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  1. 1. Booth # 446_MD&M Texas Todd Nitsche_CEO Medical Component Solutions
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  3. 3. Established Sept. 2009 Founders are a team of seasoned engineers with extensive background in Medical Device Development and Manufacturing as well as Injection Molding, Assembly and Extrusion Technologies. Market conditions continue to show a demand for quality, rapid product development. Quality, quick turn, low cost tooling. Affordable prices starting around $1,500USD. Continued production and assembly support from the beginning to the end of your product life cycle. A growing need for user friendly web based component buying and support. Provide complete confidentiality on intellectual properties and provide all the support and expertise for a complete package from intitial design, material selection, tooling, production, packaging, filing 510ks, patents and online value added component buying.
  4. 4. EasyLead
  5. 5. EasyLead Design Concept to 4 cavity tooling in 4 weeks
  6. 6. EasyLead Field testing in Careflight unit Exceeded our performance expectations
  7. 7. EasyLead 2 wire clips & 4 wire clips added to kit Field testing warranted a need for additional components to complete the Kit. We saw this as an opportunity to add value to the package at a low cost to our client. 2 weeks and 2 new additional components later, we went back for more field trials. The positive response was overwhelming and we knew that we had what we needed to go to packaging and release the EasyLead kit to the market.
  8. 8. EasyLead
  9. 9. EasyLead
  10. 10. Additionally, without sufficient support, the lead wires or fluid connections may become detached from the patient and cause unnecessary patient treatment or feedback. In particular, many times the wires and tubes connecting the patient to critical care monitoring systems are simply draped over the patients bed and then hang between the bed and the device. This can lead to problems as the weight of the tubing and/or wires can provide a force which tends to detach the device from the patient. 1. there is a need in the art for a device which can prevent tangles in the connections from the patient to the medical device. 2. there is a need for the device to allow the patient freedom of movement. 3. there is a need in the art for the device to support the weight of the connections. Should I protect my invention? Ask yourself a few very basic questions and identify if there is a need in the art. EasyLead
  11. 11. EasyLead Plus 3 Additional swivel fitting releases in April
  12. 12. 3 Additional swivel fitting releases in April EasyLead Plus
  13. 13. EasyLead pkg Front Back
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  15. 15. Questions or Comments: Come see us at our booth #446 for a free sample kit