Marketing with Instagram Like a Pro

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Marketing with Instagram Like a Pro


  • Marketing with Instagram

    The use of mobile devices for accessing the Internet is growing exponentially and

    estimates now predict that 50% of people will access online content on mobile devices

    as early as 2015. At the same time, the use of social media on mobile devices is

    growing at a similar rate. This is the major reason why you need to implement a

    mobile social media strategy. A mobile-centric web presence is particularly important

    for local marketing since the majority of people use a smartphone when searching for

    local content.

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    Facebook has a user base that has grown beyond 1 billion people. What it has lacked,

    however, is the type of passionate community that embraces the visual aspect of

    communication and has propelled applications like Pinterest and Instagram to the

    forefront of social media marketing.

    Photo sharing fits perfectly with the visual aspect of sharing interests and ideas. As

    such, it is a powerful method that you can use to engage people and motivate them to

    actively help in marketing your products or services. This they can do by sharing your

    photos with their friends on different social media sites.

    To showcase your photos to as wide an audience as possible, you want to connect

    your Instagram account to a selection of social media sites. You can then use your

    mobile phone or a web browser to post our photos to these sites.

    To illustrate how you can embed a marketing message with your photos, we will look

    at a few examples.

    However, before we do this, lets look at what type of photos you can create and utilize in combination with social media marketing. Here are some ideas of the type of

    photos you can take and share.

  • Define Your Marketing Plan

    You need to define how photo sharing fits into your overall social media strategy.

    Here are some considerations that you need to address and incorporate into your

    overall strategy.

    Define how you will integrate your Instagram strategy with other social media

    channels. To which particular social media sites will you post your pictures?

    Define how you can best tag and label your photos and how you can best use

    hashtags to build more views.

    Establish and maintain a consistent posting frequency in order to grow your


    The photos you post must be of a consistent, high quality.

    Determine if you want your clients to upload their photos to your account and,

    if so, how you can monitor their quality.

    Determine who and in what specific manner somebody in your organization

    can respond to comments made about your photos and thank visitors for their


    Set clear guidelines on how not to respond to negative comments and

    participate in any sort of flaming.

    What Type of Photos to Share

    Here are some ideas of the type of photos you may want to share.

    Share your story and your clients story. Take people behind the scene of your company and show photos of clients using your product or service.

    Photos that depict a service session. Examples may include hair styling,

    makeup sessions, spa sessions, vehicle services, delivery services, home

    services and anything of this nature.

    Product photos of any kind.

    Workspace or studio photos.

    Photos from product promotion session like fashion shows and any type of

    product related trade fair.

  • Once you have shared these photos on social media sites, you can promote user


    Monetizing Instagram Photos

    The image shown below illustrates the standard dialog you will see when you upload

    a photo to Instagram.

    On this screen, you can enter a comment that includes a link directly to a product or

    sales page.

    You can also, as an alternative, enter a comment and a Call-to-Action directly onto a

    photo. To do this, use an app like InstaText which is available from the Apple


    You have several alternatives for monetizing your Instagram photos. You can


    Affiliate offers.

    CPA offers.

    Your own products.

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