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  • 1. How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

2. Introduction
The technologies we used were incredibly useful and without these it would have been extremely difficult to create a music video. We used a wide variety of technologies including the use of cameras, editing software, SlideShare, and a blog to document and justify all of my work throughout this process.
3. Research
is a search engine and helped us a great deal. It was used to find pictures for our blog, and to give us an insight into how to make a DigiPak and all of the information that should be included.
was very useful when planning our music video. Before starting, we studied other professional videos, to see what we style of music we wanted, and to give us inspiration for our own video. We looked at many different films and music videos and finally we brainstormed and decided on an idea.
4. Camera
We used two cameras in total, a still and HD video camera.
The most important camera was the HD camera, this is because we used it to make the music video. By using a HD video, we used new equipment, which means that our video was used making the latest technology. A picture is shown below of the camera we used. This camera was easy to use, which meant that we could use a different variety of shots, angles and zooms.
5. Camera Continued..
We also had our own re-writable tape, which has allowed us to re-shoot any footage that needed to be filmed again. We shot our preliminary exercise on this tape, and filmed over it for our music video, and interviews.
The other camera we used was a still shot camera. We used this to show the locations where we filmed. Plus we used the camera for our magazine advert, which was taken at the back of our school.
6. Editing Software
Final Cut Expressand Livetype
This software was arguably the most important. This is because we had to edit our whole music video. It took us many hours of hard work to complete, and I think that this new software was completely better than last years, when we had to make a Thriller. We had very little time to adapt to the tools, and so made the
Talent Factor film, which helped us decide which people were suitable for our music video. A branch of Final Cut Express was Livetype. This was used to make the short clip on my blog.
7. Editing Software Continued..
Adobe Photoshop
This programme was used to make our DigiPak and Magazine advert. We used the text tool to add the words to both (DigiPak and Magazine advert), and changed the text to fit with the bands image.
The selection tool was vital because it helped us to achieve the plain background with the different coloured jumpers. Using layers allowed us to make parts of the Digipak stand out, because we could add effects to certain parts, without changing the others.
8. Wordle
Wordleis a website which generates word clouds from text that you type. The bigger the word is, the more it has been used. I used two Wordles, and feel that it adds more interest to my blog. An example of one I have just created is below. I changed the font, colour, and arrangement of words to get this image.
9. Social Networking Sites
This was the most essential website for us, because it helped us to get our music video advertised. Due to this, people also completed our survey. Without this website we would have been unable to receive as much feedback.
10. Conclusion
As shown in this presentation, we have used many different technologies, including the website SlideShare to create this by simply making a PowerPoint arrangement. I think that we have used these technologies in constructing, research, and planning effectively and have added a different dimension to our music video. We have also been innovative with them by creating new effects used in our video. By using the equipment we have managed to plan, build from scratch, and obtain feedback for our creation.