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Design Features The best technology in the world using globally patented EcoFriendly media-Spirals Bio reactors using Spirals are th the size of Conventional Reactors resulting in compact STPs (Civil Cost) Bio-Reactors designed in modules to permit ease of future Expansion

Bare Minimal Moving Parts for the entire process (Maintenance Free)

Design Features No chemicals need to be added periodically(Maintenance free)

Entire Media submerged in the Reactor (Maximum Wetted Surface Area High Attached Growth )

Unique shape of Spirals permit Fluidization & No Choking in the Bio-Reactor

Spirals support the desired quantity of Bio-Mass in the Reactor with ease, resulting in capability to handle Shock Loads

Design Features Recycle of Sludge from Settling Unit to Bio-Reactor is ELIMINATED

Sludge Digestion Reduces Volume of Sludge Handling (Avoids Mechanical Equipment) Digested Sludge- Free of Odor & Excellent Fertilizer (EcoFriendly)

Design Features Treatment costs less than 1 paisa/liter Guaranteed Quality Treated Water (Conforms to PCB Standards with ease) Treated Water after Filtration fit for Reuse in Flushing, Cooling Tower Makeup, Irrigation, etc.

Re-vamping SolutionsScenario 1: Existing Conventional STPs that need to be scaled up to accommodate an expansion within its premises Introduction of our specialized media APIPL Spirals enhances the capacity of an existing STP without any change in the Bio Reactors

Megafoods Private Ltd, Chennai was initially a 30 KLD plant which was scaled up to 60 KLD with no change in the Civil structure or Electricity consumption

Re-vamping SolutionsScenario 2: Existing STP that do not achieve desired BOD & COD reduction to satisfactory limits resulting in heavy odor & sludge Due to the huge BIO MASS population on APIPL Spirals, Biological reaction takes place in a very rapid manner which helps in achieving the PCB s parameters with ease. The STP after the revamp with Spirals would be free of odor & produce minimal sludge

Re-vamping SolutionsScenario 3: Existing STPs that are high on Power consumption Introduction of APIPL Spirals helps lower the Electromechanical capacity of the STP resulting in lower power usage Return Of Investment using our process was usually found to be within One & a half years

A Comparison Spiral Based Tech Vs Other ProcessesSpirals Mass transfer efficiency high Continuous shearing of bio mass from the media occurs to provide an exceptionally large population of bio mass for treatment.

Other Processes Mass transfer efficiency low tubular shape of media may allow sludge accumulation inside the tube. The generation of bio mass poor compared to spirals.

6 hrs retention in aeration tank for sewage treatment adequate (Makes the Footprint of the STP smaller)

May require at least 12-24 hrs of retention in aeration tank (Makes the Footprint of the STP larger)

Comparison .. Shut down and restart possible with ease as spiral support attached growth (Easy on Maintenance) Shut down and restart sluggish as media floats on water and wetting surface of media inadequate (Tough on Maintenance)

No fine bubble diffusers requiredSaves Power Consumption

Fine bubble diffusers a mustPower Consumption is high

Specific gravity 1.05

Specific gravity 0.98

Comparison .. Shape of Spirals make it swirl and fluidize with slightest disturbance Media floats on water as the shape consists of simple rings with serrations or with diagonals.

As spirals fluidizes along with sludge, no dead pockets in the reactor and no choking occurs in the media

Conventional stacked media accumulates sludge in the aeration tank reducing treatment efficiency.

600 KLD S R M Medical College & Hospital, Kancheepuram dist., Tamilnadu



Incorporation of APIPL Spirals-a globally patented media into our process has resulted in outstanding performance from the numerous wastewater treatment plants installed across the country tangible results and savings, both CapEx and OpEx.

Benefits ..In Overall, the benefits are: Low Power Consumption Low on Maintenance Smaller Foot print No Replacement of Media (Spirals) required Can Handle Shock Loads Simple Up gradation of Treatment Volume Reuse of Quality Water Odor Free & Eco Friendly

SERVICESWe offer technical support for use of spirals in various Processes. For details contact:

AMBIKA PROJECTS (INDIA) PVT. LTD. ,20 / 10, OFFICERS COLONY EXTN., 2ND STREET, MOGAPPAIR CHENNAI 600 050 ?044-26549001/02/03 Fax: 26549004 E mail: dhayal@ambikagroup.in,admin@ambikagroup.in