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Wallace State Student Newspaper


<ul><li><p>ane ssue </p></li><li><p>Visit for the current list of college events.</p><p>EventsPage 2 Fall 2012</p><p>STAFF MEMBERS</p><p>Anna Parrish Jeremy Young</p><p>Aaron Gutierrez Malory OBrien</p><p>ParticipationThe newspaper always welcomes new staff members. It is sponsored by the Wallace</p><p>State Communications and Marketing Department and the Wallace State Art De-</p><p>partment. If you are interested in participating, please contact: Kristen Holmes. Ph:</p><p>256-352-8118, Burrow Center Museum,; Russell</p><p>Moore, Ph: 256-352-8443, Burrow Center, Room 210, russell.moore @wallaces-</p><p>; or Adrian Scott, 256-352-8145,, Burrow</p><p>Center, Room 219. Meetings are held in the Graphic Arts Classroom on the 2nd</p><p>floor of the Burrow Center on Wednesdays at 3 p.m.</p><p>MissionIt is the mission of the Wallace State newspaper to inform the Wallace State student</p><p>body of campus news and events.</p><p>Submissions and SuggestionsIf you have a story idea or would like to make a submission to the Wallace State</p><p>newspaper, please send an e-mail to All submissions</p><p>must include the authors name and contact information.</p><p>It is the policy of the Alabama State Board of Education and Wallace State Commu-</p><p>nity College, a postsecondary institution under its control, that no person shall, on</p><p>the grounds of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, disability or age, be ex-</p><p>cluded from participation in, be denied benefit of, or be subjected to discrimination</p><p>under any program, activity or employment.Wallace State Community College is</p><p>accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges</p><p>and Schools (1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, Georgia 30033-4097. Ph: 404-679-</p><p>4501).</p><p>Wallace StateNewspaper By Russell Moore</p><p>Wallace State recently celebrated asignificant designation as an All-SteinwaySchool, conducting an hour-long dedica-tion at the Burrow Center. The collegehosted three Steinway &amp; Sons represen-tatives and enjoyed a performance by pi-anist Dr. Anthony Pattin, professoremeritus at the University of Montevallo.</p><p>We are honored and passionateabout being part of this celebration andtake pride you have chosen us to be yourmusic provider, said Tommy Eades, aSteinway &amp; Sons representative who vis-ited the college from New York.</p><p>As an All-Steinway School, WallaceState joins elite company of approxi-mately 140 schools who meet stringentrequirements provided by Steinway &amp;Sons. Ninety percent or more of theacoustic pianos owned by the institmustbe Steinway &amp; Sons, Boston or Essex pi-anos, and the institution must maintain aninventory of at least 10 Steinway pianos. </p><p>Eades added that the Wallace Statepiano, on display during the celebration,was manufactured in approximately ayear and less than 345 people had ahand in its production. </p><p>The All-Steinway designation hasbeen a goal of ours because it is a markof excellence, and our priority is to servestudents with excellence, said WallaceState President Dr. Vicki Hawsey. </p><p>Wallace State is the lone communitycollege in Alabama to receive the All-Steinway distinction, a goal set asidemore than seven years ago.