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    Project MCSP-060Project Synopsis

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    Regional Center Code-

    Master of Computer Application

    Course Code : MCSP-060

    Course Title : Project SynopsisDate of Submission : 30th Dec 2011

    Semester : 6th

    Submitted By:-

    Student name: Nisha Devi

    Enrollment No: 084247411

    Guide name: Mr. Anil

    RC Code:

    Semester: 6th

    Signature: ___________________

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    This is to certify that I have prepared this Projectreport entitled School Management System with

    Enrollment No-084247411 under our supervision &guidance. This Project Report is an outcome ofextensive study on the above subject. It isrecommended that the report may be accepted forevaluation.


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    Hereby it is declared that the total idea in this Projecttask is self generated as my in-laws and I am running aschool up to 10th class and solved by me as a paperwork. I have fully tried to assign all valuableinformation.This Project came together with the helpand efforts of our faculty and time-to-time suggestionof our SC counselor. This project could never happenwithout the hard work and kindly suggestion ofFaculties.

    Enrollment: 084247411Name: Nisha DeviSignature: ___________Date: _______________

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    CONTENTS PageNo.

    1. Project Introduction 7a.) Problem statements 8b.) Introduction to the Project 9c.) Objectives of the Project 10

    2. Software Requirements Specification 11-233. Tools Used 24

    a) Hardware used 25b)Software used 26-32

    c) Language used 33-354. Project Analysis 36

    a) Analysis Report 37-435. Database Designing 44

    a) Introduction 45-46b) DFD 47-48c) ERD 49d) Schemas 50-56e) Triggers 57

    6. MDLC 58a) Introduction 59

    b)Gantt Chart 60c) Pert Chart 61d)LFD 62e) Testing 63

    7. Security Measures 64Conclusion 65

    8. a) Limitations 669. Future Application of the Project 6710. Bibliography 68

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    School Management System keeps the following information about itself and its users.

    The Faculty Login, Password, and other authentication information.

    Students details form such as name, address, class, regno, rollno, fathers

    name, faculty name etc.

    Details ofmanaging registration and admissions, time table construction.

    The details of faculty handling different classes, their salary details, leave taken

    in a month, course details etc.

    The fee details for classes.

    The details of semesters and exams like year, sem, marks, grade.

    This School Management System is designed for 10 th standard school keeping all informationin the mind. This System will help the School Staff to find different details of the students andauthenticate to make transactions in the details. Following transaction can be made:

    Finding the list of all the students who are enrolled in different classes.

    Keeping track of those students who have not paid their fee for the month.

    Keeping track of marks secured in semester exams.Keeping track of the information of faculty like name, address, contacts, doj, Dob,

    dep etc.

    Keeping track of salary details of the faculties etc.

    In this way the project will help the school management staff to manage records of faculties as

    well as students and their different status. With the help of login details of a faculty, school

    manager can authenticate that faculty so that only relevant information can be accessed by a


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    The School Management System has been developed to automate the working of various

    schools and provide much needed help in managing the functions of school such as

    admissions and registrations, fee status, faculty details, attendance on daily bases, course

    details, marks details etc.

    Various Activities being carried in the School Management System are as follows:

    a) Keeping and Managing Students record.

    b) Keeping and Managing Fee Record.

    c) Keeping and managing Faculty Detail.

    d) Keeping and managing Course Detail.

    e) Keeping and tracking the Attendance Detail.

    f) Keeping track of Marks Obtained at the end of Semester.

    g) Keeping details of other staff like peon, sweeper and guard etc.

    For the day to day operations of these activities and smooth functioning of the School

    Management System, the School has to keep record of the details of the working at each level

    up to date. All information must be saved before closing the System on daily basis.

    Each faculty has to update the information daily otherwise a default message of incompletedetails will be shown in the login of faculty.

    This System will help to keep track of those students who are not paying fee on time.Each faculty is provided with some authentications on their level so that necessary transactioncan be done on the faculty base.

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    The objectives of the proposed software are as follows:

    1. Automate of the processing of the admissions and registrations.

    2. The keeping of the record of students, Faculties, other staff etc.

    3. To compute the fee of the student on monthly basis.

    4. To automate various reporting activity of faculty such as courses handled and classhandled etc.

    5. To maintain the record of the fee.

    6. To generate the report of students whose fee is pending?

    7. To provide the facility to all faculties to see various records of students through their login.

    8. To provide the facility to access marks of students.

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    School Management System

    Following is a software requirement specification for the given system.

    1. Introduction.

    Purpose of the document: This document aims at educating the term members

    concerned with development of software and those who will be undertaking the project

    in the future.

    Scope of the document: The document has been evolved after a well regulated andseriously conducted requirement analysis for the purpose .It is based on information

    what our term members got from various concerned sources such as relevant

    documents related with students, interviewing school staff members, interviewing the

    authority of the School and after carrying out a questionnaire with few parents. Hence, it

    may reveal some wrong fact if we have been fed with the wrong information form some

    of the above sources.

    The proposed system is developed in for the front end and SQLServer 2005 as a back

    end source. In this system mainly file handling techniques along with database handling are

    used for storing data. It maintains the issue of student admission details, fee details, name and

    address, attendance record and marks details per semester. It is general purpose system. The

    proposed system also provides the facilities of storing information about school staff and other


    The authorities can update any records, edit, and modify the stored record of the school. It

    means any type of difficulties is face by the faculties with their logins will be solved with help of

    this software with an ease. Authorities can be informed about logins problem with this


    Hardware Platform:

    Intel Pentium 1.8 GHz or above versions

    256 Mb DDRRAM

    40 GB HDD

    1.44 MB FDD

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    Implementation Machine:

    Intel Pentium 1.8 GHz or higher versions

    64 MB DDRRAM

    40 GB HDD

    1.44 MB FDD

    2. General Description :

    User Problem Statements:

    Following problems persists in the current system:

    i) It is time consuming.

    ii) It is more prone to faults as it is completely controlled by human beings.

    iii) Absence of reliable convention for taking backup of data.

    iv) It is more insecure.

    v) Difficult to find whether a student has been studying for many years

    vi) No convention for maintaining records of those students who has left the school.

    vii) It is a Herculean task for the School Management to keep an eye over the working of

    the faculties and other discrepancies.

    3. Educational Requirements :

    We have to keep an eye over the technical issues, risks, cost and its dependencies with

    other requirements. Following are these issues considered in detail:-

    (i) Technical issues:

    School Management system is technical feasible and is necessary as per therequirements of the users. The centralized information system can be obtained throughthe computer software. Moreover, following are the major areas, which can bereflected:-

    a) High degree of flexibility in data manipulation, searching, querying, reporting andcorrection work.b) Interchange and sharing and of information are in safe hand as only authorize users can

    log into the system.C) Accuracy in calculations with on chance of

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