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Mapping Makerspace Environments to Curriculum Makerspace Environments to...Mapping Makerspace Environments to Curriculum Content ... and build

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  • Mapping Makerspace Environments to Curriculum Content

    Jennifer Horner

    Beth Muirheid@bmuirheid

  • Today we will..

    Develop an improved understanding of how to connect and design makerspace environments to curriculum content through a constructionist learning theory approach implementing project based learning.

    Identify professional development approaches to assist improved collaboration between makerspace facilitators and content teachers.

  • What is aMakerspace?


  • Seymour Papert

    Father of Constructivism


  • Cognitive Processing Via Constructionism


    Prior Knowledge




    Making an Artifact

    Sharing via Wide Community


    Method: HOW?

    Project Based Learning (Instructional Design)

    Natural LABS (Makerspace)

    Learning Commons via Real World and Digital World


  • When did makerspace begin?

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  • Why Libraries?

  • Where do you see Makerspace having the most impact in your building?

  • Makers Guild Spring 2016 Training10

    December Makers Guild Campus Teams Leader, Librarian, 8 content

    teachers January MakerSpot - Building Makerspace Experiences Feb-March Canvas - Project Based Learning Feb. SMS Makerspace - Design Thinking March MakerSpot - Learning in 3D April Site Visits May Equipment Delivered

    Research Results - Significant findings in educator perceptions towards STEM, especially in mathematics, technology, science, and STEM careers.

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  • Challenge Cards


  • 13 How can we protect and better understand the birds of prey?

    TEKS Science5.10, A & B

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  • Research the physical structure of a bird of prey. Using items provided, can you design and engineer a bird beak that can pick up the most food? How do beak adaptations assist birds in their way of feeding?


    Bird Beak Challenge

    TEKS Science5.10, A & B

  • Research, design, and build a birds of prey habitat using materials provided. How is your habitat engineered to help your bird survive?


    Habitat Challenge

    TEKS Science5.10, A & B

  • Research your favorite birds of prey. Using materials provided, make a model of your bird of prey. How is your model designed to survive? What adaptations does your model have to help it survive? How will your model be marketed to help others become interested in learning more about your bird of prey?17

    3D Modeling ChallengeTEKS Science5.10, A & B

  • Can you help save an endangered raptor? Research both natural and human-caused factors endangering birds of prey. Using materials provided, create a digital poster, digital anime art, or puppet to promote your bird of prey.


    Birds of Prey Art ChallengeTEKS Science5.10, A & B

  • We need your help! Identify threats facing your favorite raptors. Using equipment provided, create a podcast, short public service announcement, or blog and promote your favorite raptor!


    Journalist ChallengeTEKS Science5.10, A & B

  • Tell the story of your favorite bird of prey. Why is your favorite bird of prey the best raptor? How does your raptor care for their young? Create an eBook or blog to describe your birds adaptations, prey, habitat, and environment.


    Author ChallengeTEKS Science5.10, A & B

  • We need a scientist to take a closer look to better understand the diet of owls in our area. Inspect the outside of an owl pellet and record its size. Are any feathers visible? Using a microscope and toothpick, gently pull apart the owl pellet to inspect and separate bones from feathers. Can you distinguish between the bones different kinds of rodents? Once you have located the bones, try to reconstruct the skeletons of the animals or create an identification key to classify the bones.


    Take a Closer Look..TEKS Science5.10, A & B

  • Birds wings are shaped to help achieve lift, known as Bernoullis principle. Research Bernoullis Principle. Demonstrate the principle using materials provided and create a recording your physics experiment.


    How do raptors fly?TEKS Science5.10, A & B

  • Examples

  • Plate Tectonics and EarthquakesHow does the earths movement affect peoples lives?


    TEKS Science. 8.9 A, B, & C

  • Read the article about earthquakes.Research and design a building that could withstand an earthquake.Test your design by placing it in a pan of jello. Shake the pan to simulate the earthquake. Time how long your building remains standing.How could you improve your structure?


    Earthquake Challenge ELAR Goes Stemming Guide

    TEKS Science. 8.9 A, B, & C

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  • Artist Challenge

    Research plate tectonics.Using art material provided, create a labeled model of plate tectonics.Use your artwork to teach other students vocabulary and concepts of movement between the plates.What might happen as a result of the plate movement?


    Plate Tectonics and Earthquakes

    TEKS Science. 8.9 A, B, & C

  • Journalist Challenge

    Research how data is used to predict possible earthquakes.How does a community prepare for potential earthquakes?Create a public service announcement informing the public of precautions and tips to prepare for an earthquake.


    Plate Tectonics and Earthquakes

    TEKS Science. 8.9 A, B, & C

  • Scientist Challenge How does a regions topography

    change as a result of an earthquake?

    Use AR Sandbox to demonstrate the effects of an earthquake.


    Plate Tectonics and Earthquakes

    TEKS Science. 8.9 A, B, & C

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  • Design and Engineer Your Own Water Cycle Model

    Research how the sun interacts with the water cycle process. (TEKS Science 5.4A, 5.8 B)

    Challenge: Design and make a realistic ecosystem using moss, lichen and small plants to engineer a water cycle model or terrarium. Investigate to see if it can sustain life. How much sun will it need?

  • Water Cycle Art ChallengeResearch: Research how the water processes of precipitation, evaporation, and condensation How do they connect to weather? (TEKS 2.8C).

    Challenge: Create a work of art that illustrates the water cycle process and how it connects to weather.

  • Hydroelectric Power Investigative Report Research information about urbanization and water quality. How does urbanization affect the water cycle? How can water be utilized as an alternative water source? (TEKS 5.7 C)

    Challenge: Create a public service announcement or blog on the effects of urbanization on water resources and the uses of hydroelectric power.

  • Natural Scientist Investigates Water in Earths Hydrosphere

    Research the meaning of hydrosphere and why it is important for the scientist to study the condition of the surface waters. How do scientists measure the condition of surface waters?(TEKS 5.4A)

    Challenge: Make a prediction regarding your local hydrosphere today. Measure and record your local water temperature and water clarity. Explain if your prediction was accurate. Did you understand your data?

  • Mapping a Watershed History

    Research maps and/or area photographs of Birdville ISD and the surrounding areas. Identify different physical features, landforms and water features to include defining the boundaries of local watershed. What changes have occurred? How have people adapted over time? (Social Studies TEKS 5.6.A, B)

    Challenge: Make a timeline video or display depicting physical features to include watershed changes over time. Show how people have adapted over time.

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