Maximising Time

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Maximising Time. Better time management NQT Day 11/10/11 Andy Fitt – Assistant Principal, Itchen 6 th Form College (with thanks to Liz Petheram for ideas). When I was young my mother used to say to me, “To pay for your education, your father and I had to make a lot of sacrifices.” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Maximising Time

The Implications of the new Equality Act

Maximising Time

Better time managementNQT Day 11/10/11

Andy Fitt Assistant Principal, Itchen 6th Form College (with thanks to Liz Petheram for ideas)

1When I was young my mother used to say to me,

To pay for your education, your father and I had to make a lot of sacrifices.

And it was true, because they were both druids.

Milton Jones

Face facts there will ALWAYS be more demands on your time than you can cope with:

But some things you cant change......

So lets look at the areas that we can do something about:

Rarely is the question asked:

Is our children learning?

George W. Bush

Lesson Preparation - 1

Are you using a clear structure for all your lessons?Keep to these ideas and youll find planning gets quicker

Lesson Preparation - 2

Talk to colleagues get ideas from them and share resources dont reinvent the wheel each lesson! Keep your resources for the future.

Lesson Preparation - 3

Ask for help from your head of department/staff in your area/other NQTs/support staff/your NQT manager......

Lesson Preparation - 4

Make sure that the basics are working:

Start on timeInclude a starter activity to allow latecomers to enter without disruption and also to allow you to do the register without being distractedStructure your lesson so you leave enough time for a plenaryFinish promptly (so you can start the next lesson on time!)

To those of you who received honours, awards and distinctions, I say, well done. And to the C students, I say, you too can be President of the United States

George W. Bush, commencement address to graduates of Yale University, 2001

Marking & Feedback - 1

This is the most important part of your job BUT it doesnt have to take all night!

Ask yourself: What do you need to assess? Why are you assessing? What do you need to feed back? Is your feedback appropriate? What will students act on? Do you have to do the marking? (use peer marking/Moodle etc)

Marking & Feedback - 2

Some strategies:

Assess content or skills

Monitor not mark

Using mini-whiteboards

Timed essays

Essay plans

Shorter pieces of workSelf or peer assessment with mark scheme

Student pre marking prior to submission

Mini tests

Cover sheets for targeted feedback

File checks

Their homework is so hard these days .......Its totally done differently to what I was teached when I was at school.

David Beckham, on why he gave up trying to help his 6 year old son with his maths homework

College is breaking my spirit. Every single day, theyre telling me things I dont know. Its making me feel stupid.

Marty, The Gilmore Girls

Planning Ahead - 1

Some strategies:

Use a diary all the time! (Outlook works well!)

Put in all the college dates for the year TOMORROW

Prioritise all your tasks decide what HAS to be done by when (tip prioritise initially by who asks for it if the Principal asks for it, do it before everything else!)

In your diary, backtrack and add an entry showing when you will do important tasks

For example......................

Planning Ahead - 2


Put ALL these three dates in your diary!

Planning Ahead - 3

Keep looking at your scheme of work this will help you plan sequences of lessons

Check you know NOW when the exams for your subject will be

Find out the dates for whole-college events that might stop you from teaching a class add this into your planning

This boy is every inch a fool but luckily for him hes not very tall.

School report comment

Managing your time - 1

Keep LISTS of things to do, otherwise youll forget. (I keep a folder on my computer marked To Do and then add dated lists i.e. October 2011)

DONT check your emails every time you sit down at the computer set yourself a time in the morning and a time in the evening to check these and stick to it

When youve got a lot to do focus on one task at a time and get it done. Set yourself a time limit.

Managing your time - 2

Keep prioritising your key task is to make sure the students can succeed everything else should take a back seat!

Be logical dont spend 2 hours preparing a test that will be done in 10 mins and wont really help you or the students that much.

And above all.............................................

Managing your time - 3

Remember that YOU are your students greatest asset -

Look after yourself:eat wellget enough sleepdont work all the timespend time with your family

Its a great job and it does get easier!

Parent Teacher Night:Lets Share the Blame

Banner hung above the entrance of Springfield Elementary School, The Simpsons