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From the May 2010, American Marketing Association (AMA) Marketing News. Article is Marketers To Watch, featuring 5 up-and-coming marketers.

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  • 1. 18 Marketers to Everyone knows who the B-to-B marketing CMO stars arepeople such as Beth Comstock at GE and Kathy Button Bell at Emerson come to mind. But what about the next generation of talent, people below the CMO level who are having outsized impacts on their companies marketing e orts? People who we very well may be talking about as the CMO stars of 2015 or 2020? Marketing News set out to nd themasking a variety of industry sources. These ve are by no means the only up-and-comers out there. But they point the way for others to excel in their marketing posts. Heres what theyre doing and what they have to say about marketing. BY THE MARKETING NEWS STAFF Jason L. Cordova How will you get there? Im very fortunate in my current role to work across the GE portfolio Age 31 and to work with some brilliant marketers. e real key is to continue Company General Electric Co.; Faireld, to get industry depth and knowledge and to continue learning from Conn. those people. e more were able to do that, the more e ective we are. Title Director of Strategic Marketing What is the most important thing youve done to get Job Description Cordova is responsible for you where you are today? a number of key initiatives, including part- I would say the biggest thing that Ive taken away is just continuous nering with GE businesses to identify and learning, taking the time and understanding from very smart people leverage customer insights across GE and what you can learn. enabling the marketing function via an inter- nal professional/social network platform. Cordova joined GE in 2006 a er stints at REFERENCE Mentoring Minds, an educational publisher, Jason is not afraid to jump into situations where he knows he is not at IBM and at his own sports management an industry expert, yet he is willing to help, says Stephen J. Liguori, company earlier in his career. He spent two executive director of global marketing at GE. He has contributed years in GEs Experienced Commercial Lead- on meaty marketing projects in GE businesses as diverse as aviation ership Program, learning about a variety of GE and mining. The fact that he has a good strategic head on his shoul- businesses. I love marketing, its a great place ders and takes a team-based approach to learning is a large part to be right now; I just cant imagine a better function, he says. of what makes him e ective. He can always be counted on to bring an external customers view to the situation with ideas on how to Where do you want to be in ve years? incorporate them. 05.15.10 In broad strokes, I would love to be in a CMO or leadership role, or maybe a pro t-and-loss role for one of the GE businesses. I hope to What can new marketers learn from Jason? Listen intently to your continue to grow and learn and have more responsibility to really clients and then formulate an action plan, based on your knowledge create impact. and their input, to move the ball forward. marketingnews
  • 2. 19 Alex Bender Age 42 Company Archer Technologies/RSA (a division of EMC); Overland Park, Kan. Title Director of O er Marketing at RSA, formerly Vice President of Marketing at Archer Technologies Job description Bender is responsible for leading Archers marketing team and all its initiatives, including lead generation, channel and Web marketing and analyst relations. Previously, Bender held senior product marketing management positions at Tripwire, Unicru and McAfee. When Alex Bender joined Archer Technologies four years ago it was a $10 million company without a de ned marketing sta . Today Archer is a $33 million company with a thriving, eight-person team of professional B-to-B marketers whom Bender hired, trained and developed into a results-oriented, metrics-driven sta . Another big marketing win has been the launch of a 3,000-member online community available exclusively to Archers clients, which Jon Darby- shire, Archers president and CEO, points to as a big contributor to Archers 98.6% product license renewal rate. e 170-person company, which delivers governance, risk and compliance (GRC) solutions for information technology to busi- nesses, is currently undergoing an integration with Boston-based RSA, which purchased Archer in January. Where do you want to be in ve years? In ve years [my plan is to] de nitely be part of the RSA marketing team. Its a great organization and Ive been really blown away by the talent that is there. ere is always opportunity, and I have a re in my belly. Ive really enjoyed growing this company and whether I continue to grow this company or stay in a division, there are exciting opportu- nities out there. [RSA is a $600 million-plus business.] Itd be exciting for me to be a part of a business that size again and to be able to leverage my [large company] experiences with Tripwire and McAfee. How will you get there? I think that one of the things I realized coming into RSA was that [at Archer] we think we gured out our target market pretty well. One of the things we track [at Archer] is what is marketings impact to the bottom line? When you are able to understand how marketing has in uenced the win rate, it is very important. Were going to bring more succinct processes on how to create those metrics and trackability to RSA. [To grow my career at RSA,] I would rather do it by proof rather than by force. What is the most important thing youve done to get you where you are today? e key is that Im never satis ed by staying put. Ive always had drive to grow my knowledge and career. [An impor- tant thing I have done] to get me where I am today has been to align myself with a good company and, more impor- tantly, to get the right peers and mentors in place. A team is essential. Equally important is to have the right metrics to understand what we need to get [to the goal] and be able to provide a lot of proof points along the way. REFERENCE Theres no question that Alex leads marketing for Archer and people here know that when they have ideas, questions or concerns, they go to Alex. One of the most impressive things hes done is hes built a phenom- enal teama team of superstars. We get comments all the time on the things we roll out from customers, prospects and competitors, and theyd be amazed to know [it all comes from] a team of eight to 10 people. In meetings with Alex, it is just evident that he enjoys marketing and really has that passion for it. The team picks up on that and creates quality deliverables. Theyre not just pushing things over the fence. Jon Darbyshire, president and CEO of Archer Technologies
  • 3. 20 Mike Where do you want to be in ve years? McCalley I want to be leading a world-class marketing organization that is purely customer- and market-focused and that is recognized for best practices. Age 38 Company Dresser Inc.; How will you get there? Addison, Texas rough a three-phase approach. Its having a clear vision that people