</p><p>Its been quite a long hard road to </p><p>get this far, and its a great pleasure forall of us in the fine arts department to re-ceive these pianos, said Ricky Burks,Wallace State Music Department Chair. </p><p>During the dedication event, Dr. Pat-tin played a handful of his favorite selec-tions for the audience. A versatilemusician, Pattin is a skilled improviser,organist, composer and arranger. Hegave his New York debut recital atCarnegie Halls Weill Recital Hall in thespring of 1998 and among performingconcerts in the United States, Japan andEurope, Pattin also has appeared withthe Alabama Symphony, Toledo Sym-phony, Tuscaloosa Symphony, DetroitMetropolitan Orchestra, the ArkansasSymphony and the Abilene PhilharmonicOrchestra. </p><p>Jon McClaran and Brandon Herren-bruck were the other Steinway &amp; Sonsrepresentatives at the celebration.</p><p>Year of the Healthy CampusBy: Anna Parrish</p><p>This year at Wallace State</p><p>has been tabbed the Year of</p><p>the Healthy Campus. Each day</p><p>is one that can be used to bene-</p><p>fit you and your communitys</p><p>health.</p><p>The college hosted a WSCC</p><p>Walk-off Challenge which began</p><p>Aug. 28th and continued</p><p>through Oct. 24th. Thirty faculty</p><p>teams and six student teams</p><p>participated, with each team</p><p>consisting of four members. The</p><p>goal is to encourage walking in-</p><p>stead of driving on campus, not</p><p>just during the challenge but</p><p>throughout the year. Team mem-</p><p>bers kept up with how many min-</p><p>utes were walked on campus</p><p>weekly. Winning teams and indi-</p><p>viduals will be recognized during</p><p>an employee meeting in Novem-</p><p>ber. </p><p>Dont forget to take part in</p><p>the health link tents that will be set</p><p>up around campus each month.</p><p>Its a great opportunity for stu-</p><p>dents to get involved and win</p><p>prizes. So far this semester, the</p><p>tent has been set in front of the Bi-</p><p>ology and Culinary Arts buildings. Wallace State cheerleaders prepare to kick off The Year of theHealthy Campus with a routine.</p><p>Wallace State employees, front row, from left, Dr. Paul Taylor andJim Malone and back row, from left, Dr. Ken Crow and CourtneyPatterson gear up for the competition.</p><p>Wallace State celebrates </p><p>All-Steinway School dedication</p><p>Pictured at the Steinway &amp;Sons celebration areWallace State President Dr. Vicki Hawsey, Mr.Ricky Burks, WSCC Music Chair and Steinway &amp;Sons representative Tommy Eades.</p></li><li><p>High AchieversPage 3 Fall 2012</p><p>Wallace State Community College recently recognized</p><p>265 students named to the Presidents List and</p><p>Deans List for the Summer 2012 semester. To earn a</p><p>spot on the Wallace State Presidents List, students</p><p>must maintain a perfect 4.0 GPA for the semester</p><p>while taking a course load of at least 12 hours. Place-</p><p>ment on the Deans List is awarded to students main-</p><p>taining a 3.5 GPA or higher. </p><p>There were a total of 133 students included on the</p><p>Presidents List this summer: </p><p>Addison: Shanda Anders</p><p>Albertville: Michael Taylor</p><p>Allgood: Anthony Grigsby</p><p>Altoona: Junior Rigsby, Wanda Rigsby</p><p>Arab: Mary Childers, Samantha Dupuis, James Grif-</p><p>fin, Dustin Poole, Adam Ridgeway, Lindsey Slaughter,</p><p>Mary Wilson</p><p>Athens: Keith Rowe</p><p>Baileyton: Malorie Pitts</p><p>Birmingham: Cynthia Davison, John