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Aireen Y. Clores

Marketing Plan3/13/20101

Market SummaryMarket: Past, present, and futureBicol provides the framework for the sustainable development of the tourism industry anchoring on a secure environment and the proper promotion and utilization of its natural attractions, and development of world class facilities.It proposes the development of four key eco-tourism destinations and the establishment of intra and inter-regional linkages with other destinations of the region and the country.


Market Summary:4 Key Eco-destinations in Bicol RegionMayon Volcano in Albay

Mt. Isarog in Camarines Sur

Whaleshark Butanding Interaction in Donsol Sorsogon

Bulusan Lake in Bulusan, Sorsogon

Market SummaryMarket: Past, present, and futureMarketing and institutional components shall be addressed with adequate financial support from the national and local governments and from the private sectors.OBJECTIVES: to put Bicol in the world tourism map by:Increased tourist arrivals;Employment generation; andIncreased income from domestic and foreign tourists expenditure

Situational Analysis:STRENGHTS:Bicol region is the tourism hub on account of its unique natural wonders and warm people The region is rich in both natural and man-made destinations.Tourist Arrivals in Bicol region increased, posting 45.6% growth in 2008. Tourists receipts in all provinces of the region increase between 2007 and 2008, except in CatanduanesTourism-oriented establishments (TOEs) in the region increased by 5.7% from 281 in 204 to 297 in 2006. these are classified as hotels (standard & economy), inns, pension house, apartelle, dormitory, resorts, and hostels. Homestay sites are also included in the list.

Situational Analysis:Weakness:At present, there are inadequate accommodation facilities in the four key eco-tourism sites particularly in Sorsogon.Weak enforcement of environmental laws on eco-tourist destinations, such as the Fisheries Code that prohibits the fishing of endangered species (whalesharks or butanding) and the Eco-tourism Code.

Situational Analysis:Opportunities:Tourism-oriented establishments (TOEs) in the region increased by 5.7% from 281 in 204 to 297 in 2006. these are classified as hotels (standard & economy), inns, pension house, apartelle, dormitory, resorts, and hostels. Homestay sites are also included in the list.There were 278,363 jobs generated from tourism during the period 2004-2006

Situational Analysis:OpportunitiesInitiate trainings and seminars for the tourism stakeholders to provide quality services and upgrade industry skills in the operation of tourism establishments. This include: Tour guiding techniquesTourism awareness seminarStrategic planning workshopDestination packaging and validationTourist receptionWaitering and bartendingTourist handlingPublic safetyCulinary tour workshop and Basic inn keeping procedures for the homestay prograg.

Situational AnalysisOpportunitiesSTOP (Security of Tourists Operational Program was launched (2006) aims to enhance disaster management and security capabilities among tourism stakeholders

Threats: Promotional activities need to be improved and sustained to gain greater international exposure.

Product Definition:TOURIST DESTINATIONSCamarines Sur Water Sports Complex caputured the international market so as CAMSURs Caramoan Peninsula where Suvivor Franchise Series (France & Bulgaria)Tourist Destinations can be linked with the Four Eco-tourism Sites in the Bicol Region


Product Definition:TARGET MARKET:Targeting tourist arrivals for 2010 to 5 millionTargeting investors for the creation of more tourism economic zonesBicol does not focus on investments on tourism gateways but also the travelling public both domestic and international market. Bicol targets:Cultural Heritage TouristsOutdoor enthusiasts andClimate-conscious travelers who match their demographic profileTarget mature travelers with time and discretionary income.

Product Definition:With the opening of Caramoan, gives tourist a splendid experience on island hopping a new meaning. Great ocean adventures for kayakers, snorkel, and scuba dive experience the diverse marine life, trek and search for the enigmatic lagoon, rock climbing and cave exploration.

Product DefinitionInfrastructure Support Facilities:Transport Accessible by land, air and sea transportation facilities. Maintains and operates seven functional airports, with Legazpi City as the only trunk line airport which has landing facilities and can accommodate aircrafts like Boeing 737 jets.By land is most convenient as bus serviceCommunicationNDD & IDD services, mobile network facilities and network system, express postal delivery and courier services are readily available.

PositioningSustainable Marketing and PromotionShowcasing the best of Bicolandia through marketing and promotion activities with the use of tri-mediaAttractionsProducts ServicesPromotional activities conducted and participated by the DOT in cooperation with other government agencies, local government units, non-government organizations and private sector organizations.ASEAN Tourism ForumVIZ-MIN Travel and Lifestye ExpoBicol Food Festival andOther Media Invitational Tours


PositioningSustainable Marketing and PromotionFestivals on the average, 20 major festivals being conducted in the region every year showcasing the best arts, crafts, music and dances that instill the culture of tourism in the community.Tourism services are likewise provided in the region, through the production of tourism collaterals and the presence of DOT information counters and tourism websites.Two official websites:

Communication StrategiesThe national government should provide funds to finance tourism facilities and support infrastructure.The local government units should prioritize off-site developments that are basic to the tourism industry and ensure that the community is tourism-ready.Maintaining peace and order in major tourist destinations is also imperative to attract both domestic and foreign tourists.3/13/201017

Communication StrategiesLarge scale investments such as the development of new attractions of international standard, new hotels, resorts and other tourism-oriented establishments are private sector-led.

The government should create favorable investment climate for the private investors to come in.

Packaging and Fulfillment of Strategies:To attain its objective:Sustainable Development of Key and Potential Ecotourism Destinations.The LGUs shall undertake the development of key eco-tourism destinations in the region, which shall be in accordance with the National Eco-tourism Strategy Program.Tourism Destination Rhabilitation/DevelopmentImprovement of existing major tourist destinations and development of priority tourism areas/assets in the regional and/or provincial tourism core. This will also include development of new destinations/attractions in the southeastern part of the region to complement the tourism activities of the Central Philippines Super Regions. 3/13/201019

Packaging and Fulfillment of Strategies:To attain its objective:Tourism Support Facilities DevelopmentProvision of necessary infrastructure and service facilities that will improve access to eco-tourism sites and other major tourist destinations in the region by the national and local governments. Tourism Marketing and Promotion.Aggressive marketing and promotions here and abroad through print and broadcast media(1) rehabilitation and improvement of existing visitor and information centers, and the construction of new information counters in strategic locations; (2) development of tourism collaterals and tour packages that will link the key eco-tourism sites and other destinations in the region with the Central Philippines, other regions of the country, and the world; (3) provision of support to the LGUs and the private sectors for the conduct of festivals in the region; and (4) conduct/participation to tourism and trade fairs, exhibits, travel expo, travel mart, investment missions, etc.

Packaging and Fulfillment of Strategies:To attain its objective:Institutional DevelopmentConduct of trainings/seminars for the DOT and other concerned regulatory agencies, local government units, service providers, tourism frontliners and the community for better accommodation of tourists in the area. This will also include the passage of tourism-friendly ordinances and the delivery of support services such as security and safety, peace and order, signages and billboards, sanitation and beautification.

Major Programs and Projects:Development of Key and Potential Eco-tourism Destinations. This aims to provide an integrated and coordinated mechanism for eco-tourism development in the Philippines. The following destinations will be developed: Mayon Volcano Natural Park in Lidong, Sto. Domingo Mt. Isarog/Consocep in Ocampo and Tigaon, Cam. Sur Caramoan Tourism Development Project in Caramoan, Camarines Sur Bulusan Nature Trek and Mountain Resort in Bulusan, Sorsogon Manta Bowl Development in San Jacinto, Masbate 3/13/201022

Major Programs and Projects:Tourism Destination Rehabilitation/Development. The objective of the project is to improve existing major tourist destinations and the development of priority tourism areas/assets in the regional and/or provincial tourism core. The following are the major projects: Cagsawa Park Rehabilitation in Daraga, Albay Mayon View Park Development at the Ligon Hill, Legazpi City Sun West Wharf Development Project, Legazpi City Capitol Complex Tourism Development Project, Pili, Camarines Sur Lake Buhi Rehabilitation and Development Project, Buhi, Camarines Sur Culture and Arts Develo

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