Maxims of Pistol Shooting

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<ul><li><p>THE MAXIMS OF PISTOL SHOOTINGTHE MAXIMS OF PISTOL SHOOTINGTHE MAXIMS OF PISTOL SHOOTINGTHE MAXIMS OF PISTOL SHOOTING As I always said, there's nothing new, it's all been done before. Now it's just "Tacti-packaging" and "quasi-wannabee-operator" and "if I told you, I'd have to kill you" weekend-yuppie-gear-queer-commando horse hockey. </p><p>From Dennis Martins excellent work The Iron Hand of War </p><p>--------------------------------------------------- </p><p>Since the original version of this article was published I received feedback from several sources, including Paul Gomez, a respected firearms/combatives instructor from the USA. Paul alerted me to the work of Captain Noel. I had seen the Captain, at advanced age, talking on TV about his Himalayan expeditions, and about doing intelligence work in the region wearing native garb. I never realized that this real character was a noted gunman, but Paul explained. </p><p>Noel wrote How To Shoot With A Revolver in 1918, followed by The Automatic Pistol in 1919 and a later [1940] abridged edition of How To Shoot With A Revolver. In Noels work we see links between Tracy and Grant-Taylor [particularly with the cocking of the gun in route to firing position]. Noel covers firing by instinctive sense of direction utilizing a contraction of the whole hand, as though squeezing water from a sponge, a 45-degree ready position and a vertical lift to threat. He, also, created shoot houses with moving, falling, pop up, and knock down targets. In some cases, he even fitted a blank firing pistol to the hand of a 3D target so that he could cause the hand to raise and fire the gun at the student. </p><p>We know that Tracy eventually went on to command the Southern Command Revolver School at Wareham and that Noel went on to become a revolver instructor at the Small Arms School at Hythe under Major Dudley Johnson in 1921, but thats all I have regarding them as instructors. </p><p>Paul very kindly sent me a copy of Captain Noels 1940 manual, and I was delighted to find the following timeless advice </p><p>THE MAXIMS OF PISTOL SHOOTING </p><p>1] Prove your pistol every time you draw it from the holster. </p><p>2] Never hand over, or, accept a pistol unless proved </p><p>3] The pistol is an ideal weapon for self-defence </p><p>4] Some people mistrust a pistol because they have never learned how to use it. </p><p>5] Gain confidence in your pistol by learning how to use it, and finding out what you can do with it. </p><p>6] The pistol is a weapon of opportunity </p><p>7] You seldom need a pistol, but when you do, you need it mighty badly. </p><p>8] You cannot claim to be a pistol shot unless you are a fast shot </p><p>9] Practice the correct handling of the pistol from the first, then you will handle it by instinct when the moment comes. </p><p>10] Shoot by sense of direction at close quarters </p><p>11] Dont neglect your left hand </p></li><li><p>12] Squeeze your trigger like you squeeze water from a sponge. </p><p>13] The timing of your trigger release just as the sights come aligned to the mark, needs careful practice </p><p>14] Trigger pressing is the secret of pistol shooting. </p><p>15] Pistol shooting is merely a matter of practice </p><p>16] Dont hang on to the trigger, release the finger fully after every shot. </p><p>17] Learn not to fumble. Practice a clean, quick action in drawing and handling your pistol. </p><p>18] Fire by sense of direction in the dark </p><p>19] Fire fast in the dark. </p><p>20] Reload at the first opportunity. Always have a full magazine ready. </p><p>21] Change your pistol from right to left hand according to the corner </p><p>22] Keep cool. Fire fast, but never faster than your best speed or you will miss every time. </p><p>23] The art of quick shooting lies in perfection in the quick alignment of the sights, combined with an instinctive and automatic trigger squeeze. </p><p>24] If you are a good pistol shot you will have nothing to fear from any man in the world. </p></li></ul>


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