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Philippine Ports Authority Administrative Order 13-771. Ad valorem- rate means rate based upon the value of the goods. anchor or may ride at anchor w/in the harbor. 2. Anchorage- means a place with sufficient depth of water where vessels 3. Approaches- mean the water area at the port entrance via w/c vessels; 4. Bollard- means a strong post on a ship or dock for holding a hawser 5. Bill of Lading- means the written contract of goods whereby the consignor of goods to the consignee at specific time. fast.

navigate to make for the sheltered or protected water areas in the port.

common carrier for a consideration agrees to deliver on behalf of the


6. Bullion- means ingot of gold or silver regarded as the materials.

7. Buoy- A float moored in water to mark a location, warn of danger, or indicate a navigational channel. 8. Chassis- means an equipment used to carry containers from one place to another under the law by prime movers or tractors as an extension of ships gear unless declared as an importation. 9. Bow- means the extreme forward end of a vessel. 10.Berth- means the part of the pier/wharf that is occupied by a vessel or a place where a vessel may tie up.


11. Bad Order Container- means a container that is physically damaged which 12. Apron- means the area between the transit shed and quay wall.

may allow exposure of cargoes to adverse conditions natural elements and pilferage. 13. Authority- means the Philippine Ports Authority created by PD 505 dated July 11, 1947 as amended by substitution by PD 857 dated December 23, 1975. accommodate containership. carry containers. 14. Container berth- berthing space especially designed and constructed to

15. Containership- means a cargo vessel designed and constructed primarily to



16. Container tally Sheet- means a cargo receipt issued by the ships checker or agent and acknowledged by the arrastre checker as evidence or receipt of containers. 17. Container freight Station- A port facility for loading and unloading containerized cargo to and from ships. floor. 18. Deck- means a platform or roof which a section of a ship holds, serving as 19. Dolphin- means a buoy or spar used in mooring a boat. vertically from this waterline to the lowest part of the hull.

20. Draft- means the depth/ level of the vessel below the waterline, measured


21. Container Terminal- is a facility where cargo containers are transshipped between different transport vehicles, for onward transportation. 22. Container Yard- Port facility at which containers are accepted for loading onboard ships, and off-loaded containers are delivered to the consignees. 23. Control Tower-a signal stations generally located at a place w/c commands a dull view of the container terminal. It supervises by signals telephones, or other means of communicating the movements. 24. Dues- include fees, tonnage and wharfage dues, berthing charges and port

dues and any other dues or fees imposed by virtue of existing law decree 857. for.

25. Dunnage- means a loose packing of any bulky materials port around cargo

26. Excreta- means a waste matter extracted from the body, sweat or urine or feces. 27. Fairway- means a part of a waterway kept open and unobstructed for navigation. 28. Harbor- means a protected part of the sea, lake or other body of water used by vessel as a place of safety. 29. Lash Barge- means a barge on lighter w/c for all intents and purpose, is an extension of the ships equipment or gears used in purely such ships cargo operation. 30. Lash Ship- means a vessel designed and constructed to carry lash barges as containers of cargoes.