Gadbois,</p><p>Vanessa Isong, Quinterian McConico</p><p>Blountsville: Kathy Bromblow, Elizabeth Dawson,</p><p>Kevin Goble, Michael Green, Stetson Murphree</p><p>Boaz: Chiquita Umphrey</p><p>Bremen: Dennis Butts, Mark Chapman, Collin Uhlar</p><p>Cleveland: Kaylee Ensley, Jason Justice, James</p><p>Lowery, Meagan Shelton</p><p>Crane Hill: Elizabeth Martin</p><p>Cullman: Mandi Bagwell, Tyler Burks, Rachel Cor-</p><p>nelius, Randy Culbreath, Jr., William Frost, Dustin</p><p>Fullilove, Floyd Goddard, Susan Hackney, Christopher</p><p>Heatherly, Julia Jones, Chris Jordan, Donnie</p><p>Lawrence, Gregory Leipert, Frances Letson, Cristan</p><p>McClellan, Mark McKinney, Brady ORear, B. J.</p><p>Owens, Justin Pattillo, Scarlett Pyle, Gregory Shedd,</p><p>Shane Sivley, Jesse Stefan, Gerald Towns, Jessica</p><p>Tubbs, Sybil Tubbs, Jeffrey Tucker</p><p>Danville: Perry Byrd</p><p>Decatur: Brian Huckabee, Jennifer Kilpatrick, Jamie</p><p>Wilson</p><p>Dora: Angela Romine</p><p>Double Springs: Karen Taylor</p><p>Empire: Bruce Johnson, Jr.</p><p>Falkville: Kevin Penich</p><p>Florence: Amanda Shelton</p><p>Gadsden: Gemi Fassina, Kasey Marlow</p><p>Gardendale: Jessica Beall, Joshua Lawson, Jason</p><p>Ray</p><p>Hanceville: Calvin Armstrong, Ricky Cason, Jr.,</p><p>Janna Fendley, Theresa Fields, Maegan Fowler,</p><p>Nathan Fowler, Joshua Freeman, Ashley Hill, Brian</p><p>Kirby, Maureen McEneany, Rhonda Nall</p><p>Hartselle: Angela Brooks, Anthony Hood, Rachael</p><p>Staudt, Kenneth Terry, Shane Wieke</p><p>Hayden: Lori Arnold, Luke Brooks, David Johnson,</p><p>Marilyn Poremba, Melissa Wood</p><p>Houston: Joshua Riddle</p><p>Huntsville: Daniel Brister, Bobby Strickland</p><p>Jasper: Johnna Baker, Steve Martin, Cristal Under-</p><p>wood, John Wilson</p><p>Joppa: Taylor Bowen</p><p>Lacey9s Spring: Kelsey Abbott</p><p>Locust Fork: Mavon Copeland</p><p>Logan: Gary Johnson</p><p>Midfield: Brandon Moss</p><p>Oneonta: Samuel Hollis, Joel Kirk, Romaldo Nunez-</p><p>Garcia, Angela Spann, Rachel Watson, Charles</p><p>Whited</p><p>Palmerdale: Patricia Weathers</p><p>Remlap: Thomas Poss</p><p>Russellville: Andrea Scott</p><p>Scottsboro: Enrique Jose</p><p>Trafford: Cindy Maddox</p><p>Union Grove: Matthew Whisenant</p><p>Vinemont: Joshua Black, Kyle Cornelius, Walter</p><p>Eads, III, Kandisa Hammond, Robert Hester, Mark</p><p>Lowrey, Briana Monfort, Erek Rayl, Kevin Rodgers</p><p>Warrior: Calvin Esslinger, Chastity Moona, Sonya</p><p>Payne, Jana Rotton</p><p>Charleston, SC: Jamal Baldwin</p><p>Newport News, VA: Najee Davis </p><p>A total of 132 students were included in the Deans</p><p>List this summer:</p><p>Addison: James Jordan, Chelsea Willingham</p><p>Arab: Bo Beam, Daniel Riggins </p><p>Arley: Jenny Johnson, Trenton Kilpatrick, Garrett</p><p>Seymore</p><p>Athens: Laura Christopher</p><p>Attalla: Kristen Ingram </p><p>Baileyton: Tina Fernandez </p><p>Birmingham: Jamila Ham, Anna Mcnelly, Thu</p><p>Nguyen, Kathleen Widener </p><p>Blountsville: Jared Collins, Lorrie Dye, Amber Ham-</p><p>rick, David Haynes, Joshua Hoagland, Kayla O'Con-</p><p>nell, Cody Rowell, Joey Saye, Shauna Sivley, Jada</p><p>Smith, Nijma Thabata </p><p>Bremen: Joseph Benoit, Trever Deason </p><p>Cleveland: Sharae Bailey, Christopher Posey </p><p>Crane Hill: Trenton Brown</p><p>Crossville: Nicole Whitmore </p><p>Cullman: Randy Bright, Amber Chambers, Kristen</p><p>Clouse, Rachel Compton, Bradley