Mantichore 20 (Feb 2011) Part 4 - Mantichorus ailing Comments

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MANTICHORUS: mailing notes (MANTICHORE 20/FEB 2011) EODHussey (Amethyst 7): Great to see the Hippocampus titles on the cover of Publishers Weekly! And congrats on the massive effort involved with the stupendous 2-vol Lovecraft bio! Thanks for your extreme generosity in supplying the Lovecraft Annual issues. Pugmire (Idiot Chaos): Looking forward to your next books, and loved your collage of your face onto the Virgil Finlay HPL portrait! Everts (Cunha Part IV) Fascinating material on this figure. Ever the researcher I see Schultz(Cthulsz, May 2010) Ah, the corporate horror! Also always good to get a sneak preview of books to come from Hippocampus. Livesey (Redux 17): I much enjoyed this astronomical piece re the Precession of the Equinoxes. Cozzoli (Zombies Closet): Welcome! Excellent and interesting content on HPLian films and comics. Faig (EOD Letter 16): Very enjoyable book reviews (I dont have any of those books yet). Curious about Bonner and Fredlund both working at the Library. Drakes Potpourri: Ah! Dr Syn! I believe it was the McGoohan version, Scarecrow of Romney Marsh, which scared the bejeesus out of me when I saw it on Disney when I was young. Have one of the Thorndyke novels but havent read it. There was a 1937 film starring George Arliss which I havent seen; also Captain Clegg, another version, made in 1962 with Peter Cushing, which Id dearly love to see. Interesting letters to Manly Wade Wellman. Anderson (Nodens Notebook 29): Interesting reviews and author notes, and thanks for the essay on Smith.

Dapkus (Sidereal 3) Thanks for your comments Jim, and good to see you publishing more poetry by such as Fred Phillips and W. Paul Ganley. Rajala (Nonconformist 2 No 3). One can hardly blame you for a smaller issue this time after the gargantuous (my friend Scotts favourite neologism for big) issue of the time before. Enjoyed the Lovecrafts astronomical notebook info. Anderssen (Aurora Borealis). Cutest cover in the mailing! I believe I have a story in Prices forthcoming Secret Asias Blackest Heart (though its seen print before). Probate details were cool, as was your ideal edition of HPL. Phillips (Kommati) Arr, Fred me old shipmate! Vastly appreciated your Shikarring notes. Nice essay on fate and Lovecraft. Wish I had space/time to devote to discussing it more, but both are in short supply! I envy Deas trip to Egypt, where Id like some day to dally with the odd Sphinx and perhaps become Imprisoned with the Pharaohs. Joshi (What is Anything 22, No 3) : Hail to the chief! Thanks for the intro to the new revisions volume. Your staggeringly busy schedule is incomprehensible to most of us mere mortals. Thanks also for the Daily Lurker. Briggs (Dark Entries): Scott! Your extensive issues always entertain me so much, but they are so extensive, I cannot possibly reply to all the ideas they trigger., If you kept em a bit shorter I might have a chance! Dinkens (Alienist 2). Did I neglect to welcome you last time? Welcome! Particularly enjoyed your piece on Cybele and The Rats in the Walls. It might be good to have a look in future parts as to how the demonisation of the Goddess contributed to the perception of the Great Mother (Magna Mater) as a dark force instead of as a lifegiving one. Bush (Pleasures of Death 10) Congrats on completing the Gilchrist thesis! Enjoyed your piece on him in WFR #1. I once had a copy of The Thing from the Lake, given me by Australian fan Diane Fox, but it no

longer reposes swampily on my shelves as I considered it but marginally Lovecraftian. Haefele (Hesperia 60): Interesting Mcs and comments on AtMoM. Burlesons (Morgan & Rice): Interesting material as always. Polynomial theorems? I try not to think about em. Nice poem. Walker (Criticaster 66): As ever, a mine of Lovecraftian info one could follow up if one had the time. Its all so much more than there used to be back in the seventies when one was starved for any mention of Lovecraft in any medium. Considering your comments on CW but I havent reread it for a while. Hall (Wraiths of Winnemucca): Loved seeing the Howard Wandrei letters. Sorry if I havent welcomed you to EOD before this been a bit behind

final part of the plays Providence run. Schevill died on Jan 30, 2009.

SSWFTOh dear. Ive actually mislaid my last mailing of SSWFT. Its around here somewhere. (Scuffles through piles of refreence books, mounds of papers, tottering cobwebbed piles of stuff intended for various projects in progress). No, emcees will have to wait for next time. Sorry SWWFTers!




I have finally availed myself of such modern technology ad downloading music and video from torrent sites on the net, and using Skype to make video conference calls; but I still cant text or SMS on my phone. Lame or what? SOME MATERIALS RE: JAMES SCHEVILLS PLAY LOVECRAFTS FOLLIES The first two photos are taken from Chris Perridas blog on Lovecraft. #1 depicts inside the cover of the play programme. #2 shows the hardcover publication of the play text (Swallow Press, 1971)(left) with the play programme beside it (right). The third photo reproduces an ad from the