday morning at 2:00am in Queens, New York, a man was found shot in a car. Police found him laying in 2002 Lexus shot in the neck. I cant believe a 17 year old (Jordan Santos) shot a 21 year old (Jordan Santos). Their is no reason for anyone to be owning a gun but what is a 17 year old doing with a gun at 2:00am? Jordan Santos was immediately rushed but found dead at Wyckoff Medical Center. In conclusion, Jordan Santos, the 17 year old is charged with manslaughter.

22222In National NewsTwo people were hiking an 8.2 mile hike along the Northern California coast of San Francisco one hiker died at the scene and the other was injured. The cause of the death and injury was a rockslide occurred. The Bear Valley Trail collapsed and both fell from the trail down 70 feet. Bones had to be broken in the hiker that was only injured. Heavy, sharp rocks pilled on top of both the hikers. These hikers wanted to overlook the beautiful scene but didnt pay any mind to the warning saying do not cross dangerous beyond this point. The names and information on hikers is not known yet. Therefore, the Bear Valley Trail is now closed for good.

33333Continued of National News..Early Monday morning ONE male passenger went overboard into the ocean when traveling on an Royal Caribbean Cruise. The cruises destination was to go to Port Everglades, Florida. The cameras on the ship have PROOF that this one individual was NOT pushed overboard, BUT crossed the railing himself. Having that said, the cruise ship had to turn 20 miles around to help find this one individual. On the bright side, not only did two coast guard ships help with the search but also a helicopter. We will have to have a follow up with this story on: what time did this happen around? Was this individual intoxicated? What made him jump? and Is he reduced and back on the cruise?

4444 4Continued of National News..Today, we are legally allowed to buy bombs online and in stores in America. Are you kidding me? What happened to having a safe country where we feel protected to live in? Having these EXPLOSIVE (Say ANGRY) products are on the shelf to buy in big brand sporting goods stores! They decided to sell these bombs in sporting good stores because of target practice. When trying to aim and shoot their is an explosion. You can buy as much as you want. One customer bought 40 pounds in stores which can blow up your house! You can even purchase the same amount online. Unbelievable. In 1995 this bomb killed 168 individuals, and hurt more than 680 people in Oklahoma City. These bombs are one type of bombs that the U.S. troops use in Afghanistan. Not everyone should be allowed to buy this dangerous explosion.

55555In International NewsCuba is becoming a hotspot for tourists. Having that said Cubas booking rate use to be 187 percent in February but today they increased 57 percent which is now, 250 percent. The American world is taking over such as: McDonalds, and Starbucks etc. Cuba is an old, unique place. Many people are trying to book their flights before the Americans come, and change everything. The people living in Cuba dont see what the tourists see. When tourists travel to Cuba they see ancient history which is special to them. Cubans see old buildings that need to be fixed. Can you believe 3 MILLION ( SAY SHOCKING) tourists traveled to Cuba in the last year? The more people that visit, the more money their making. Therefore, change needs to be done in Cuba but this change will have to be put off for awhile since the busiest time of year to travel is during the summer.

66666Stay tuned for MORE recent news dealing with sports, weather, and entertainment coming up.. (play PSA #1 here.)Continued of International news.ISIS is capturing the attention of around 3,400 YOUNG individuals in the Western countries. Sending 90,000 treating message to the United States, daily. Canadians near 130 individuals living in Canada take a one way plane to the middle east to join ISIS. Teenagers, young children, and young adults are ISISs main target. Youre probably thinking.. why? Its because these young individuals tend to listen and do without thinking of the message being crossed and what young child doesnt LOVE receiving gifts? For instance, ISIS tells them about how much better the afterlife is or even offering them a FREE house with water and electricity. The sad part is, they fall for this trap. Young individuals have NO problem joining and leaving everything they accomplished to the dirt. ISIS are getting more creative when filming their videos on the social media and are looking more and more like Hollywood action films. Once your in the cult, your in and no returning home. These other countries are SO much more advanced than we are when it comes to technology for example. America needs to step up their game and fight back already!

77777In SportsAnother current conference was held with the New York Giants in Phoenix. The Giants are okay with the extension having Eli Manning, the quarterback finish up the year. Ben Roethlisberger, quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers had a contract for five years and received $99 million dollars! Eli Manning is making close to $19.75 million a year and is still not satisfied. He feels he should get more money than Ben since hes going really good this year. But his interception was dropped in 2014 to 27 and 2015 to 14. Eli has also won TWO MVP Super Bowls. Having all that said about Eli, their will be no doubt that the Giants will give Eli more money as a quarterback.

88888The College football team, Florida State wants to play a game with Alabama and Auburn. Whats it to Florida who they play? Why is Florida trying to make more games without meetings? Florida State is also demanding who they want to play in 2017 which might be in the new Atlanta Falcons stadium. Their can never be enough college football games played. Having all that said, all games are certain that they will ALL be played.

99999Your WKNJ hourly weather update Welcome back from Spring Break students! Many of you probably went away to get some sun but the good news is you guys brought the sun this week! Todays weather on Monday, March 23, 2015 at 11:00am is sunny! Finally NO more snow and spring is here!(SOUND EXCITED) At Kean (KANE) University its SUNNY 32F degrees but feels like 23F degrees. A little bit chilly but at least the sun is out. The sun will be out all day. Having that said, the weather will be in the high 40F degrees later on in the day. Their is NO chance of rain today only the warm, sunshine. Little bit windy, 11 miles per hour. Have a great Monday, we hope the weather is starting off your week nice and bright!


A high 40 degrees! Spring is finally here! This week is nothing but sunshine and in the high 40F degrees. Later in the week will be close to 60F degrees! Can you believe that? And we just got snow on Friday. Crazy!! But today on Monday their is NO amount of snow or rain only the bright sunshine. But you still need a jacket from the chilly winds. The winds value today is from 10 to 20 miles per hour. Later tonight will be 30F degrees but will feel like 22F degrees and will be partly cloudy.

**If you are interested in tuning in later to listen to more meteorology reports tune in on 90.3 FM.

1111111111In Entertainment Today, Vin Diesel names his newborn daughter, Pauline after Paul Walker. Newborn Pauline will be Vin and Paloma Jimnez third child. Vin Diesel and Paul Walker worked together as a team when filming the movie Fast and Furious. Vin and Paul were extremely close and Vin was devastated when Paul died. Vin said he didnt think of anyone else besides Paul when cutting the umbilical cord. Naming his daughter after not only his co- worker but his best friend will always be apart of Vins life. The last film (Furious 7) Paul Walker will ever be in will be filming worldwide April 3, 2015.


Candice Bergen, 68 years old is showing off nothing but pure smiles. She is happy the way her body is. She is currently living in Beverly Hills, California. Any day, her biography will be called A Fine Romance. This will be talking about how she loves to eat (not healthy LAUGH) and does not care what others think of her appearance. Today she gained 30 pounds from 15 years ago and couldnt be anymore proud of herself. I never heard of a 68 year old getting happier about aging! But Candice will sure be the first! Make sure to see her on Broadway in: The Best Man (2012) and Love Letters (2014). Everyo