Derosa, Jesse</p><p>Evans, Kandice Gray, Annette Hulsey, Candie Jones,</p><p>Jody Knight, Hannah Meigs, Phillip Morrison, Shawn</p><p>Murray, Matthew Penn, James Sankey, Charles Sas-</p><p>nette, Stephen Smith, Sandra Smith, James Smith,</p><p>James Swann Jr., Laura Yarbrough</p><p>Decatur: Bianca Elrod, Megan Rice </p><p>Eva: Jimmy Nail </p><p>Falkville: Holly Bradford, Donna Cleghorn, April Hart,</p><p>Maria Hurd, Angela Robbins, Haley Stinson, Brittany</p><p>Weaver</p><p>Fayette: Sasha Harrington </p><p>Florence: Tamara Crenshaw, Kimberly Vickery </p><p>Gadsden: Chris Mayo </p><p>Gardendale: Logan Baird, Tyler Burgess, Kyle Hor-</p><p>ton, James Lowery </p><p>Gaylesville: Stormy Deering </p><p>Guntersville: Kathleen Buford </p><p>Hanceville: Stephanie Casey, Tammy Jenkins,</p><p>Richard Lindsey, Tamela Mcwhorter, Scott Murphree,</p><p>Serena Weissend </p><p>Hartselle: Shaun Atkins, Tanner Corum, Judy Crowe,</p><p>Candace Garrison, James Raley, Jacquieline Shad-</p><p>den, Kayla Thomas </p><p>Hayden: Justin Quick </p><p>Holly Pond: Michael Gray, Johnathan Jones, Re-</p><p>becca Zwiebel </p><p>Homewood: Madison Hutto </p><p>Houston: Caleb Burleson </p><p>Huntsville: Thomas Broach, Tiffany Bullock, Brittany</p><p>Pack </p><p>Jasper: Brenda Calvert </p><p>Joppa: Matthew Pinkerton</p><p>Killen: Dena Graham, Hannah Thigpen </p><p>Kimberly: Colby Rickels, Mathew Robbins</p><p>Locust Fork: Holly Braden </p><p>Montgomery: Taylor Wachs </p><p>New Hope: Maria Keel </p><p>Odenville: Tammy Parker </p><p>Oneonta: Mario Ayala, Shawn Bryant, Jakeb Cor-</p><p>nelius, Francisco Lopez </p><p>Pelham: Stephen Higginbotham </p><p>Pinson: James Mann, Jeremy Watkins </p><p>Pisgah: Tina Davis </p><p>Rainbow City: Amy Caldwell </p><p>Remlap: Mary Cunningham, Andrew Taylor</p><p>Scottsboro: Jessica Fairbanks</p><p>Town Creek: Devin Jackson </p><p>Tuscumbia: Tessa Goggans </p><p>Union Grove: Robert Taylor</p><p>Vinemont: Jason Bright, Thomas Butler, Jr, Chase</p><p>Cheatham, Janice Knighten, Emilee Segroves, Evon</p><p>Smith, Amy Toomey, Michael Young</p><p>Warrior: Justin Ray, Jonathan Wilson </p><p>Golden, MS: Megan Cunningham </p><p>Lawrenceburg, TN: Kelsey King </p></li><li><p>Page 4 Fall 2012This &amp; That</p><p>Forever YoungParking: An Advanced</p><p>ScienceBy: Jeremy Young</p><p>In order to get to class, you must</p><p>find a place to park. Sometimes this</p><p>endeavor can be more challenging</p><p>than grasping the enlightening per-</p><p>plexities of Physics with Calculus 1.</p><p>Let me share with you, the money-</p><p>starved anxiety-prone students, one</p><p>of my recent stressful experiences. </p><p>With about five minutes until class</p><p>began, I could not find a single place</p><p>to park. Suddenly, it dawned upon me</p><p>that I drive a large truck with big</p><p>wheels, which in the state of Ala-</p><p>bama, gives me the right to park any-</p><p>where, including on the center field of</p><p>the James C. Bailey Baseball Sta-</p><p>dium. Of course, I did not park there.</p><p>It was already full.</p><p>Having no time to spare, I found the</p><p>closest spot possible: inside the</p><p>kitchen of Huddle House. I took com-</p><p>fort in the fact that my vehicle was</p><p>under a roof, but the dishwasher was</p><p>furious. Although sit-down eateries</p><p>are not an ideal place to park, I do</p><p>recommend the new stuffed hash</p><p>browns. Covered with a thick cheddar</p><p>cheese sauce and topped with</p><p>smokehouse bacon, they are a deli-</p><p>cious way to begin your day.