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  • 1. Generate More Leads From YourExhibitionFuel Event Activation

2. What the Organiser Doesnt MentionHow to be in the Top 5%There are 350-400 exhibitors in the average trade showThe average attendee only visits 21 standsAnd walk into the exhibition already knowing 75% of the exhibits they want to seeWe want you to be in the top 5% 3. What the Organiser Doesnt MentionFew exhibitors successfully translate their marketing activity into leads acceptable to the theirsales staffWe know from registration companies that less than 20% of exhibitors follow up on generatedleads because the data is either too hard to use or the leads are in a format too hard to exploit How many leads did your last trade show generate? What was your cost per lead? 4. Event Sales ActivationOutcomes 5. Brand Awareness Raise national awareness of theimportance of International HumanitarianLaw (IHL) Use non traditional channels to achieveeffective cut through Inspire debate Campaign achieved global coverage andmassive national media engagementacross radio, online, TV and press Drove huge controversy via talk backradio over a week and significantlyincreased awareness 6. Integrated Pre-Event & In Show Launch Target $200,000+ car buyers Fully BTL integrated campaign to cast ahalo over entire Nissan vehicle range Drive GT-R sales enquiry Maximize extremely limited budget todeliver national launch Every GT-R sold (200) before landing inthe country Purchase price $175,000 7. Event Campaign & Lead Generation Demystify blood and generate ongoingdonor commitment Build a travelling exhibition solution for allnational cities as well as smaller regionalfootprint Encourage visitation and blood typeawareness Achieved 27,000 visits nationally +195% Test targets +158% Over 2.5 years of donation pledges in 11hours 8. Pre & In Event Lead Generation Drive awareness of BMW bike range Generate Dealership traffic and test rideenquiry Deliver fully integrated campaign within 4weeks on small budget Achieved more test rides in 4 weeksfrom campaign activity than the entireprevious year for Southgate BMW 9. In Show Visitor Activation Develop an exhibition theme for theAustralian Pharmacy ProfessionalConference Drive engagement with brand Effectively capture data Draw on our newly developed Guildproposition advice that matters A record 1,600 delegates visited thestand with more than 2,500 pieces ofadvice posted leading to over 120meetings post the event 10. Display Activation Create a presence for launch in valuableAB demographic high traffic areas - airport Capture prospect enquiry and drive salesthrough purchase funnel Over 7,000 brochures taken Over 8,000 visitor interactions Over 56,000 kiosk navigations Average dwell time over 6 minutes Test Drives generated 78 11. Pre Event & In Show Visitor Activation Drive attendance to Australia largestFranchise expo Ensure exhibitors extract maximum value Empower visitors to take control of theirworking lives Pre-Registration 237% above target Across Syd, Per, Mel & Bri we increasedvisitor by 89% in 2009 & a further 14.3%in 2010 $28m of sales leads generated 79.5% of visitors rated the eventsuccessful or betterWinner - 2009 Most Innovative Marketing Campaign / Winner - 2010 Most Innovative Marketing Campaign /Finalist 2011 Most Innovative Marketing Campaign at the Exhibition & Event Australasia Awards 2009 12. Pre Event & In Show Visitor Activation Generate more leads and sales at Fitness Extend market appeal without losingbusiness value to visitors Even on an target increase of 6% Fueldelivered a 22% return. Lifted trade numbers by over 200% Consumer visitors increased by morethan 76% Generated almost 20,000 visitors, anumber previously thought unattainablefor Fitness 13. Pre Event & In Show Visitor Activation Drive stand attendance Design & build a reusable stand Promote 4 different brands under the onestand solution Achieved record attendance at stand Over 1,500 attendees entered standcompetition from newspaper wrap Over 3,000 oversized show bags usedpromoting Symbion brand 14. Our AdvantageFuel Event Activation 15. Our AdvantageInnovation & executionfocused on your ROIFuel is a campaign agency focused on ROIWe are experts at delivering leads through integrated campaign activityWe have the connections and experience to leverage your exhibition organisers and suppliersWhich is why we are the agency of choice across 8 of Australia largest business and consumereventsAnd used for global event by clients including, BMW, Symbion Pharmaceutical, The GuildGroup, Moonlight Cinemas, Diversified Exhibitions, Australian Red Cross, Nissan Australia andmore.With our data capture, management and reporting expertise we provide leads that are customprepared for your sales staff 16. Innovative Approach Integrated thinking Demonstrates connectivity andoutcome focus Simple to understand & sell in 17. Your InvestmentDecide on the right fit1. Unleaded 2. Regular3. Hi Octane Campaign creative Event campaign creative Event campaign creative Integrated event Integrated event Integrated eventapproach, strategy & planning approach, strategy & planning approach, strategy & planning In show campaigning Pre event & in show Stand design Database, Lead Management campaigning Pre event & in show& follow up Database & Lead Capture campaigning Campaign Metrics Reporting DM & eDM strategy, activity & Database, Lead Management &deploymentfollow up Microsite, registration DM & eDM strategy, campaign Competition & creative Social Media campaigning Media planning & management Campaign Metrics Reporting Microsite, registration Competition Social Media campaigning Campaign Metrics Reporting $20k circa $50k circa $100k circa 18. Next StepWant to:1. Discover how leading exhibitors achieved results exceeding 200% of target2. Triple your investment impact3. Generate measured returns from your exhibition investment &4. Sell more products to more customers more oftenthen a 30 min catch up with Fuel could be the best decision you make this year.Call Fuel on +61 3 8415 8600 and let us show you how. 19. Increase Exhibition Return Discover how to be in the top 5% before you even bump in Use proven in-show activation to capture a huge portion of the visitor market Ensure your leads can be easily followed up by the sales team once the show isdone, and Create real, measurable returns from your investment in the exhibition If youre hoping to generate leads at an exhibition this year then a 30 mincatch up with Fuel could be one of the best decisions you make in 2012.Call Fuel on +61 3 8415 8600 and let us show you how. 20. Section front pgHeading level 2 subhead