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Math Department RTI Program. By: Lisa Russell Melissa Forbes Sarah Trexler Katie Killam Emily Jorgensen. How do we know when kids are struggling?. NWEA Scores- 225 or below Progress Monitoring Tools (pre-post assessments GPA Teacher Observation/Interaction with students. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Math Department RTI Proposal</p> <p>Math Department RTI Program</p> <p>By: Lisa Russell</p> <p>Melissa Forbes</p> <p>Sarah Trexler </p> <p>Katie Killam</p> <p>Emily JorgensenHow do we know when kids are struggling?</p> <p>NWEA Scores- 225 or below</p> <p>Progress Monitoring Tools (pre-post assessments</p> <p>GPA</p> <p>Teacher Observation/Interaction with students</p> <p>Cartoonstock.comTier I-In the ClassroomLiteracy StrategiesDifferentiated InstructionPreferential Seating Formative/Summative Assessments to meet different learning stylesCooperative Learning/GroupingSkill Building separate from the daily lessonInclusion ModelAfter School Instruction</p> <p>3Tier II Extra Supports Outside the Regular ClassroomAfter School Instruction or Extra Supports during study halls/homeroom/RTI Class (small group instruction) for re-teaching, pre-teaching, and homework helpRTI Math Lab-open to all students in Core 3 and Core 4 needing extra supportsTier III When All Else FailsWe do not currently have Tier III supports for the math departmentWhat we do is request a SAT meeting and possibly request Special Education testing</p> <p>Funpen.orgWhat will we accept as evidence of success?Higher GPAHigher ConfidenceCompleting HomeworkComing to school more oftenCompleting ClassworkImprovement on NWEA ScoreMore Class ParticipationImprovement on Progress Monitoring</p> <p> ListRTI Coordinator/Specialist (Title I Math)Support with Master ScheduleSupport with Student SchedulingRTI TeamNo RTI Math Lab, add an extra RTI class for Core 3/Core 4</p>


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