</p><p>With the 50 cents from my pocket, I</p><p>selected a tune on the jukebox and</p><p>skedaddled out the door, a la a clas-</p><p>sic Charlie Chaplin act minus the</p><p>walking cane and bowler hat. Luckily,</p><p>I made it to class on time. My teacher</p><p>handed out the syllabus the all-im-</p><p>portant guide that sets the foundation</p><p>for the work that will be done for the</p><p>entire semester. </p><p>This entire experience set the foun-</p><p>dation for my future parking attempts</p><p>by reminding me that franchised din-</p><p>ers are meant to be a place to eat</p><p>food. To ensure a quality parking spot</p><p>that does not include dirty dishes and</p><p>a nostalgic jukebox that has the capa-</p><p>bilities to play silent movie piano</p><p>tunes, I leave home earlier these</p><p>days. Just like college itself, finding a</p><p>worthwhile parking spot takes time. </p><p>An adjunct parking lot has</p><p>been added off Frances Dodd Drive</p><p>this semester. Utilize this to your ad-</p><p>vantage. Additionally, if you have mul-</p><p>tiple classes throughout the day, it</p><p>would be wise to invest in a bicycle.</p><p>Just be sure to wear a helmet be-</p><p>cause you will need all your brain</p><p>matter to strategically find parking</p><p>spots or to at least grasp the enlight-</p><p>ening perplexities of Physics with Cal-</p><p>culus 1. </p><p>Wallace State Introduces</p><p>First MOOC: Conversa-</p><p>tional Spanish Class Free</p><p>to All </p><p>Wallace State is delving into the</p><p>world of massive open online courses,</p><p>or MOOCs, with a new Conversational</p><p>Spanish class, now available through</p><p>the Wallace State Continuing Educa-</p><p>tion Department.</p><p>The MOOC movement, led by</p><p>some of the nations most prestigious</p><p>universities Stanford, MIT and Har-</p><p>vard were among the initiators </p><p>makes courses free and available any-</p><p>one with access to the internet. Col-</p><p>lege credit is not offered for</p><p>completing MOOCs but some colleges</p><p>issue certificates of completion, and</p><p>students completing the Wallace State</p><p>Conversational Spanish MOOC will</p><p>get one of those. There are no grades</p><p>issued; success is merely rated pass</p><p>or fail.</p><p>The MOOC mindset is one of</p><p>learning for learnings sake, teaching</p><p>for the advancement of mankind, and</p><p>inspiring creative and collaborative</p><p>thinking that will change the world.</p><p>One Stanford course on artificial intel-</p><p>ligence attracted 160,000 students of</p><p>all ages worldwide. </p><p>Dr. Beth Bownes-Johnson made</p><p>establishing a MOOC one of her top</p><p>priorities when she was named Interim</p><p>Dean of Academic Affairs at Wallace</p><p>State this summer. In her previous</p><p>role as English Department Chair, she</p><p>was also responsible for speech and</p><p>language classes, including Spanish</p><p>language instruction. </p><p>Spanish is spoken by more than</p><p>400 million people around the world.</p><p>Dr. Bownes-Johnson hopes to see</p><p>100,000 more students join those</p><p>ranks by enrolling in Wallace States</p><p>first MOOC. </p><p>Our mission here at WSCC is to</p><p>train, educate, and support all mem-</p><p>bers of our communi...</p></li></ul>