Marketing Automation: One Step at a Time

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  • 1. Marketing Automation: One Step at a TimeDavid M. RaabRaab Associates Inc. January 12, 2012 #AOWEB

2. We have a problem #AOWEB 3. We have a problem #AOWEB 4. We have a problem #AOWEB 5. We have a problem #AOWEB 6. Barriers #AOWEB 7. Barriers #AOWEB 8. SolutionsTraining #AOWEB 9. SolutionsEase of Use#AOWEB 10. SolutionsServices #AOWEB 11. SolutionsIncremental#AOWEB 12. What Really Matters: New Best Practices#AOWEB 13. SolutionsIncremental#AOWEB 14. Customer Management Systems EmailReports &Web visitoranalysisSearch tracking marketing Landing pagesSocial mediaMarketingautomation CRM/sales Web site database automationWeb events campaigns scoringCall center content mgtAdvertising OperationalsystemsDirect mail#AOWEB 15. Really?#AOWEB 16. Step 1: Replace Existing Systems Test program, end-to-end Balance of programs Decommission old systems Party! #AOWEB 17. Step 2: Start Making Changes Criteria: Easy todeploy Easy tomeasure High reward Foundationfor change#AOWEB 18. Step 2: Start Making Changes Consider: Responsereports Landing pages Emailsegments Drip campaigns Formal testing Sales access#AOWEB 19. Step 3: Make Deeper Changes Long-term goals: Sales alignment Measurement Marketing processes Lifecycle mapping Content development #AOWEB 20. Foundations for Success Make a plan Assign resources Provide leadership Build in rewards Measure progress#AOWEB 21. Thank YouMarketingautomation is Worth doing Easier in stages Built on bestpractices #AOWEB 22. Thank You David M. Twitter: @draab#AOWEB 23. Act-On Integrated Marketing PlatformWorld Class E-Mail Complete Set of Tools Approach and TermsMarketing Core and on One Platformthat WorkDeliverability Drip, Web Analytics, Start Simple, Automate 3rd Generation EmailLanding Pages, Forms, at Own PaceScoring, CRM Integration, No Extra Cost for Social Media, Reporting Affordable Pricing; Month-Deliverabilityand More to-Month Contracts Focus Usability, Simplicity Live Customer Support and Manageability At No Additional Costs 24. Thank You!Within 24 hours:You will receive an email withwhite paper, webinar recording, slides and Act-On Information.Learn more about Act-On:Join our weekly 30-minute live demoAnd more:


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