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how to measure communications activities for int. org. & NGOs

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  • 1. Measuring Communications Glenn ONeil Originally presented at the International Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies on 17 December 2008
  • 2. Media & Communications change Knowledge Media & Attitude Communications Behavior change
  • 3. Why Should we Evaluate? Effectiveness To know if we have changed something Efficiency To know what works best
  • 4. Why dont we Evaluate?
  • 5. CreativityBeware quot;One of the most recognized and respected advertising campaigns The ads frequently win prestigious national and international awards source: At the peak of the campaign (2001) US milk consumption actually dropped to its lowest levels Independent researchers indicated that the milk campaign failed to address the main issue of milk consumption amongst young women that it is fattening source: Ries, Fall of advertising & Rise of PR
  • 6. How to Evaluate Outcomes Methods Communication event/activity tracking & activities statistics media & online media monitoring, web visibility metrics, media distribution statistics & content analysis surveys, interviews, focus change to knowledge, groups, tracking attitude & behaviour mechanisms, web metrics case studies, observation change to policies, studies, tracking & activities & practices of monitoring mechanisms targeted institutions
  • 7. Aim Action - Change Organisational Goal Campaign Objective Fight corruption globally in the health By 2008, raise awareness globally of sector. corruption in medical facilities amongst members, partners and health staff; Evaluation Methods governments take a stand on the issue. Visibility: media monitoring of relevant Communication Objectives media. Knowledge: survey with members, By end 2008, at least 50% of members, partners & health officials of partners and health staff in 20 key countries representative sample of 20 key countries. are aware of the issue of corruption in Behaviour (individual): tracking medical facilities. mechanism to record number of members By end 2008, at least 10 Ministries of Health who sign up for the campaign and take publicly take a stand to combat corruption in website actions, number of partners that medical facilities. endorse and use campaign material. Behaviour (government): tracking Communication Activities mechanism to record number of government public statements on - Create website on corruption issues. corruption Evaluation Indicators - Hold five press conferences in key regions. Visibility: Number of items published in the - Create training packs for media. members/partners. Knowledge (awareness): level of - Establish coalition with peak bodies. awareness about corruption amongst - Conduct 10 meetings with health members, partners & health staff. ministries. Behaviour (individual): Number of actions taken by members & partners to endorse campaign. Behaviour (government): Number of governments that publicly take a stand to combat corruption.
  • 8. Example 1: Media Campaign Source: Exploring the Link Between Volume of Media Coverage and Business Outcomes,
  • 9. Example 2: Event Evaluation
  • 10. Example 3: Product evaluation Develop teaching materials Charts & tables used in production Create presentations for clients Used as guidelines for product design Resource Working tool Communication product Used for staff training Training Used by authorities to revise Policy support guidelines Used for training of national partners Used by NGOs to influence debates on regulations
  • 11. Evaluation: Whats Important There is no proof Start with small steps Ask yourself: Is it clear what my media communication activities are trying to achieve?
  • 12. A Final Word However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results Winston Churchill
  • 13. Owl RE Contact Glenn ONeil (Switzerland) Tel +41 (0)76 325 62 13 Website: Blog: