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Presented to Sage VARs at a workshop at the business partner conference.

Text of Marketing On A Shoestring Budget 5 14 09 Final

  • 1. Marketing on a shoestring budget GEN31 Tom Hume VP Channel Marketing

2. CPE Credit

  • In order to receive CPE credit for this session you must be present for the entire session.
    • Session code:GEN31
    • Recommended CPE credit =1
    • Delivery Method = Group Live
    • Field of Study = Specialized Knowledge and Applications
  • Visit the Continuing Professional Education kiosks to enter CPE credit during the conference.

3. Learning Objectives

  • After participating in this session, you will be able to:
    • Understand a variety of proven tactics that can be the cornerstone of a low cost marketing campaign
    • Learn marketing investment priorities with limited marketing dollars
    • Leave with at least 5 immediately actionable (and free) resources or techniques

4. The sky is falling.. 5. But wait..

  • In the two years following a recession, firms that invested more in marketing (during the downturn) realized a 4.3% increase in their ROI compared to companies that simply maintained or even cut their level of marketing effort
    • (Source: PIMS Associates/Strategic Planning Institute, 2008)
  • Firms that increase their marketing activity during a recession grow significantly faster than firms that maintain or decrease their marketing spend.
    • (Source: Journal of Strategy & Leadership, Vol.31, Issue 4)

6. Some examples of successful marketing during a recession are:

  • Proctor and Gamble successfully marketed Ivory Soap during the Great Depression.
  • Intel initiated the campaign "Intel Inside during the 1990-1991 recession.
  • Wal-Mart launched its "Every Day Low Prices" campaign in 2000-2001.

7. But ask yourself, is this you?

  • A study recently determined firms entering a recession with:
    • an entrepreneurial culture
    • spare production capacity
    • a sufficient reserve of under-utilized workers
    • a pre-established strategic emphasis on marketing
    • cash
  • are best positioned to approach recessions as opportunities to strengthen their competitive advantage .

8. Two types of people

  • People who will take the time to save money
  • People who will spend money to save time

Ideas to save you money. maybe even some time Better planning will always save you money! 9. You Start Out With The Four Narrowing Must Dos

  • Narrow Your Target Market
    • Find more customers like your best customers

10. You Start Out With The Four Narrowing Must Dos

  • Narrow your core marketing message
    • Why do your best customers do business with you?
    • Stand out, be different and build all lead activities around owning that difference

11. You Start Out With The Four Narrowing Must Dos

  • Narrow the gap between your prospects and what you know about them
    • Clean up your CRM system
    • Put someone in charge
    • Give everyone a way to collect data and centralize it
    • Identify the data you want to collect
    • Use the data

12. You Start Out With The Four Narrowing Must Dos

  • Narrow the gap between you and your customer
    • Bring them into your marketing mix
    • Give them something they dont expect
    • Referrals


  • Why Referral Marketing is so important?
  • People actually like to give referrals
  • Referrals are less competitive & more profitable
  • Referrals position your brand
  • Referrals provide credibility and trust
  • Referrals generate more loyalty
  • Focus on creating referrals makes you better

Referral Marketing is#1 most cost effective 14. Referral Marketing is#1 most cost effective

  • 1,000 purchased
  • prospect list

1% response rate 10 raw leads 50% qualified 5 qualified leads 50% close rate 2.5 sold deals ASP $5K : $12.5K sold $5K (DM, TM) =1:3 ROI Traditional DR campaign 100 customers 5% referrals 5 referral leads 80% qualified 4 qualified leads 75% close rate 3 sold deals ASP $5K : $15K sold $500 (RP) =1:30 ROI Systematic Referral Program 15. How to Build a Referral System

  • Get crystal clear on who you want to give referrals .
  • Get crystal clear on who makes a good referral .
  • Communicate your value proposition .

16. Maintaining an effective referral system

  • Whats your referral offer?
  • Continue marketing to referrals
  • Close-loop referrals


  • Need help getting started?
  • Duct Tape Marketing
  • Referral Flood Program
    • $399 4 week program
  • Spectrum Services Group
    • Referral Rewards Program
    • 4 week program to build a plan
    • Five Referral Marketing piece branded to your company
    • Follow-up reminders to help you stay on track
    • $795 18. Public Relations

  • Permission Marketing helps get you press
      • Find out who your best customers are reading
      • Offer yourself as an expert

19. Public Relations

  • HARO
        • Summary: ERP and manufacturing, Name: Jim Romeo
        • Email:
        • Title: Freelance Writer
        • Media Outlet/Publication: TechTarget
        • Deadline: 4:00 PM EASTERN - September 5
        • "I'm on assignment for TechTarget for an article on ERP for the manufacturing industry. I'm seeking industry experts and sources to discuss same.
  • Make Your Press Release Work Harder - Press Release Grader
  • News Release Program Exclusively for Sage Partners
      • Juice Marketing
  • Press Releases
  • PR includes listeningto what others say about you -Google Alerts, , (track blogs), yourself where you have commented), and filters based on the stories you read most)

20. Your Web Site

  • Think of your website as your best sales rep
  • Your website has the answers
  • The marriage between marketing, sales and the web site
  • Your site is the destination capture the leads

21. At a minimum, does your website

  • display a phone number prominently on the home page
  • have a place to request additional info
  • show compelling reasons to do business with your company
  • have current info on it
  • share biographies of your top talent
  • offer a blog (RSS feed), social networking links
  • use an application to track performance
  • share customer testimonials/success stories
  • Give the reader a reason to come back


  • Zift Solutions
  • Partners get
    • Current, relevant product information and industry news publishedautomaticallyto your Web site current
  • Partners will be able to
    • Enhance partner Web siteswith the latest product information; personalized to fit your company's brand and message
    • Improve lead generationwith integrated prospect collection forms
    • Run campaignsproviding product communications around special offers and ongoing news

Inexpensive way toupdate content 23. You maintain control over what is displayed on your site with capabilities to add notes, reorder stories, remo