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Marie Nouvelle HomeDeco

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Marie Nouvelle Home Deco delivers custom products designated for interior decoration. It is an applied arts project in which all of the products embody patterns and visuals from the artist’s paintings and personal exhibitions.

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  • Marie Nouvelle is a luxury brand that promotes art in various forms and shapes. Behind the creative vision is a visual artist- painter and object designer, Maria Dermengiu.

    It is also an applied arts project that reconnects the modern viewer - the true art lover with the story thats so gently printed on special surface design.

    It incorporates the painting collections from private views of the artist at The National Romanian Peasant Museum , U Art Gallery and other renowned exhibition venues.

    Marie Nouvelle has developed its designs into two main categories: the Acces-sories Collection and the Home Deco Collection.The Home Deco Collection has three main products: Lampshades, Ceramic tiles and Wall Art.

    Marie Nouvelle Home Deco delivers custom products designated for interior decoration.Intricate designs, shapes and forms remind us of our common inheritance. Art, in all its forms, draws you out from everyday life and brings you back to the natural ow of emotions.

    It holds you tight and whispers 'never lose your innocent soul'!It is through art that mankind, the holder of innite choices becomes a Universe in itself .A painting that speaks to youwill always possess something you hold inside.

  • The designer lampshades are decoratedwith amazing printed fabrics.

    Patterns are inspired by dierentpainting techniques.

    The lampshades are made withnatural fabrics such as cotton or linen.

    the lampshades

  • desk lampshadehappy hills

    cotton40CM x 19CM

  • oor lampshadespringcotton

    45CM x 35CM

  • oor lampshadeower whisper

    cotton45CM x 35CM

  • oor lampshadehappy hils


    45CM x 35CM

  • tiles

  • Classic ceramic tiles inspiredfrom the artists painting exhibitions

    are printed and thenmounted into amazing tile frieze.

  • ceramic tilecircular whishes15x15CM33,3x33,3CM

  • ceramic tilelabirint15x15CM33,3x33,3CM

  • ceramic tileinitiation15x15CM33,3x33,3CM

  • ceramic tileblessing15x15CM33,3x33,3CM

  • ceramic tilecircular whishesblack&white15x15CM33,3x33,3CM

  • ceramic tilefeminity15x15CM33,3x33,3CM

  • ceramic tilewheels15x15CM33,3x33,3CM

  • wall art

  • The Wall Art - bespoke wallpaper,magnicent imagery

    translated into patterns for apersonalized interior.

  • format:Accent Muralbespoke 0,60m x 10m

  • format:Accent Mural

    bespoke 0,60m x 10m

  • Blessing A

  • Blessing B

  • Blessing C

  • Bending Light

  • MARIE NOUVELLEby Maria Dermengiu

    [email protected]

    + 40 0740 010010 Marie Nouvelle Studio