Maximising social media - Dying Matters ... campaign/pledge Facebook, Twitter To attract donations Facebook,

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  • Maximising social media

    During Dying Matters Awareness Week

  • What is social media?

    Social media = websites that use user-generated content. While traditional media is controlled by editors, social media allows users to dictate the agenda.

  • Is social media important?

  • What are the challenges?

    1. Which social media sites to target/lack of know-how

    2. Lack of resource

    3. Finding your voice

  • 1. Most popular sites

    Source: ‘About That First Tweet’, Unity Trust Bank. Survey of 186 charities and social enterprises UK-wide with annual turnover of less than £5million (79% with a turnover under £1million)

  • Which sites for which activities?

    YOUR AIM SUGGESTED CHANNEL To get people to sign up to a campaign/pledge

    Facebook, Twitter

    To attract donations Facebook, Twitter

    To show progress/demonstrate impact Flickr, Facebook, YouTube

    To alert people to events or activities Upcoming, Meetup, Twitter

    To build communities Facebook, My Space, Bebo, Twitter

    To get feedback Web feedback forms - e.g Survey Monkey

    To recruit volunteers Facebook, Twitter

    To recruit staff LinkedIn

    To showcase work/grab attention Pinterest, Instagram

  • What Dying Matters uses

    1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

    You don’t need a presence on every social media platform. Choose the outlets that are popular with your intended audience. By finding the right platforms to reach your target audience you can limit the time spent on social media.

  • Awareness Week social media impact How we did 2011/2012










    2011 Facebook

    2011 Twitter 2012 Facebook

    2012 Twitter

    New followers

    New followers

  • Number of tweets before, during and after Awareness Week 2012

    Hashtag High Point The hashtag #DyingMatters was used more than 300 times on the first day of 2012 Dying Matters Awareness Week

  • Awareness Week social media impact












    YouTube 2011 YouTube 2012

    Number of views

    Number of videos

    Astonishing fact: our YouTube views went up 3,000+ % year-on-year

  • Awareness Week social media impact







    2011 2012

    Unique visitors

    Total page impressions

    Traffic to

    Unique users up 60% year-on-year

    Page impressions up 230% year-on-year

    46% of our 2012 referral traffic was generated by social media, with Facebook leading the way.

  • Find your voice

    • Connect with people in a real way.

    • Don’t broadcast – communicate.

    • Reach out to your community.

    • Show people the real you.

    • Go off agenda occasionally.

    • Celebrate individuals.

    • Be careful what you post – and check your grammar.

    • Don’t overthink it!

  • Measuring your impact

    • Twitter Counter – predicts

    how many followers you will

    reach by when.

    • Future Tweets – lets you

    schedule release of tweets.

    • Topsy – unlike most other

    hashtag tracking services,

    this allows long-term analysis


  • Final Tweet competition What would you say if you had one last tweet?

    "My wallpaper and I are fighting a

    duel to the death. One or the other

    of us has to go."

    ”Goodnight my darlings,

    I'll see you tomorrow."

    "That was a great

    game of golf,


    “Money can’t buy you life.”

    “I must go in, the fog is rising.”

    "Am I dying or is this my birthday?"

    • Being launched soon!

    • Results announced during Awareness Week

    • Hashtag = #FinalTweet

    • Promotion through partner organisations, writing

    clubs and the media

    • Winning and shortlisted tweets will be published

    in a Dying Matters produced collection.

    "I'm going away tonight."

  • Final Chapters 2012

    • Launched to push against the taboos

    of talking about death, dying and


    • Attracted nearly 1,400 entries.

    • High profile awards event.

    • Christopher Owen, an actor and

    writer, won with ‘An Honourable Life’.

    • Winning entries have been printed in

    a book, Final Chapters, RRP £6.00,

    available from the National Council

    for Palliative Care website shop:

  • 5 top tips for supporting Awareness Week

    1. Use the hashtag #DyingMatters if you’re tweeting

    generally, #FinalTweet if you’re tweeting about or

    entering our competition.

    2. Clearly state what you want people to do. Don’t

    say “tweet about this campaign”– give them the


    3. Include personal stories and case studies - great

    way to give your campaign an emotional edge.

    4. Post regularly but don’t overload your followers –

    you’ll risk alienating them.

    5. Running an event? Post images on Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest.

  • Social media – it IS big, but it isn’t scary