MATERIALS DEVELOPER II – POLYMERS Nike DEVELOPER II – POLYMERS . Nike . Portland, ... expertise in polymers and composites to fuel and support strategic developmental efforts ... basketball ...

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  • 8-27-13 JOB OPENING


    Portland, Oregon Description: As our Materials Developer II within the Materials Innovation (MI) team, you'll develop and apply material expertise in polymers and composites to fuel and support strategic developmental efforts within Nike's Footwear innovation Kitchen (iK). You will be asked to integrate polymers expertise into strategic development programs across soccer, basketball, running and football categories. There will be a wide range of material areas you will be asked to work within, including but not limited to, injection and compression molded polymers including thermoplastics, thermoplastic elastomers, thermosets, adhesives, additives, etc. Duties:

    Collaborate with Senior Material Researchers to develop MI's point of view for new polymeric solutions for a variety of processes and applications.

    Follow leads by product designers, developers and Sr. Researchers while integrating ideas in a team environment.

    Be involved in the overall process of product development from acceleration through launch. Work with Materials and Mechanics (M&M) Lab personnel to interpret test results of developmental

    materials to insure that relevant materials meet all required standards. You'll also collaborate with the M&M Lab Manager to establish test methods for materials research projects that fall outside the normal realm of industry standard procedures; using testing resources outside Nike lab when appropriate.

    Continually research and analyze new materials opportunities and technologies in the marketplace. Provide on-line information and conduct presentations and educational seminars to developers,

    designers, and other interested groups. Requirements:

    M.S. or Ph.D. in Polymer Engineering, Polymer or Material Science, Mechanical or Chemical Engineering, or related field.

    Familiarity with state-of-the-art technologies in thermoplastics, thermoplastic elastomers and thermosets. Ability to communicate effectively and work under tight timelines and with limited information. Strong interpersonal effectiveness, project management and data-based decision making (i.e. statistical

    methods). Ability to work with a moderate level of guidance and direction and effectively elevate strategic concerns

    to senior management in a timely manner. Ability to make decisions within guidelines and policies that impact own priorities and allocation of time to

    meet deadlines. Self-motivated, driven to exceed expectations, and strong team orientation. Prior Six Sigma certification and project management experience is highly desired. Prior experience in composites, materials development and state-of-the-industry fabrication methods is a

    plus. Up to 5 years' relevant work experience preferred.

    Contact: Apply online at Stacy Hoffman Americas Talent Acquisition


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