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Marsha Kent is a thorough marketing professional with years of rich experience. Her forte is the Infomercial. Adept in the diverse and intricate skills of marketing, she is all at once a product connoisseur, an infomercial producer, in fact much, much more.


<p>Marsha Kent the Call Centres role in DRTV Marketing</p> <p>Article Body:</p> <p>Marsha Kent, the pioneer in DRTV marketing talks profoundly about the importance of a good Call Centre in the DRTV ensemble. A responsive Call Centre, using a wide range of sophisticated software, answers inbound, or places outbound telephone calls. To handle the high volumes of inbound calls, and place outbound calls, the call centre should be suitably equipped. Ideally, a good, hi-tech Call Centre should have the following facilities: Customized entry system for placing orders with web access</p> <p> Scalable answering and call routing</p> <p> Caller identification with pop-up order screen</p> <p> Automation of call distribution environment</p> <p> Call recording facilities</p> <p> Call Centre reporting facility.According to Marsha Kent , making use of the services of the Call Centre will take a big load off the marketer. Apart from the basic services that they offer, Call Centers are also equipped with other skills: Skills-based routing</p> <p> Upselling</p> <p> Save-the-sale</p> <p> Save-the-continuity</p> <p> Well-trained call centre staff</p> <p> Multi-lingual customer service.Marsha Kent advocates some detailed research before choosing the right customer centre. She says that a call centre can be suitably customized and adapted to your specific needs. Moreover, you will need to invest some time in training your representatives in understanding your product thoroughly, before answering calls of consumers. A well-laid out, detailed script is also of prime importance. This will have to be given to the call centre staff for interacting with customers who call up with their queries. According to Marsha Kent, computer scripting is also important in facilitating any last-minute changes in strategy.After garnering years of experience in product marketing, advertising and sales, Marsha Kent started Kent Television Marketing in the late 80s. This was a time when the direct response television industry was in its infancy, and had just begun to make its presence felt. Thus began her foray into the world of infomercials, with her launching the Miracle Blade I Infomercial going on air in 1990. The program which was all about a set of multi-purpose knives, took the country by storm, raking in sales of $1 million in just 3 weeks of its being aired on television. The Miracle Blade is now running its 4th version on the Infomercial, and according to market reports, over 12 million knives have been sold since 1989, proving how adept Marsha Kent was in her judgment of the direct response markets. Marsha Kent feels that it is important to reinforce key selling messages at regular intervals. When producing the Infomercial, it is also necessary to involve well-known people like celebrities, who can endorse the product. Marsha Kent has always made the use of people who can vouch for the products that are being marketed. This leads to a sub-conscious mind buy for the consumer. When you use a well-known actor or a sportsperson, you have already made inroads into the consumers mind. Marsha Kent says. It becomes that much easier to get your point across. There is a sense of security in the mind of the consumer. An endorsement by the celebrity works in full favor of an appeal getting built up for the product, says Marsha Kent.To know more about her please visit Resource box:</p> <p>Marsha Kent has an uncanny ability for success. She is spot on, all most all the time! She always has the perfect antidote to failure. Companies who are trying to make their presence in the industry seek her out for helping them to launch their products can contact her here or to know more about her please visit</p>